Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 21–27

What do the stars have in store? Only one way to find out
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September 23–October 22

Venus in your group zone syncs with Uranus in your relationship angle this week, making socializing and networking enjoyable and worthwhile. Meeting someone new is favored, but the connection may or may not last. The sun’s arrival in your sign heralds a month of vitality when it’s appropriate to express your personality and focus on personal matters more than you normally do. A Mercury-Pluto skirmish suggests an issue from a couple of weeks ago could resurface, since these two planets started arguing back then. Again, family, home or dark emotions may affect your thoughts and speech, and you should avoid obsessing or lashing out. You’ll have another chance to resolve things a month from now. With Mars entering your subliminal sector, your actions are apt to be influenced by unconscious motivations in the coming weeks, so try to be aware of any behavior that can undermine your true intentions. Work behind the scenes or in service to others, and if you’re irritable, confront your own emotions—not other people. If you feel blocked now, modify your actions and formulate a plan. The lunar eclipse could spell relationship drama, and it serves as a reminder to balance your current self-focus with some sensitivity to others’ feelings. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week! Happy birthday!


October 23–November 21

A collaboration between Venus in your ambition angle and Uranus in your efficiency zone this week reinforces the positive impact you’ll have on your career or life direction if you continue to improve your habits, skills, work ethic, modus operandi, time management and energy level. Be willing to take on new challenges in your job or your day. An innovative approach to doing what you need to do can earn you notice now. With the sun sneaking into your endings house, you’re beginning the winding-down period before your birthday season. It’s time to seek peace and quiet to reflect on the past year. You might want to look at an aspect of your personality that tends to work against you and consider what you can do to mitigate its undesirable effect. A Mercury-Pluto battle increases the chances of unintentionally harsh communication, so be mindful of what you say and write to others. As Mars enters your humanity sector, teamwork, networking, philanthropic efforts and group activities should be productive in the coming weeks. Finances, resources, self-esteem or values represent a brief stumbling block, so you may need to proceed slowly. The lunar eclipse suggests a turning point with your health, work or schedule that calls for a different approach. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


November 22–December 21

This week, a favorable meetup between Venus in your expansion zone and Uranus in your fulfillment house inspires you to enjoy travel, cultural experiences and social encounters that broaden your mind. Seize opportunities to try something new or to connect with someone different from you. You’ll take great pleasure in pushing boundaries, and you might even manage to surprise yourself. As the sun segues into your humanity sector and vibes with Saturn in Sagittarius, you’re encouraged to team up with others to work toward a goal. Make an effort to network or to find a productive role in a group. A Mercury-Pluto battle might trigger a misunderstanding with friends—particularly over money, possessions or values. Back off for now, because you can resolve matters in late October when these planets get into it again. Mars is climbing to the top of your chart, pushing you to work hard to achieve your goals in the coming weeks. But he’s clashing with Saturn, so you’ll probably have trouble tolerating anyone’s authority over you. Show self-restraint, and plan out what you intend to accomplish. Pursue your aims in a disciplined, organized, responsible fashion, and hold yourself accountable. But don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. A lunar eclipse could correlate with a creative or romantic shift. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


December 22–January 19

A fortunate encounter between Venus and Uranus this week promotes closeness and introspection. Sexual intimacy or sharing your emotions with a confidant will feel liberating, and breaking away from an old pattern will enable you to enjoy the advantages of this planetary collaboration. Making peace with something in your psyche can also free you up, loosening the grip that the past has on you. With the sun ascending to your ambition angle, the next month is largely about shining in your profession or in public. But Mercury is retrograde in that house and battling Pluto in Capricorn, reintroducing an issue from two weeks ago involving your communication with an authority figure or professional plans. Again, avoid destructive words, obsessive thoughts and insisting on having control. You can resolve this later next month when these planets rendezvous again. Pluto is turning direct, exacerbating your compulsion to maintain personal power, and you need to be conscious of the effect this has on your persona. If you’re scaring people off, examine your emotional state instead of overreacting. A Mars-Saturn fight signals a potentially frustrating internal block. You’re motivated to break new ground, but may need to work through a fear first. The lunar eclipse represents a change in your family, home or feelings. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


