The Blues: Why We Wear Denim

The Free People blog teams shares their must-have denim pieces for the season…

Denim will always be a classic. That one fabric that everyone loves (well, unless you’re Kait), whether it’s the perfect pair of jeans or a crisp and clean chambray shirt. It goes with everything, holds up well, and looks even better once it begins to break down. It may be the month of velvet, sequins and all things glittery and gossamer, but today we’re professing our love for the one fabric that trumps all others: denim. Read on to learn about our favorite current pieces, then be sure to share your own must-haves in the comments!

Julie Denim 1


Julie: I have a love/hate relationship with denim. It’s a staple in my wardrobe, but I feel as though I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. Are they slouchy? Skinny? Flares? The answer, it seems, are all three and more. As soon as I find a pair I like, I discover yet another option. Which may be why I have such a habit of stockpiling denim in pretty much any other silhouette. Case in point: this romper. I have a denim dress that’s literally the same thing. Except it’s a dress. So.. obviously I need the romper too, right?

This piece is great for all seasons. Wear it now with the Miss Mod Jacket and the Twisted Cable Turtleneck. And when the weather warms, lose the layers and choose a breezy top and sandals. Whatever the season, it’ll go with just about anything.

jana denim

Jana: Denim hasn’t always been my thing. Two years ago, jeans would never touch my body. My wardrobe stays pretty neutral. If you were to dig through it, you’d find a lot of white and black. Wearing any other color — especially blue–would throw me off. I just wouldn’t feel myself.

I guess you could say I’ve changed my mind since then. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m obsessed with denim, but I do like wearing jeans here and there. They have to have some sort of unique touch to them, though. That’s why I love the Sanborn Embroidered Jean. The relaxed fit and patchy distressed detailing stole my heart.


JoannaAs a huge fan of vintage denim, I find that comfort is my main focus when it comes to choosing the perfect pieces; I love a higher waist that allows for cropped sweaters and tucked in layering tops. Truth be told, I am a sucker for the high waist flare and fitted top silhouette  — it’s modern and simple and, best of all, comfortable. But while comfort and ease are top priority, a little detail never hurt, and this pair has all that and more.



+ Shop more denim faves here!

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4 years ago

Wonderful pieces!

4 years ago

Nice style

4 years ago

love the outfits!

4 years ago

My favorite denim piece for this summer is the backless bell bottom jumpsuit! I need someone to make me some!