FP Playlists: See You At Gov Ball 2016!

The next festival on our list drops tomorrow… gear up for Gov Ball with this playlist!

Summer seems to have hit all at once here on the East Coast. Broiling hot weather, clear blue skies, and the never-ending trill of ice cream trucks circling the block outside my house — the harbingers of a fresh new season. Of course, summer wouldn’t be complete without a full roster of music festivals to fill our calendar, and next on the list is Governors Ball. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be posted up in NYC, snapping pics of the crowd and taking it all in. Keep an eye out for us and be sure to give the playlist below, which is filled with the acts we’re so dying to see, a listen. Not headed to Randall’s Island Park? Not to worry. Check out these tips for creating your own festival right at home.



+ Will you be at Governor’s Ball?

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