Decor Crush: Retro Popcorn Shop

Do you need some fun decor inspiration? Look no further…

I remember the first time I ever stepped foot in this place. It was like a blast from the past and, instantly, I fell in love.


Located on a little side street in my favorite gritty city neighborhood sits this perfectly curated, retro-inspired gem called Pittsburgh Popcorn. It’s a place I visit quite frequently, for many reasons, (other than the delicious popcorn), including the feeling that I get when I’m there. Simply put, it makes me happy. It takes me to the 50s, a time of striped popcorn boxes, pin-curled hair, and black and white films.

Nostalgia begins with the first step. Original distressed hardwood floors are covered in popcorn crumbles, the smell of hot butter and the sound of Charlie Chaplin skipping around on the screen above my head. Grainy images from old films hang along the walls and I can’t help but want to go spend a day watching a few.

popcorn8popcorn6popcorn7 popcorn5    popcorn1

The retro feel to this place is completely inspiring me to explore new ideas when it comes to my decor at home. I love the vintage enamel cabinets, high glossed and rusty with washed out colors. The over-sized circus letters spelling out “POP” adds a playful carnival feel, and the bold red mixed with pale pastels is unexpected in the best kind of way. Visiting places like this is good for the soul. It’s good for the imagination.

I challenge you to go out this weekend and search for places around you with a decor that takes you to a different time. Whether it be a diner in the middle of nowhere, or a small movie theater playing oldies but goodies. I promise you’ll feel instant happiness.

If you are ever in my hood, head over to Pittsburgh Popcorn – the peanut butter chocolate is my favorite!

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  1. I love being the part of interior designing thats why whenever I get to read something new about it or the different point of view about it, makes me read the whole article and and inspire me to incorporate in my place as well. Here I thank you !

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