A Day at the Gallery with Davis Ayer

I often think that a good artist steals from others and learns to make it their own, but in this situation I find something completely refreshing and distinctive with the technique of Davis Ayer’s photography.

It is impossible to sum it up into words, but as I walked around the Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco I felt that I was a part of something bigger. Figures morphed in and out of colors, textures and objects as if they were always part of something else. It never demanded your full attention because it was just taking its place in the story. Davis has allowed his mind to spill over onto a canvas of film photography and the Book and Job Gallery reminds us how lucky we are to have the chance to view his visions in such a tangible way.


“To enter the mind of an artist and see the world through his eyes requires more than observation. It requires appreciation for the process and all the little pieces that have come together like an entire story in a single frame. Inherent to appreciation is the abandonment of bias. We do not exist here, rather we are on the outside looking in. The photography of Davis Ayer is a sensual experience.”

See the show at the Book & Job Gallery.


Check out Davis Ayer on Instagram and his website and see what’s happening at Book & Job Gallery on Instagram!

+What’s happening at your local art gallery?

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