Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 30–June 5

Read on to find out how the stars are aligning this week…

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May 21–June 20

Psychological insights and closeness can result from introspection and intimate dialogue this week, thanks to a Mercury-Pluto connection. The sun and Venus in Gemini are sparring with Neptune in your ambition angle, exacerbating your disillusionment with—or confusion over—where you’re headed. It doesn’t feel easy to attain your ideals or even measure your progress, but do your best not to get discouraged or wear yourself out trying to achieve the unachievable. Plus the sun and Venus are opposing Saturn in your relationship house, so another person or your obligations to others may seem to impede your ability to shine and get what you want. And these two planets are battling Jupiter as well, pitting your energy and desire against the allure of home, comfort, the status quo or peace and quiet. Family expectations might also clash with your self-expression. But the Gemini new moon invites you to transmute all of these challenges into a positive reinvention. Ask yourself what personal changes you can make in the coming year to conquer uncertainty, resistance, stagnancy and other deterrents to your growth. Resolve to move in a direction that’s aligned with the person you want to be.




June 21–July 22

Mercury in your network zone is gelling with Pluto in your one-on-one angle this week, facilitating powerful communication and profound inquiry. However, the sun and Venus are hiding out in your subliminal corner and feuding with Neptune in your outlook house, potentially triggering melancholy, regret or a sense of being lost. You might find yourself reflecting on the past and searching for meaning. And since the sun and Venus are also facing off against Saturn in your efficiency sector, you may feel like retreating from the world, resting and enjoying alone time or private time with someone close to you, but responsibilities, work and obligations are preventing you from doing so. Those two planets are battling Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner as well, generating friction between your subconscious and conscious. You might feel like your mind is elsewhere or like you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future. Staying in the moment is one of your biggest challenges this week. The new moon encourages you to start a new spiritual practice, recharge your battery, learn to let go and pay more attention to your intuition, imagination and dreams.




July 23–August 22

A fortunate encounter between Mercury in your ambition angle and Pluto in your work corner this week enables you to communicate effectively with authority figures, shape your game plan for success, articulate your objectives and sharpen your skills. The sun and Venus in your humanity house are squaring off with Neptune, making sharing, intimacy, trust, jealousy and control confusing and potentially problematic issues, particularly among friends and peers. It’s tempting to misjudge the depth of a connection now. And the sun and Venus are also opposing Saturn in your fulfillment zone, so friendship, group interests, socializing or your role in an organization may be constrained by a lack of self-assurance, an emotional or creative block or your obligation to a child or lover. Those two planets are also squabbling with Jupiter in your resources sector, suggesting that ego gratification, preaching about values or focusing too much on material needs and goods can interfere with group relations. But the new moon inspires you to reach out to people, be more aware of the part you play in others’ lives, make a new friend, join an organization or renew your ties to a group.




August 23–September 22

Your ruler, Mercury, clicks with Pluto this week, enabling you to express your views, your personality, your heartfelt feelings and your creativity in a substantial way. The sun and Venus are at the top of your chart, sparring with Neptune in your one-on-one angle, which could mean you’re striving to attain a goal and make an impression, but you need to take care of someone or an individual is throwing you off your game. Try not to harbor any illusions about people or about the agreements that you have with them. The sun and Venus are also facing off against Saturn in your foundation angle, so domestic or family obligations, old patterns and private insecurities can keep you from shining to the extent that you want to. And those two planets are battling Jupiter in Virgo as well, inflating your ambitions. The inspiration to aim higher can work in your favor, but be careful not to step on toes. The new moon also encourages you to formulate a new long-term goal, put your best foot forward in your profession or in public and focus on promoting your creativity.




