Desert Denim

Denim takes a trip to the desert-land of extremes… and has a pretty good time.  

Denim is everywhere, we all know this. Go ahead, look around you right now. If you’re in public, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you see at least two pair. In Anywhere, USA a pair of skinny jeans hustle down a sidewalk, baggy boyfriends sit around a beach bonfire, and high-waisted flares sing out at karaoke night. We live life in our favorite denim. Hell, I’ve even fallen asleep in jeans a few times. So when we made plans to head out to Death Valley to explore the national park and impending “super bloom,” we packed our trusty denim.  Durable, dusty, desert denim. Cool enough under the hot sun, warm enough to withstand the whipping winds. Pair them with worn-in tees and boots, or a romantic top layered under a warm coat. Or, dare we say, maybe pair them with nothing at all?


Malik Patch Pocket Flare


Charger Cutoffs




Lightweight Stretch Skinny Jean, Charlie Hi Top Converse


Get the look: Lightweight Stretch Skinny Jean

+Where do you wear your favorite denim?

Photos by Melodi Meadows. Modeled by Melodi and Carly Foulkes.

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Amazing photos, I love those cutoffs!

Love this free style :)

These colors, man! They’re to die for.

Krystal |