April Moon Calendar Download

Download our latest calendar for April!

In my mind, it’s already April. Somewhere between the first day of spring and this weekend’s holiday, my brain made the switch and didn’t look back. April may be known for its rain showers, but it’s also the month when we start to see real, true signs of the season. Buds make their debut, peeks of green shoots adorn every tree, and long-dormant bulbs awake from their slumber. Keep track of it all with this month’s moon calendar download, created exclusively by our graphic design team. Set it as your desktop background or grab a hard copy here!

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Calendar design by Holly Degan

+ What are you most excited for in April?

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Thanks so much for making desktop backgrounds that are mostly black! Having a dark desktop background actually saves a lot of energy, since your computer isn’t working so hard to light up a white screen. Might sound small, but every little bit counts! :)

I have been enjoying this moon series all year! Thanks for sharing these with everyone, they’re lovely. And I’ve received so many compliments them too!

Love this! i just recently did a post about a mini moon ritual. This is perfect.

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

I don’t want April to come around because that means it’s time to leave Japan and go home :-( But I do have some highlights to look forward too though, like going back to Belgium for a week.