September 23–October 22

This week’s Mercury-Pluto conference promotes powerful, transformative introspection and dialogue, and delving deep into your well of emotions can reap rewards. The sun and Venus are squabbling with Neptune, alluding to tension between your desire for freedom, truth, learning and a change of routine or change of scene and the need to take care of someone, tend to your health or daily duties, fulfill your responsibilities and do whatever is required of you. Those two planets are also involved in skirmishes with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner, so your faith and optimism could be dampened by doubts and fears. A serious or even negative mindset might prevent you from having an adventure. And the sun and Venus are squaring off with Jupiter in your subliminal house as well, pitting subconscious hopes and expectations against your more conscious perspective. You may be building something up in your head without fully realizing it, but it’s possible that your inner enthusiasm will fuel an exciting experience. The new moon nudges you to travel, broaden your mind and explore unfamiliar beliefs and meet people who are different from you in the coming month.




October 23–November 21

This week, Mercury in your one-on-one angle gels with your ruler, Pluto, deepening your dialogue with other individuals and facilitating conversations that have the power to shift your mindset. The sun and Venus in your sharing house are fighting with Neptune in your love-and-happiness zone, increasing the likelihood of idealizing someone you’re attracted to or becoming confused about the nature of a close relationship. You might also have trouble understanding yourself at this time. And the sun and Venus are opposing Saturn in your worth sector, hinting that flagging confidence could hinder intimacy or a fear of lack or loss may affect give-and-take. Try not to let insecurity run the show. The sun and Venus are arguing with Jupiter in your network house as well, so new interests and objectives, socializing and friendship might conflict with partnership and closeness. Don’t look too far down the road because outsize expectations might keep you from enjoying the moment. The new moon inspires you to recover from a loss, transform something within yourself, work on a trust or jealousy issue and get better at forming intimate connections and sharing your life.




November 22–December 21

A collaboration between Mercury and Pluto this week facilitates critical thinking, mental work and financial savvy. But the sun and Venus in your one-on-one angle are embroiled in battles with Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter, putting some pressure on your relationships. Domestic or family issues could require your attention and leave you drained. Or underlying discomfort, insecurity, confusion or disillusionment might impact your bond with someone. Because Saturn is in Sagittarius, your plans and ambitions may come between you and another person, or you could inadvertently be shutting someone out. Pay attention to your persona and behavior to see if others might have reason to perceive you as withholding or aloof. You’re not used to being the serious one, but the taskmaster planet’s ongoing presence in your sign is setting a somewhat somber tone. A work trip or big goal can also get in the way of connecting with people now. But the new moon hints at a new relationship or new level of commitment in—or redefinition of—a current one. Strive to honor others’ needs and feelings and your own need for companionship.




December 22–January 19

Mercury’s connection with Pluto in your sign this week allows you to express your creativity, personality and heartfelt feelings with power and depth. The sun and Venus in your efficiency corner are fighting with Neptune, though, possibly clouding your judgment in work-related matters. Confusion and deception can color your relations with colleagues, so try to understand that your perception is subjective and your words may not be as clear as you intend. Those two planets are also opposing Saturn in the last house of your chart, suggesting that you may need to rest more, resolve your apprehensions or finish something up in order to feel better and be more productive. With the sun and Venus squaring off with Jupiter as well, abstract thinking, hopes for the future, a need for freedom or assuming you know more than you do can deter you from focusing on doing what’s in front of you to the best of your ability. The new moon nudges you to start a new diet or fitness regimen, initiate a healthy habit, learn a new skill, get organized, improve your time management or institute a different schedule.




January 20–February 18

A Mercury-Pluto confab this week encourages you to transform your view of the past, delve into subconscious emotions and seek closure on private matters that are troubling you. With the sun and Venus battling Neptune, dwindling confidence or funds may impair your ability to enjoy life, pursue love and express your creativity, feelings or personality. Uncertainty over your assets, values and self-worth can get in the way of happiness. The sun and Venus are also opposing Saturn in your network zone, so personal pleasure and self-fulfillment will need to be balanced against your obligations to friends or an organization or a compulsion to conform with societal norms. Group interests or dedication to new dreams might keep you from having fun. And the sun’s and Venus’s feuds with Jupiter in your depth sector hint at friction between romance and sexuality or between doing as you please and fostering meaningful interdependence. It’s easy to blow a close connection out of proportion now. But the new moon inspires you to be true to your heart, pursue the love and happiness you deserve, seek fresh forms of creativity and let your inner child out to play.




