Spanish In Your Pocket

Brush up on your lingo with these must-know phrases before traveling to a Spanish-speaking country! 

Biggest regret when it comes to my education? Not making it past Spanish II in high school. Besides a few phrases that include “baño” and “cerveza”, my Spanish vocabulary really doesn’t surpass the basics…sometimes troublesome, as direct conversation is what one is typically faced with when traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. By no means is fluency a must in order to enjoy your trip, but it is helpful to be a bit savvy when it comes to the local dialect. I’m two days away from Puerto Rico and our upcoming #FPLETSMOVE event, so I asked my co-worker Sarah (Puerto Rican born and bred!) to enlighten me with must-know phrases that’ll help break the language barrier and make my experience a smoother one. Consider the below chart your mini English-to-Spanish pocket dictionary:


Click here to download and print to keep in your pocket! 


+What other phrases should we add to the chart? Let us know in the comments below! 

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5 years ago

Haha this is such a cool idea, very creative! Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

The third one is: donde está el bar más cercano? not la barra :)
Sheers free people!

5 years ago

“what do you recommend?” translates to “qué recomiendas?”.
the “tú” is not necessary there! :)
good luck!

5 years ago

Loved this, you guys should do more for other languages!

3 years ago

You should consider Spanish in your pocket if travel abroad. Sign up for a free Spanish lesson at
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