Letting Go of “All or Nothing”

Some days, we’re just not feeling 100%. People, events and obligations are tugging at us from left and right, each taking bits of our precious time and energy one by one. On these days, it just doesn’t seem possible to put in our usual “all”… so we choose to put in nothing.

It’s all or nothing,” we think. “I woke up late. I’m tired. If I attempted to do yoga right now, I’d barely get halfway through my usual sequence before having to call it quits.” So we just don’t do it at all.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Aarona Ganesan, who will be leading our upcoming yoga retreat in Mexico. That day, she shared some advice that really stuck with me: “just show up.” No, it might not be the best yoga class you’ve ever taken. You might struggle to keep your mind clearer than you usually do. The pose you naturally fell into last week might feel simply unattainable. But, you know what? You’ll be happy to have shown up.All_3Today, I challenge you to adopt the “every little bit counts” mentality. Maybe the extent of your yoga practice today is holding child’s pose on your bed for 45 seconds. Maybe your workout is 10 quick squats while you’re waiting for your roommate to get out of the shower. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, my loves. Every little bit counts.All_4The beautiful thing is that this mentality can actually spill into all areas of life. Maybe you’ve been avoiding calling an old friend because you can’t find time for a thorough conversation. Take 30 seconds just to say hi. Maybe your apartment has gotten out-of-control messy, and you don’t have the energy to do an in-depth clean. Set aside 10 minutes. Target one corner of one room.

Baby steps, a little at a time. Every little bit counts. With this mentality, we realize that we don’t need to fear seemingly daunting tasks. Life is all about staying balanced, and keeping the flow. As long as we’re doing something, we’re doing juuust fine.All_2

+How do you take one thing at a time?

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7 years ago

I love this.
Thank you.

7 years ago

Thank you for these encouraging words. I’m so thankful for our creator to guide us through all our endeavors.
Keep Dreaming, Bethany

I’ve struggled lately with working out a few times a week. Ever since I got sick its been hard to motivate myself to just do it, but I keep telling myself that I just need to do as much as I can handle. I’m not making it through the whole workout anymore but I’m still refreshing my body. Its good to hear someone else thinking the same way. Thanks.

7 years ago

Love how reassuring and simple this post is. It definitely makes me realize that all the little things add up to for the bigger picture and sometimes we don’t even notice:)x

7 years ago

That is a very inspiring post, thank you for that! I think that the ‘all or nothing’ problem applies to so many situations in life, but I have learned over the past years that you can sometimes benefit from not thinking too much about something before doing it. If I think about what can happen when I do a certain thing it often comes out negative, so I don’t do it. Thinking less about something really helps in some situations. Not big decisions, but small ones!


7 years ago

thank you brigette! i needed this so bad!

ps: i miss your awesome posts! please post more often!


7 years ago

I plan to print this and read it every day. I rush through projects feeling that I have to meet my own self-imposed deadline, often finishing my “to-do” list after 2 a.m. Silly me.

7 years ago

The changing of the seasons always either excites me for ‘new’ or crushes me completely. I seem to be stuck in the latter state of mind, so this post is very helpful to me right now :)

7 years ago

I needed this simple reminder, Brigette, thank you my dear! Thanks to your words I got my butt to spin class today (as much as the feat seemed impossible to start.) Always love your posts <3

7 years ago

Thank you posting this!! I’m in a bit of an inspiration drought. And this really helped to put the journey into prospective! Baby steps are really the only way achieve greatness!

7 years ago

Great post – and it could not have come at a better time. I agree entirely with everything written here – oftentimes just “showing up” can turn the whole day back around. It’s information we all sort of know but seem to easily forget. Thanks for the morning pick me up!

Rae | Love from Berlin

7 years ago

Love this post, we could all use this advice :)


7 years ago

Thanks. I needed this today. Feel like I’m running on empty after a few “blah” days.

7 years ago

So timely, thanks for this!

7 years ago

wonderful article, just calms me down.

7 years ago

This is beautiful and so inspirational. I feel calm reading this.