Autumn Refresh: DIY Doormat

Refresh your space and keep it clean with this super simple fall DIY.

Fall is on its way, and I can’t help but step on every crunchy leaf I see. I’ve been having some trouble finding the perfect doormat to combat the leafy bits that I inevitably track into my place. I’m a bit picky, and find myself liking more minimal mats when stepping into a home. Sometimes doing it yourself is just as easy, and this project was a total breeze.

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What You Need:

Plain outdoor mat

Spray paint or regular paint

Sharp cutting knife


Thick poster paper



First, you need to come up with a plan for your mat. My first sketch was type, with a couple warm and welcoming words. I changed it up, wanting something more graphic and simple, but the choice is yours. Feel free to write or draw whatever you want, the options are endless.

I picked some modern shapes, and once I measured out my space and outlined my stencil, the rest of the project flew by.

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Grab a sharp box cutter knife (be careful!) and cut along the pencil marks. Don’t rush through this process, and try to keep your hand as steady as possible. The paper I used was poster paper, so the paint wouldn’t further bleed through, making the cutting a little tougher, but not too difficult.

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Poke the cutouts through, head outside, and tape your poster onto the mat. I used pushpins as extra support so the stencil wouldn’t shift. Start spraying or sponge painting the paint color into the cutout space. When picking out which paint to use, make sure to get one that is strong enough to handle lots of moisture and rain without smearing or coming off. I chose metallic silver spray paint, and slowly sprayed four coats, making sure everything was covered up. I allowed mine to fully dry for about an hour before removing the tape setting it outside of my door for use.

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My mat is pretty simple, but so far I have loved it! Make yours as personal as you want, and have fun with it.

+What quotes or symbols would you put on your doormat? Let me know in the comments!

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I did this recently and it was awesome.

6 years ago

Such a great idea!