February 19–March 20

This week, Mercury and Pluto link up, helping you to convey your message to a group, express yourself with friends, engage in professional networking that makes a difference and reach out to people for support. The sun and Venus are at the bottom of your chart, fighting with Neptune in Pisces, though, so there’s a risk that you’ll feel unsettled or struggle with confusion over a domestic or family matter. This planetary influence might be rather disorienting emotionally. Since Neptune’s presence in your sign can cause you to send out mixed signals unintentionally, try to be aware of how you’re coming across. The sun and Venus are also facing off against Saturn in your ambition angle, suggesting that work and goals may compete with family time, your emotional state or a desire for peace and quiet. The sun’s and Venus’s skirmishes with Jupiter imply that someone might throw you off-kilter or your enthusiasm over a partner might take you out of your comfort zone. The new moon nudges you to improve your living situation, get in touch with your innermost feelings, renew family ties and launch a decorating project.




March 21–April 19
With Mercury joining forces with Pluto this week, you’re able to combine financial planning with career change or conceptualize how to use your assets to generate progress on a long-term goal. Since the sun and Venus are battling Neptune in the last house of your chart, subconscious wistfulness, vague intuitions, spiritual longing or a nagging sense that you’ve been drifting through life may pervade your thoughts and undercut your communication. The sun and Venus are also opposing Saturn in your outlook zone, further darkening your perspective. Cynicism about how you’re supposed to be playing the game can influence your attitude now. Part of you wants to think happy thoughts and approach life with wonder, while part of you sees the world in a harsher light. The challenge is to balance childlike curiosity with hard-earned wisdom. And the sun and Venus are sparring with Jupiter in your productivity corner as well, increasing your busyness and possibly overwhelming you with details. The new moon encourages you to gather information, get in touch with people, improve your community, learn something new, make a decision or start a writing project.




April 20–May 20

Mercury in Taurus is vibing with Pluto in your expansion sector this week, helping you to express yourself powerfully, mull over profound ideas and learn something worthwhile. You could change your mind about something or shift your whole outlook. The sun and Venus in your worth house are in conflict with Neptune in your network zone, making it difficult to mix money, possessions and personal values with friendship. You might feel let down by people or perplexed by them. The sun and Venus are also tussling with Saturn in your sharing house, so getting what you want from a partner or someone very close to you won’t be easy either. Work on balancing your own needs with those of another person, and don’t try to get blood from a stone. Since the sun and Venus are quibbling with Jupiter in your joy sector as well, you may be tempted to splurge on something that you think will give you great pleasure. The new moon beckons you to set a financial goal, create a new source of income, make a budget, indulge your senses and shore up your self-esteem.

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Tahlullah Ten-Brook
4 years ago

May 30, 2016
I am an Aquarius. I just read your guidance for this week, May 30 – June 5, 2016. It was so spot on that the little hairs on the back of my neck were vibrating. I have been through all of this on the weekend of Memorial Day. It actually began on the Friday last, but by this morning I had found “myself” again. For the past 3 years I have had to be “someone else”, I thought for safety. But I realized this morning that I was hiding from myself. Somehow I have put all of my focus on my VERY poor health. I realized “I” could not control that issue and felt so empty. But yesterday I was purging my home for a move I thought I had to make. I found a lot of items that I had not seen in years and I felt “happy” to see them again. I haven’t felt happy for years. I am Cherokee and I lost my tribe (in my head) when I made a move, 1993, to give care for someone important in my life. But during that time I lost connection to all my relations. A toxic person had sucked everything out of me and I was so empty…I’ve been struggling to find myself. Yesterday it all fell into synchronicity. “I” came alive again.

People always tell me that my name is spelled wrong. It’s spelled the way my Grandmother named me. My grandmother, who was born in Indian Territory and grew up in Tahlequah, Indian Territory before it became a state. And she loved Talula (a Cherokee word for Leaping Water) so Tahlequah and Talula she combined into Tahlullah.

Thank you for solidifying what I was feeling.
Tahlullah Ten-Brook

Carlen Altman
4 years ago