Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 11–17

What does the universe have in store for you this week….

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March 21–April 19

This week, sound financial judgment is tied to your willingness to work and your determination to attain your goals. Focus on how you can become self-sufficient by devoting your energy not only to doing what needs to be done day in and day out, but also looking down the road and carving out a career path for yourself. This might be a good time to propose a project or request a change in your responsibilities. With Venus in Aries clicking with Mars in your exploration house, it’s also a good time to take action in accordance with your principles and perhaps do something rather bold—fuelled by a sense of freedom and the belief that you’ll get what you want. A risk is apt to pay off now. At week’s end, your ruling planet turns retrograde, slowing education progress and presenting travel difficulties. In the next six weeks, you should try to gain perspective by contemplating your beliefs and assessing what you’ve learned lately. As frustrating as it may feel, slowing down is the appropriate response to the retrograde phase.




April 20–May 20

Mercury’s connections with Neptune in your network sector and Jupiter in your love-and-happiness house this week suggest that you’ll be able to get your message across to a group, confide in friends, express your feelings—romantic and otherwise—and think and speak with exceptional creative flair and personality. And Merc’s link with Pluto in your perspective zone should help you to convey your views, plan for the future and learn. But a Mercury-Saturn disagreement implies you may need to change your mindset or communication to accommodate an issue in a close relationship—possibly one  involving sharing, trust, sex or money. A Venus-Mars meeting nudges you to make a sacrifice for the sake of love and closeness or to pursue intimacy in a private setting. With Mars going retrograde, you may find yourself returning to old obsession, loss, grief or jealousy or a psychological issue or sexual relationship from the past. Sharing, trusting and drawing from outside resources may become challenging. Reconsider how you assert yourself and how you handle give-and-take. If you’re in a vicious cycle, stop and examine your underlying motivation.




May 21–June 20

Research and behind-the-scenes intellectual work should go well this week, thanks to Mercury’s meetings with other planets. You might produce something creative, impress a boss or feel useful professionally. You could explore a subject in depth, get to the bottom of something and solve a mystery. Introspection or intense dialogue might transform a close bond or shift something in your psyche. Confiding in someone or reflecting on the past can bring a sense of inner peace. With Venus in your network zone vibing with Mars in your one-on-one angle, socializing and other group activities will bring a feeling of camaraderie. This would be a good time to partner up on a humanitarian project or work through a conflict with a friend. But after Mars turns retrograde, you may find yourself reviving an old conflict or projecting your frustrations onto others inadvertently. If that happens, examine your own motives and try to be more direct. You also might take a step back and think about how your closest relationships are going—and how you can get one back on track if it’s faltering.




June 21–July 22

Group communication is a plus this week, with Mercury in your network house vibing with three other planets. Due to Merc’s encounter with Neptune, you shouldn’t have much trouble conveying your views, beliefs and ideals, and you’ll also be able to find common ground with others and learn from them. Mercury’s meeting with Jupiter allows you to brainstorm with friends or colleagues and get inspired, while a Mercury-Pluto collaboration hints at powerful one-on-one conversation with someone close to you. Be careful not to be too rigid or critical when speaking to people. Venus in your ambition angle is clicking with Mars in your duty sector, so your hard work is likely to please higher-ups, and doing something to the best of your ability can help you make a favorable impression in a public or professional arena. With Mars going retrograde days later, your efficiency could take a hit, so start to look at how you’re using your time and energy. In the six weeks that follow, revise your to-do list, quit a bad habit, revisit an old problem and redo a task.




July 23–August 22

If you need to talk to an authority figure like your boss or your parent, this is a good week for it, due to Mercury at the top of your chart cooperating with a few other planets. It’s also a good time for asking for a raise or making other career plans that will increase your income. You may want to evaluate your success thus far and contemplate your level of satisfaction with your professional path or life direction. Rely on your self-knowledge and intuition to guide you. If you’ve been working on a creative project, explaining it or refining it should go well. A Venus-Mars connection alludes to a fulfilling adventure—possibly a romantic one. Taking a chance on something or someone unfamiliar and exciting will pay off. Even a new cultural experience or artistic endeavor should hit the spot. After Mars starts backtracking, your pursuit of pleasure is bound to get harder, so try rediscovering an old hobby, revising a creative project and reconnecting with a source of passion or aspect of your personality over the following six weeks.




August 23–September 22

This is a great week for learning and traveling, since your ruler, Mercury, is in your exploration house and vibing with several planets. Exchanging views with a partner or going on a trip together should feel natural, thanks to Mercury’s connection with Neptune in your one-on-one angle. And a Mercury-Pluto meeting hints at deep conversation about the meaning of life or other weighty matters and helps you to express powerful feelings or creativity. Jupiter in Virgo is also collaborating with Mercury, so you’re apt to feel free and courageous about exploring new places, experiences, people and subjects. Plus you shouldn’t have any trouble conveying your own views, knowledge and philosophy. Venus is gelling with Mars now, bringing closeness with another individual in your home or sexual intimacy mingled with worthwhile emotional confrontation. You also might seek financial support from family now. With Mars turning retrograde, you may start to feel irritable as old anger gets stirred up. The next six weeks are a good time to reevaluate your living situation or work through difficult feelings, family problems or childhood behavioral patterns.




