Home Decor Inspiration: Baja, Mexico

Bold colors, brilliant light and bright plants — Mexico is home to some of our latest home decor obsessions.

I’ve been lucky enough to get some traveling under my belt these last few months. And I am always intrigued by the decor. From Morocco to Kauai to Baja, Mexico, vibrant color persists pretty much everywhere. Walls are adventurously painted, with detailed accents as bold and dominant as their backdrops. Each color has a meaning, adding energy to the space. It has impacted me to such an extent that, even with the impending fall weather, I decided to keep my home as bright and vibrant as possible. So this autumn, I’m taking a cue from the places I’ve traveled; most recently, Baja, Mexico. Have a look! And be inspired.



Orange and pink paint coupled with the vibrant green color of  the plants – love! The color pink signifies romance, love and friendship. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. (Something to remember as we head into fall and winter!)


Outside pillows? Uh, yes please.


Simple, yet so perfect.


I adore this mosaic tile on the patio. Hot tip: you can make your own mosaic art using broken dishes or flower pots.


I took a cue from this gorgeous fountain and found vintage coasters that look like wall tiles. They add the perfect pop on my coffee table.



I love a horizontal line of tiles — it’s subtly impactful. Go on the hunt for vintage wall tiles and line them up on the backside of a shelf.


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I love all the pretty details – especially the tiles on the stairs, so unexpected and yet such a powerful statement! Also, that cactus!


I love getting new home decor, especially going into new seasons! Check out my latest post of Secrets of SoCal about Uni Home Store!


I love how simple everything seems, and yet the colours, the shapes, the contrast, everything fits together perfectly and creates this light, very warm atmosphere. I love it!

Those tiled stairs are killer! x



I am from there but moved to California, will forever love everything about there though.