Exquisite Practice, Hair Revelations: Week 1

A deeply moisturizing coconut oil hair treatment!

Last week I had the honor of speaking with hair healer and stylist, Stefani Padilla. I’ve never paid much attention to my hair (honestly, I’m overwhelmed by it’s sheer mass – my own fault since I rarely cut or style it), but after hearing Stefani’s passion around the ritual of hair care and the beauty of healing through plants, I’m awakened. Welcome to June’s Exquisite Practice theme, Hair Revelations. I’ll be posting my interview with Stefani next week along with a link to her handmade, plant-based hair care products, but today I want to talk basics.

In my conversation with Stefani, I mentioned my woefully under served hair: sometimes it’s dry and crunchy, other times it’s oily even on the same day that I wash it. It’s irritating and confusing — help! Thankfully, she had an answer for me: a coconut oil hair treatment. Stefani told me that even without all the dyeing, blow drying, flat ironing and salt spraying that we generally do, sun and other environmental exposure can cause your hair to become stripped, unbalanced and unprotected. Time to circle back to a basic, deeply moisturizing and full-coverage hair oil treatment. She walked me through it:

Image 2(6)

Since you’re likely already cooking with coconut oil and slathering it on your skin daily, you might as well use its mineral and vitamin advantage on your hair, too. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily infiltrates the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight. Since it retains moisture so well, it keeps your hair soft and strong. Finally, it helps reduce protein loss in the hair, so as you age, this treatment will help keep your hair strong and healthy. Make sure you buy responsibly grown and harvested coconut oil – there are plenty of great options out there including Spectrum and Nutiva (my personal favorite).

Image 3(6)

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


Organic virgin coconut oil (a large scoop will do)

Scarf or wrap for your hair


Comb the coconut oil through your hair from root to tip, making sure it’s well integrated. I used the Wet Brush Pro for this on the advice of my good friend, bandmate, and most importantly – pro hair stylist – Leslie here in Philly. The brush is gentle and works beautifully on wet hair, detangling without stretching or breaking it. I’m a convert!

Image 4(6)

Once the oil is in your hair, wrap a towel or scarf around it and let it sit for a few hours. A beach day (or pool day in my case!) is the perfect time to do this because, as Stefani mentioned, the heat from the sun helps to activate the transmission of the moisture into your hair. You can also leave it in overnight, just be sure to place a towel over your pillow.

Finally, hit the shower and wash your hair twice then condition it well. You (and your hair) will love the results!

Image 5(6)

Let me know how it goes ladies, and tune into next week’s post for my very exciting interview with Stefani Padilla. Get ready for some real hair revelations!

Image 6(2)

A huge thank you to my sister Alyssa for taking the beautiful photos in this post. All I had to do was lounge by the pool, soak up the sun and moisturize while she got all the shots! Check out her work at alyssarobb.com.

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6 years ago

Can’t wait to try this! I have a hair mask recipe that uses olive oil and avocado that works great too: http://www.craftylittlegnome.com/2014/02/03/diy-moisturizing-hair-mask/

6 years ago

I’ve been using this treatment on my thick wavy hair for years and it works like an absolute charm! It’s so much cheaper than any other treatment out there and works better than anything else I’ve tried…. Trust me I’ve tried a lot!

Peace Sign Up,
-Amanda Machell

6 years ago

Coconut oil is one of my mom’s beauty secrets to having beautiful, shiny hair. I straighten my hair a lot and because of this my hair gets a lot of split ends and falls out. I love to do this hair treatment because it repairs my hair and makes it feel so smooth and strong.
Thanks so much for posting this!

6 years ago

Coconut oil is one of my mom’s beauty secrets to having beautiful, shiny hair. I straighten my hair a lot and because of this my hair gets a lot of split ends and falls out. I love to do this hair treatment because it repairs my hair and makes it feel so smooth and strong.
Thanks so much for posting this!

Check out my website:

6 years ago

Besides being incredibly beautiful, you are on my dream holiday. Greetings!

6 years ago

I just have done it, but I combine the coconut oil with some essential one and brush it with an wooden comb, because of not using plastic and it is a more pleasant material for the hair as well as for touching. Now I lighten my hair with a tea of chamomile.


6 years ago

I’ve been using coconut oil in my hair for almost a year now, my hair is very dry and it helps a lot! Did not know the trick to wrap your hair in a towel ou scarf while your using it, I’m definitely gonna try that out!
Thanks for posting!


Carlen Altman
6 years ago


6 years ago

My hair is a mess too… I’m not used to some special treatments, but I think it’s time to do something about it. Thanks for the advice!

6 years ago

Love love love coconut oil! Thanks for these tips!


Rosemarie Ma
6 years ago

I like the idea of coconut oil but I’m not sure if it will work for my hair. My hair can be dry and tangled up sometimes but I’m taking better care of it by combing it through more carefully. If I have more time on my hands I think I’ll keep posted.. thanks for the informative article.

Rebecca Newton
6 years ago

Hi there! Just a quick question. Does it matter if your hair is wet or dry when you apply the coconut oil? Is there a preference? Thank you in advance!

6 years ago

I bought the Spectrum Coconut Oil a few months ago and it was solid now it’s oily perhaps because it’s hot. Is it still good if it melted?

6 years ago
Reply to  Maria

Maria – your coconut oil is still good, it just melts at a certain temperature :)

6 years ago

Hi, My question is also……should my hair be wet or dry when I apply the coconut oil? Please and Thank You:)

Jenna Robb
6 years ago

Hi Rebecca and Gwen! You can comb it through dry hair, just make sure it completely coats. Thank you for reading! xo Jenna

6 years ago

Hi- where did you get your scarf from? I’ve been looking for a good one to use for coconut oil treatments for a while. Thanks!