Sunday Spotlight: Jasmine Ocean Water Texturizing Spray

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Sunday Spotlight is a series where we choose and discuss our most favorited things. Maybe it’s that new catalog item that just hit the site, or something else we just can’t live without. This week, we’re talking about our favorite springtime essential — the Jasmine Ocean Water Texturizing Spray!

My hair, well, there’s a lot of it. If you read this post, then you already know I don’t spend too much time on my mane. Occasional wash (4 times a week), towel dry, no brush… I’m not one to fuss over hair and makeup — mostly because I snooze until it’s time to walk out the door. If I use any product on my hair, it needs to be easy. A spritz or two of some texturizing spray, and boom — waves present, tamed and aromatically pleasant. It’s the perfect time to let down your hair and be the whimsy you you’ve been waiting to uncage all winter. And the perfect thing to get your springtime look into gear? This Jasmine Ocean Water Texturizing Spray.


I like to use it after 5 minutes of leaving the shower, hair still wet but not soaking. I’ll spray in evenly, then use my hands to scrunch the ends of my locks, working my way up toward the root. It all gets wrapped in a towel to set for 10 minutes before letting the rest air dry.

This is that product that goes with me everywhere, no matter what. Worth it.


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5 years ago

Eeee, this product sounds perfect! I am the exact same, I have a lot of hair but not a lot of care for it! I’ll wash it and leave it to do its thang! Want this.
Kyah /