Who’s That Girl: Meet Model Abby Brothers

The beautiful woman behind our latest lookbook, Abby Brothers, opens up about modeling, moving across country, and becoming a new mother.

She has a certain air about her. A kind of calm and solid energy that draws people in. Eyes gravitate towards her. Passing glances never stood a chance. Her smile is infectious, her peaceful demeanor undisturbed and inspiring. She’s the kind of girl I figure musicians write songs for. And the kicker? She doesn’t even know it.

Meet Abby Brothers, the naturally gorgeous babe behind La Dolce Vita. She grew up in Kentucky and started modeling at the age of 13 after being discovered at the county fair. She quickly moved to New York to pursue the new twist in her road and quickly found success. Her first gig? An editorial piece for Japanese Vogue, shot by Terry Richardson. Whoa. She’s lived on both coasts, and just recently moved back to New York from LA. But her newest (and coolest) twist? Well, it comes in the beautiful form of her four month old daughter, Cedar. Below, Abby opens up about the different twists in her life and, of course, mommahood. Read on!


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Where are you originally from?

Kentucky, about an hour north of Louisville.

What would you say influenced you most as a kid?

The creek that ran behind my grandpa’s house. I’d spend hours exploring and collecting anything I could catch: lizards, crawdads, snakes, frogs, fish. It made me want to be an explorer or biologist when I grew up.

What are three things that shaped your personality most?

1) The explorer in me as a kid stayed, I’ll go anywhere and try anything at least once. It made me a fearless traveler. 2) My Aunt Mary, she’s my Godmother and helped raise us. She’s a huge part of my personality. One of the funniest, most outgoing, positive people I’ve ever met. 3) Becoming a model at 13 and moving to NY. It’s taught me so much in life.

How would you describe yourself?

Fun loving, generous, open minded and welcoming. I love caring for others and I’m always try to be kind to everyone I meet. I was a momma before I became a momma.



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You brought a little human into the world last year (congrats!)… How has motherhood changed you most?

Holy crap! It’s so amazing. I never knew I could love something so much. Just when I thought my heart couldn’t get any fuller, I wake up to a magical smiling little girl, and the love grows even more. It’s completely changed me. I see everything through new eyes, through her eyes. I never really wanted kids. I thought I’d serve more of a purpose helping others than devoting time to making a family of my own. I’m beyond grateful for everything and every second of every day now that I have her. Now I have her to teach how to help others so we can accomplish double what I could have alone.

Do you have a favorite Cedar memory or moment?

The moment she came earth-side will forever be my favorite memory. After 38 hours of home birthing I had to transfer to the hospital for another 13 hours and I’d do it all 100 times for that one memory. She was swimming through the air looking around like “where the hell am I!?” I literally screamed “I’m your momma! I’m your f***ing momma and I’m right here!”

Oh my goodness, I LOVE that! How do you balance working with motherhood?

I’m so lucky in a sense that “maternity leave” didn’t apply to me. In the US women only get a max of 12 weeks per year of unpaid “family leave” which isn’t even required by law. I couldn’t imagine having to leave my baby every day to go to work at such an important and vital time. I have serious withdrawals just while I’m at a shoot all day. It’s heart breaking to know mothers have to miss so much in their new born baby’s development every single day. That said, my clients are so amazing that I get to bring her with me when I travel, they even allow me to bring her to set if I wanted to. I normally have a baby sitter watch her while I’m shooting, or we wouldn’t get anything done on account of her cuteness consuming everyone’s attention. Its pretty perfect. I get to show her the world while having an amazing career that I’m so grateful for, so the balance comes naturally.


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Do you see yourself in Cedar yet?

Every day. Not only a cellular level but a spiritual one too. It’s like I knew her since before I was even born. Physically, I especially see myself in her when she’s mad or gives dirty looks! She has my eyes and lips and makes such animated gestures like I do.

What does your ideal day look like?

Wake up to Cedar smiling at me and making funny noises. Then we make a smoothie, take the dog to the park, come back, she takes a nap, I send emails and make calls or anything else I need to do. Maybe we go on an adventure to a museum or meet a friend for coffee. Most of my day is spent singing funny songs and trying to teach her new things. When her daddy gets home I go to the gym. When I get home I cook dinner while he plays the guitar and sings to her. My days couldn’t be any better.


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You recently moved to NY from Los Angeles… how are you liking it? 

I love the convenience of New York City especially with the baby… I can just put her on and do anything I want. I moved from LA, and with the cold coming in on the east coast I’m really missing it!

…Favorite thing to do in NY?

Honestly, it’s pretty boring but I love taking my dog to play ball in McCarran park with the baby. There’s also a lot of museums in the city and in Brooklyn I like to go to. We have a great Natural History Museum.

How did you get started in modeling?

I got scouted at a county fair when I was 13. By a girl who is my best friend to this day. Two days after getting scouted they flew me to NY and the rest is history.

Do you remember your first modeling job? How did it go?!

Yep, it was an editorial for Japanese Vogue shot by Terry Richardson. It went amazing and was a lot of fun.

Whoa, that’s crazy! So what do you love most about fashion?

The people who work in it.


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How would you describe your own personal style?

Old t-shirts galore, Levi’s 501 that have been worn by someone’s dad for 10 years. Everything I own was once someone else’s. I love my clothes like I love my people, ones that have been through some shit. Items that carry decades of stories to tell.

How would you describe yourself feeling the most free?

In nature, on a camping trip with people I love. Exploring by day and laughing around a campfire at night. Collecting rocks and looking at the beauty of real life.


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Abby, thank you so much for sharing! We’ll catch up with you soon and give Cedar a big ol’ hug for us!

Photos by Graham Dunn. Photo assistant: Collin Levin.

Hair by Luke Chamberlain. Makeup by Jenna Kristina. Follow Abby on Instagram.

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I enjoyed the intersection of “70s” and “now” in these images. Great styling!


Thanks! Such a pretty girl, gorgeous smile, perfect delicate face…nearly ruined by the fake giant eyebrows. Don’t people in the fashion industry realize that homo sapiens doesn’t have eyebrows like that?


Great photos I enjoyed the intersection of “70s” too.