Deep Love For The Deep V

We’re in love with the deep V, are you?

It’s 2016 and necklines are plunging. Deep. Like, way deep. Speaking in terms of skin, we’ve always been about baring a bit more. First was the strappy back bra, next came the brami, and now, the deep V. V-necks haven’t always been my thing, but after seeing some of the latest styles that have hit the site, I’ve completely had a change of heart. Cool, casual or sexy, there’s one that’s right for every occasion, and they can be styled up to fit you and only you. Need some styling advice? Here’s how we’re wearing them!

A Little Lace


Finding the right bra to pair with a plunging neckline can be a little tricky. First, determine just how much of the bra you want peeking out, or if you’d rather none show at all. A little visible lace makes for a soft and pretty look. Try wearing the Belle Long Sleeve Cami with the Lace Plunge Underwire Bra!

The Classic


By now, I’m sure you’ve probably spotted a celebrity or high-profile model rocking a shirt that looks a little something like the above. It seems like everyone can’t get enough of this style, and I’ll admit, I’ve too become a fan. The deep dramatic V-cut with the lace up detailing is pretty much perfect, plus it comes in about 8 different colors. More is most definitely more in this case.

Layer Up


Maybe showing all that skin isn’t for you, but you still want to incorporate the deep V trend into your 2016 wardrobe. No fear, we have a solution! It’s called the halter bra. Fortunately, we have many to choose from. For a more sophisticated look, try layering a halter bra under the Stella Plunge Top.

The One For All 


I’m calling this the “one for all”, because a) That’s what the bra is called and b) This one is literally for all of us. This lace-up soft bra and deep V henley combo is suited for just about anyone. The Chocolate Chip Henley is one of our favorite basics that can be worn with, ultimately, anything, and the One For All bra is one of our favorite new bras this year. Therefore, pairing the two together makes a lot of sense.

A Lot Of Lace


We showed you how to bare a little lace (see above), but maybe you want more? The deep v is a style that will 100% allow that. Try wearing the Skinny Halter Bra under the Deep V Rib Tee to get your fix.

+Which style is for you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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8 years ago

I really like the one with the lace, looks gorgeous!

8 years ago

Such a flattering new trend.

8 years ago

Yes I am, and these pics only make me love it more.

8 years ago

love this look. What do you recommend for girls with c and d cups? Bras with support?

8 years ago

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8 years ago

Yasssss we’re obsessed. The Chocolate Chip Henley is a must-have!