January 20–February 18

Venus in your one-on-one angle is clicking with Uranus in your cognition-and-communication sector this week, hinting that impromptu moments of connection will be highly pleasurable. Keeping an open mind will permit you to enjoy the company of a variety of people. Be willing to learn from others and change your take on something or your opinion of someone. The sun’s arrival in your exploration zone heralds a month of broadening your horizons through travel, education, new people and unfamiliar experiences. With Mercury backtracking in that house and fighting with Pluto now, your perspective may be somewhat skewed, and subconscious emotions are apt to color your beliefs and speech. Don’t dwell on dark thoughts or lash out. You can resolve this issue in October when Mercury and Pluto meet again. With Mars moving into your depth zone, you’ll be motivated to dig into something intensively in the next seven weeks—possibly a research project, an intimate relationship, a joint venture or a psychological conflict. This week’s Mars-Saturn quarrel suggests you’ll feel blocked by a group or system and will be tempted to dig in your heels. Try to operate within the rules instead. A lunar eclipse signifies a shift in your thinking or fresh information coming to light. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


February 19–March 20

A positive connection between Venus and Uranus this week reflects the importance of enjoying what you do every day and being flexible with your resources. Maybe you’re gravitating toward a job you love that will require you to live on less. Or perhaps you’re trying to utilize an untapped talent to serve others better. Being willing to work out a compromise and to ride out dips in your finances and confidence will lead to satisfaction. As the sun enters your depth house, you begin a month of introspection, investigation and intimacy. Researching a goal, career path or potential employer will prove productive. But a Mercury-Pluto skirmish signals a possible clash between a close relationship and a group. An issue from a couple of weeks ago could resurface, but don’t start obsessing over it again. Give it a month, and you’ll have another opportunity to figure it out. Mars is crossing your relationship angle, motivating you to partner with someone or work through a conflict. A disagreement between Mars and Saturn indicates that joint efforts may hit a roadblock or an authority figure might challenge you. Respect the fact that you need to work within a system or under someone’s guidance. The lunar eclipse spells a financial shift, and overspending is a risk. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


March 21–April 19

Pleasure-seeking Venus in your fulfillment house is vibing with carefree Uranus in Aries this week, promoting spontaneous fun, romance, creativity, happiness and childlike play that liberates you. Come up with your own way to enjoy life, and express your personality and your feelings however you choose. You’ll find it fairly easy to maintain your individuality and personal space in a relationship. With the sun crossing your others angle, you’re further encouraged to connect with people and explore who you are in your one-on-one connections. A Mercury-Pluto fight implies you’ll experience some difficulty in communicating with higher-ups or in articulating your aims to another person. But rehashing a career issue might motivate you to push on with a major shift. Mars is setting up shop in your efficiency zone for the next seven weeks, mobilizing you to take care of business. This will be a period of hard work that can pay off, but a Mars-Saturn disagreement reminds you to tailor your efforts in accord with an overarching philosophy or plan for the future. Resist going off in a thousand directions, and channel your momentum shrewdly. A lunar eclipse in your sign is apt to stir up your emotions, perhaps making you feel more touchy and needy than usual. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


April 20–May 20

This week, Venus in your foundation angle harmonizes with liberating Uranus in your spirituality-and-release house, suggesting that inner peace is contingent on continuing to let go of the past. Discoveries from your subconscious will allow you to process issues you’ve repressed and finally put them behind you, and you’ll feel more comfortable when you lighten your psychic load. The sun’s arrival in your productivity zone initiates a month of vigorous self-improvement. Apply your energy to doing your job well, getting into better shape, tending to your health and executing various daily duties. Strive to be more efficient, skilled and disciplined. Mercury is retrograde in this house and quarreling with Pluto for a second time, so a problem from a couple of weeks ago could resurface. Avoid being overly critical and obsessing over something. You’ll have a chance to resolve the matter more fully next month. With Mars charging into your fulfillment sector, you’re encouraged to spend some of your time pursuing pleasure, love, happiness and creative self-expression. A Mars-Saturn standoff implies you may not get what you want from another person and should moderate your actions rather than pushing for a different response. The lunar eclipse represents a spiritual shift or something private coming to light. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