September 23–October 22

This week, Mercury is meshing with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto, facilitating deep thought and dialogue. Research—especially related to health, jobs or a social-service project—will be fruitful. It will also be worth it to speak to someone close to you or delve into your own psyche, because you can learn more about yourself; process challenging emotions; shift your perspective on the past; understand a compulsion or pattern better; and improve your state of mind. Consulting a spiritual mentor or family member could prove helpful. A Venus-Mars rendezvous bodes well for relationships, as you’ll strike a good balance between asserting yourself and going along to get along. You’re in tune with what others want but also capable of speaking up for yourself. Stating your opinions and ideas can help you connect with someone, and it’s a good time to clear the air. But Mars’s retrograde turn could provoke agitation, argumentativeness and misunderstandings in the coming weeks, so pay attention to your habitual way of communicating and consider how you might tweak it. You may also choose to rethink a course of action.




October 23–November 21

One-on-one communication should go smoothly this week, given Mercury’s meetings with three other planets. You might have a romantic conversation, express your feelings to someone or share your creative ideas. Try asking for support from your friends or a leg-up from professional contacts. In general, this is an appropriate time to engage in negotiations. You can teach others and also learn from them, so don’t hold back. Articulate your ideals, a new objective or interest or a humanitarian aspiration. Talking to another individual can have a powerful effect on both of you, and you may feel your mindset shifting. Don’t shy away from deep, dark subjects. A Venus-Mars encounter might help you to combine financial proactivity with enjoyable work or use your resources wisely and get along well with coworkers. You could also do a good deed by lending or giving something to another person. Mars going retrograde may be your signal to declutter, avoid impulse spending, reassess your fiscal strategy and consider how your self-worth impacts your relationship with finances and possessions. Avoid arguing over money and possessions in the next six weeks.




November 22–December 21

Venus is gelling with Mars in Sagittarius this week, which bodes well for your love life, creative endeavors and pursuit of pleasure. You should have success going after something—or someone—that makes you happy, so consider taking a risk. It will be fairly easy for you to do what you want, express your feelings and personality and enjoy yourself. Mercury’s meetings with other planets facilitate helpful problem solving; detailed financial analysis; inspiring mental work; good communication with higher-ups, parents and housemates; and enthusiastic professional plans. Your pursuit of pleasure and pursuit of goals may not mesh at some point, and you’ll need to make an adjustment. The same holds true for focused versus far-reaching trains of thought. After Mars turns retrograde, you could become frustrated by a lack of progress; avoid beating yourself up. In the six weeks that follow, go back over what you’ve already done and plug holes. Question what you’re devoting your energy to and ask yourself what motivates you. If you’re uninspired and procrastinating, go in search of your inner passion and see if you can tap into it.




December 22–January 19

Mercury is jibing with three other planets this week, helping you to convey your feelings, personality, creativity and humor. This is a good time to express compassion; say what’s in your heart; share your viewpoint, beliefs, knowledge and spiritual philosophy; and find fun ways to learn. You also might enjoy taking a trip with a romantic partner. Mercury’s link with Pluto will allow you to articulate what’s going on inside you, and it could be helpful to try funny or artistic means of doing so. Something powerful could become playful, shifting your mood. Communication with someone you love can also have a profound impact on you now. A Venus-Mars collaboration encourages you to face up to past behavior or confront what you’ve repressed, and the reward will be a greater sense of inner peace. With Mars going retrograde, the danger of shooting yourself in the foot increases, so make a concerted effort to look at self-defeating behavior and examine your motives. Anger that you’ve stuffed down is like a ball of fire that will fuel you when brought to awareness and channeled appropriately.




January 20–February 18

Mercury at the bottom of your chart is connecting with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto this week, so tuning into your innermost thoughts and feelings and expressing them will feel relatively easy. You might choose to talk about a loss or a yearning; articulate your expectations of another individual; ask for emotional support; or share something personal that helps someone get to know you better. Introspection can increase self-knowledge and facilitate healing. Reflecting on the past will also be cathartic and is apt to transform something you’ve pushed down inside yourself, get stuck feelings flowing again and help you to envision a brighter future. Venus’s meetup with Mars suggests pleasant teamwork, enjoyable group activities, valuable professional networking and positive communication with friends. After Mars begins to backpedal, you might experience problems with friends or an organization you belong to. Use the next six weeks to reconnect with people, consider where particular friendships and group affiliations are headed and review your latest interests and goals. Be sure not to take your frustrations out on others, and don’t overreact if people take theirs out on you.




February 19–March 20

An opportune meeting between Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in your communication sector this week can help you to express your dreams, creativity and emotions, and it will feel good to put something vague and internal into words. Talking to a sibling or someone in your community may be especially helpful. On the whole, conversations are likely to make you feel more understood. A Mercury-Jupiter encounter emphasizes dialogue that leads to learning, and reaching out to people can result in a highly beneficial connection. Mercury’s link with Pluto in your group corner also underscores the importance of networking, and it could enable you to talk things through with a friend. Venus and Mars are collaborating as well, combining your pursuit of goals with your financial wellbeing. Taking action to advance your career can help you to meet your own needs. But after Mars goes retrograde, don’t push too hard for progress, and temper your frustration around higher-ups. Contemplate the direction you’re headed in, ask yourself what success means to you and consider which goals you should continue to pursue and which you should put aside.

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