Meet LA Rebel, Kelley Ash

Find out why LA-based model-stylist-blogger, Kelley Ash, is a modern-day rebel. 

More than likely you’ve seen Kelley’s captivating face, her iconic style…and her famous gap-toothed grin. The free spirited beauty has a legendary California look — effortlessly hip and inspiringly authentic. She embodies California cool circa 1960s and ’70s: bohemian, bold and free. In life and in fashion, Kelley expresses and takes pride in her individualism…she refuses to follow a crowd. With a personality more distinct than most, she does not compromise her uniqueness. In fact, she revels in it. Kelley Ash is a rebel. But don’t take my word for it…Kelley can tell you herself.



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“I remember my first visit to LA. I was drawn to the energy here. One of the places I ended up seeing was Hollywood Lake, I clearly remember taking it all in and thinking to myself, ‘I will live here one day.’ A year later I sold my condo in New Jersey, packed up my car and drove cross-country with my two pugs. Best decision I ever made. I grew up in a small town in South Jersey. I remember my mom driving around in her white Pinto and blasting Neil Young. It changed my life forever. My mom would make me do chores and pay me an allowance. Friday was payday so she’d take me to our local thrift store and buy me an outfit. I would spend hours in there finding all kinds of treasures. This influenced me at such a young age, to be creative with my styling. I love vintage. I love creating my own style with vintage, that way you never have to show up somewhere wearing the same thing as someone else. Be you.”


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What are three things that shaped your personality most? Road trips, thrift stores and my unconditional love for animals.

How would you describe yourself? A thousand different versions.

If you were a song, what would it be? Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty.

Can you sum yourself up in ten words or less? Keep on truckin’.

What does your ideal day in LA look like? Waking up with my four pugs and doing absolutely nothing.

How would you describe yourself feeling the most free? On a road less traveled.


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Photos by Melodi Meadows. Makeup by Alexa Hernandez. Hair by Marley Gonzales.

+Who in your life inspires you to rebel…to stand up for your uniqueness? I would love to hear how they’ve impacted your life.

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