May 21–June 20

A fortuitous meeting between Venus and Uranus this week alludes to enjoyable interactions and spontaneous socializing. Combining your agreeable attitude with a willingness to let people be themselves and do their own thing is apt to leave you pleasantly surprised. You might find yourself liking someone you didn’t expect to—which is always nicer than deciding you were wrong about someone and gave them too much credit rather than not enough. Let someone new into your life, whether or not you just met them. The sun’s entry into your fulfillment sector inspires you to enjoy life more. Play, romance, creativity and happiness all get a boost in the coming month. But a Mercury-Pluto argument repeats a theme from two weeks ago when creative and romantic self-expression didn’t get you the reaction you were after. Again, don’t give another person too much power or try to control their response to you. You’ll have an opportunity to revisit this issue more productively in a month. As Mars descends to your foundation angle and spars with Saturn, you might get into an emotionally charged conflict if you feel someone is blocking or testing you, and you’d be smart to proceed with caution. The lunar eclipse reminds you to respect other people’s feelings and needs. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


June 21–July 22

This week’s Venus-Uranus meeting hints at a positive connection between finances and ambition. Attracting what you want depends on setting flexible goals, seizing new opportunities and feeling free to change direction. Self-confidence will enable you to make necessary changes in your career path. With the sun dipping down to the bottom of your chart, your focus drifts to Cancerian matters like family, home, comfort and feelings. You’ll be even more inclined than usual to nest, giving yourself space to contemplate the past, your emotional state and your need for a life-giving home base—both a psychological one and a physical one. A spat between retrograde Mercury in that house and Pluto in your relationship angle implies that expressing your feelings will deeply impact another person (and vice versa). This theme may have arisen a couple of weeks ago, and you’ll have a chance to deal with it better next month. Soon after Mars lands in your cognition-and-communication house, he battles Saturn in your productivity zone, making it difficult to assert yourself with colleagues or to find a way to tackle a problem related to your job, health, schedule or efficiency. Don’t force the issue – adapt your thinking to better suit the circumstances. A lunar eclipse could spell a well-earned achievement. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


July 23–August 22

Venus in Leo is gelling with Uranus in your expansion house this week, so you’re bound to take pleasure in new experiences and could draw someone quite different from you into your life. You’re a magnet for the unfamiliar, so take advantage of any opportunity to learn something new, try something new or meet someone new. A spur-of-the-moment trip or adventure is highly encouraged. As the sun moves into your cognition-and-communication zone, the theme of learning and socializing is reiterated. The tempo of your daily life picks up, and your energy will be geared toward gathering info, keeping in touch with people, getting out and about in your community and expressing your thoughts. With Mercury retrograde and arguing with Pluto now, it could be challenging to get your point across or figure out a solution to a problem. Avoid obsessing, especially over your work and health. You’ll have a chance to revisit this next month. Mars’s entry into your worth sector and quarrel with Saturn motivate you to take action related to your finances, possessions or values but to curtail it in accordance with your duty to a child, a romantic partner or your creative self-expression. A lunar eclipse signifies a turning point with your beliefs or education. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!


August 23–September 22

A Venus-Uranus confab takes place in your spirit and psyche houses this week, coaxing you to withdraw and unwind. You’ll enjoy spending time in your imagination and in bed. Both sleep and sex are emphasized by this planetary configuration. Insights into your subconscious and private moments with an intimate partner will give you a liberating feeling of release. Helping someone you care about will also feel good. With the sun arriving in your worth sector for a month-long stay, you should devote a sizeable portion of your focus to values, possessions, finances, talents and self-confidence. This would be a good week for decluttering your living space. With Mercury retrograde and squabbling with Pluto, though, you could get into a repetitive loop in your head, possibly obsessing over what to purge and what to keep. Postpone big decisions until Mercury and Pluto meet again a few weeks into October. Mars is entering Virgo now, giving you major momentum to execute your own agenda over the next two months. His current skirmish with Saturn serves as a reminder to scale back when you get tired and to slowly work through anything inside you that’s blocking your progress. The lunar eclipse in your sharing zone could signal relationship drama or a change in your resources. More on Sunday’s eclipse next week!

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  1. I’m a Capricorn and must I say, this by far the most touching horoscope thus far. I can say it spoeke to me and I feel such a relief. Thank you

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