The Great British Guest Guide… To Weddings

Wedding season is in full swing and we’ve got your foolproof guide for what to wear right here!

This post comes from our UK Contributor, Lisa!

We’ve all heard the rules: “No black, its bad luck”, “look good, but don’t upstage the bride”, and “don’t even think about white”… to name just a few!  However many you may or may not have heard, I think we can all agree that dressing for a wedding while keeping a sense of your own style can be hard work! So with wedding season now in swing, we’ve come up with a foolproof guide for what to wear to all this season’s weddings right here:

image-4 image-5
Kristal’s Limited Edition Dress

Don’t blend in too much: Make sure you check the colour scheme to avoid looking like one of the bridesmaids (even if you cried for a week because you didn’t get asked!).

Walking On A Cloud Dress

Go long: When in doubt, bring the maxi dress out. Mini dresses are okay for most occasions, but to avoid a flashing faux pas, a longer dress is usually safer (and makes late night dance floor knee slides much easier!).

Piazza Maxi Dress, Raw Stone Leather Wrap Bolo

Add color: Summery colours always brighten up a wedding, and are perfect for catching the attention of the canapé waiters – filling your stomach is vital for a long cocktail hour.

Plan ahead: Going strapless? Plan ahead and shop around for a comfortable strapless bra… or else you’ll be waiting for the perfect moment to rip it off and swing it around your head (probably the minute ‘I will survive’ comes on!).


Find your fit: Going for sleeves? Allow extra room for movement, you want to make sure you have a good chance of catching the bouquet!

Don’t. Wear. White. There’s always one, and unless your bride has specifically requested an all white wedding a la Solange Knowles, don’t be that girl.

South of the Equator Midi

Stick with what you know: Strappy, 6-inch heeled sandals are a professional’s game. If you’re not used to wearing heels, chances are you won’t still be in them for the midnight Macarena! Avoid any ‘glass in foot’ moments, and opt for a sensible height or a flat. You have a long day ahead of you, and once those shoes come off, they likely won’t go back on.

Overdressed is OK: Dress codes can be tricky (what exactly constitutes beach-dressy-casual?), but a wedding is not the place to show off your new yoga leggings, overdressed is always better than underdressed.

Wanderlust Dress

Have fun: Don’t play it too safe. Chances are someone else has, and you’ll end up in a real life version of ‘who wore it best’ with the groom’s great aunt – or worse, his hot cousin!

Melody Maxi Dress

And most importantly, feel so good in your chosen outfit that you’ll want to give a speech regardless of your role in the nuptials; just so all eyes are on you. Who said only the bridal party gets to have all the fun?


Lead image: Enchanted Dreams Maxi Dress

Thank you to our fab London based team!
Photographer: Laura Allard-Fleischl
Model: Daisy Boote @ PRM
Hair and Make Up: Lydia Warhurst

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Love that deep V maxi dress, it’s stunning! So simple and feminine, I’ll have to get this one!
Xo, Lauren

These dresses are perfect. I wish I knew these rules when I was at my cousin wedding and wore terribly borring coctail dress. My style was different then (terribly boring, yeah), but I had one lovely long dress in my wardrobe. Didn’t wear it, because it was long and kind of boho, and somehow it seemed unappropriated to me:O

Love the red lacy one. It’s appropriate even for a bride (if you remember the red dress of Rachel McAdams in “About Time”).

@Lauren – the deep V cloud blue maxi is called the WALKING ON A CLOUD DRESS


The dresses are so beautiful and they go for the brides too. They are just appropriate for the wedding. I liked the Kristal’s limited edition dress the most. The work on it is really impressive. It is a very beautiful collection.