FP Escapes: What to Pack for Montana

We’ve got some ideas on what to pack and how to style it for our next FP Escapes journey…

Our journey to Montana is about uniting with Mother Earth and connecting to the wild that lives within us all. On this retreat we visit Yellowstone National Park on its 100th anniversary, settling in a place where her power reigns supreme. We’ll tap into her tangible energy to find that it also exists within ourselves. Daily yoga, meditation and hikes through Yellowstone will serve in grounding, bringing us closer to the earth and awakening our inner intuition.

Montana – Mother Mountain
Dates: June 17-20
Venue: Yellowstone Under Canvas
Guide: Crystal Dawn Froberg

Yoga: Keep it simple.  Bra or top, leggings and birks!


Infiniti Bra, Mayari Birkenstock, Catch Me If You Can Legging



Hike: Leggings, a comfortable top, runners and, most importantly, sunnies. Throw a hoodie around your waist if it’s chilly!


Turnout Leggings, Crop Cami, Night Shift Sunglasses, Puma Pulse XT 3D Runner

Casual and cool with denim cutoffs, a white tee,and chucks. You can go anywhere with this combo!

We The Free Tessa Tee, Charlie Hi Top Converse, Outlaw Boyfriend Short, Psych Out Belt


Long Lines Denim Maxi, Monterey Fringe Belt, Vintage Loves Tooled Leather Bag


For an evening dinner by the fire: dress up a little, but stay warm with the perfect denim maxi. Pair with some western boots, a fringe belt and hat!



Flawed Leather Wrap Bolo, Clean Slate Felt Hat

Montecarlo Dress, King Ranch Ankle Boot, Roamer Leather Crossbody Bag, Double Leather Short Choker

To town: If it’s a warm night, this is a great option for a dinner, too. Or head to town and you’ll def turn some eyes!


Essential: Levi’s, a white tee, hikers, and military jacket. A-OK for it all!

Levi’s, Military Jacket, We the Free Essential Tee, Into the Abyss Lace Up Boot



Switch the Levi’s for shorts if the weather is permitting, and swap the military jacket for fringe if that’s more your style!

Bandit Denim Cutoffs, Ankle Boot, Spirit Ranch Boot, Silver Soul Peasant Top, Fringe Jacket


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Images by FPEmily.

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Beautiful clothes and shots! Thank you for featuring a model with curves.

Love all of these outfits! Especially the denim shorts with red belt!



Love the blog! But there’s a big problem I have. The boots in the 14th photo down. The one with the white shirt, cutoff shorts, and the fringe jacket has a pair of boots in that is not the same as the link. I love those boots. How do I get them????????


LOVE the clothes and what a stunning model. She really captures the spirit of free people!

Brenda Drake

Sounds like a great trip! Love all the clothes, especially the fringe jacket. Also, what a beautiful
model; she really looks great in all the outfits.

Jackie Spencer Colby

This post makes me want to go on a retreat with FP Escapes right meow!

Michelle Cruz

Gorgeously curated capsule collection!!! Stunning images, clothes and model. NEED this FP Escape in my life!