Coco’s NYC Staycation

Gear up for the holiday with some long weekend inspiration from our friend Coco Baudelle!

No matter where you plan to be for the upcoming holiday, one thing that’s fact is the excitement that builds up around the long weekend. Time is of value, and with an extra day (or two), making the most of it should be on top of your to-do list. “Getting away” is whatever you want to make of it; is this is the year you’re reaching for the passport? Or maybe you’re staying around town and planning the best ‘staycation’ you’ve ever had.

If you need a little inspiration, take some tips from NYC ‘it’ girl Coco Baudelle. Below, she gives us the low-down on all of her favorite city escapes. The ones that make her feel as if she’s halfway around the world, when really she’s just a couple miles beyond her own front door. From backyard gardens to late night cinemas, take a trip on Coco’s Staycation…


Wrap Bodysuit, This That Skirt, Chasing Shadows Straw Baseball Cap, La Paloma Tote

Go To >> Brooklyn Botanical Garden 

Peonies the size of my head and fields of purple flowers. It feels like the south of France. It feels like a dream.


Chloe Cropped Flare, We The Free Tessa Tee, Tiadoro Bucket Bag

Go To >> Rockaway Beach

Rockaway is so close, yet we always forget about it. The ocean is everything to me, even just the smell of it. There’s really good tacos nearby and piña coladas at Connolly’s. 


Rays of Gold Jumpsuit, Western Tan Fringe Jacket, Old School Canvas Sneaker


Racing Hearts Mini Dress, Carmel Straw Hat


By The Beach Romper, Wild Gift Sunnies

Go To >> Coney Island

Coney Island at night is so much fun. All of the lights and games, all the popcorn and the candies. But nothing beats my favorite: The fireworks.


Wrap Bodysuit, This That Skirt


London Calling Sunglasses, Cropped Suede Moto Jacket, Bombay Tank, Sassy Stripe Short

Go To >> Panna II

If you want to get out of NY and right into space, this is where you need to go. This is my favorite indian restaurant in NYC because it is delicious and mesmerizing. The jalapeño lights might touch the top of your head, but thankfully, they’re not as hot.


Billy Overall, Yours Truly Printed Blouse

Go To >> Sunshine Cinema

They have the best movies playing at midnight. It’s also my favorite movie theater in the city. I always get a small popcorn and frozen Junior Mints.


Wild Gift Sunnies, Stripe Avery Tee

+Where are your NYC escapes? Tell us below! 

Follow Coco Baudelle on Instagram!

Photos by Jana Kirn.

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6 years ago

Such a fun shoot love all the colors and outfits!


6 years ago

What a great splash of color in these photos and outfits!

6 years ago

Photos look great!!!!! Nice work!

6 years ago

I see you guys posted this on FashionTap and tagged the article to the image! RIGHT ON!!! Glad to have you on FashionTap!!!

6 years ago

I’ve been looking and looking for this beautiful plaid shirt dress that I saw but can’t find it. Anyone know where I can find. It was on sale when I saw it. Thanks