3 Ways To Braid Short Hair

Take your short locks to the next level with these three braided styles!
I think we can all agree that braids are forever amazing. They’re fabulous. And…it’s easy to assume  that they only work with long hair. But even a pixie cut can be woven into something beautiful. It just takes a little imagination, or some inspiration, which I’m happy to share with you here. Take your short locks to the next level with these three braided styles below!

Style 1


This style works great if you have a bob cut that’s on the shorter side. Grab a section of hair as if you’re going to do a half up half down pony, but weave the section of hair into a french braid before securing with a hair tie to put a unique spin on this classic look.

Style 2


This is the style you though you couldn’t do with your short locks, but actually can do: Cornrows… but the short hair version. Rather than struggle with braiding all the way down, stop half way and let the rest of the hair live in a pony tail. 50% cornrows, 50% pig tails, 100% practical.


Style 3


If your hair is long enough to tie back into a pony, this look is great for a workout when you want to keep your hair off of the neck, but liven up a more traditional style. Section off into 4 parts — two up top, and two at the sides. French braid each section back until you reach the crown. Secure each section with a small/clear hair tie. Gather the rest of your hair and pull back into a ponytail. Voila!


+If you have short hair, what other ways do you incorporate braids? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 years ago

That third braided hairstyle is gorgeous, I love how much texture it has!

Krystal | http://floradelsoul.com/

6 years ago

Love these hairstyles! Makes me want to have short hair again :D

6 years ago

Love all three styles, but I’m so incapable of braiding my own hair…

6 years ago

I love all hairstyles, but I preferred the third hairstyle. Thanks for sharing such great post with us.


6 years ago

I love style one! I have really short hair and find it hard to style it, but I’m definitely going to try this!


6 years ago

I love all three styles, thanks for sharing geat post with us.

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing 3 ways to braid short hair, I love all hairstyles.

6 years ago

Thank you for sharing all three beautiful hair style tips with us..

6 years ago

I love all three, but loved the first one. Will definitely gonna try
homemade beauty tips for hair

6 years ago

I love Style 2! Can someone please explain how you braid them? :)

6 years ago

I really love your hairstyles, thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

Love all three hairstyles so much! The third one though is so amazing. I love all of the little braids going into one ponytail. It makes me want to keep my short hair now that I’m able to do things like this with me hair. Thanks for all the great ideas!

6 years ago

those aren’t cornrows. stop appropriating black culture. you don’t care about black beauty. and here i was thinking i might finally find solace in having short hair. this is so disappointing.

6 years ago

No tutorial?

6 years ago

Love this hairstyle! Recently cut my hair so I am always looking for new fun looks! love the second one!

4 years ago

Cornrows? Honestly? Those are 2 French braids, not cornrows. And we shouldn’t be appropriating black styles anyway.