Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 20–26

What does the forecast look like this week? Only one way to find out…

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June 21–July 22

This week’s new moon in your efficiency house could spell a job or health crisis or the completion of a project, and it’s also a prime opportunity for you to break a bad habit. Since the moon is vibing with change-loving Uranus in your ambition angle, any shift in your daily routine, work ethic, skills or approach to a problem or task can facilitate progress. Mercury in your subliminal sector is harmonizing with Uranus as well, implying that intuition, introspection and private study or research will be productive. But Mercury is arguing with five other planets, so keeping secrets or unconsciously blurting out what you’re thinking might create problems. Pay attention to the way you’re thinking, what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Thankfully, a Jupiter-Pluto collaboration promotes open-mindedness, gregariousness, optimism, honesty and deep connection. Widening the circle of people in your life will help you to form powerful bonds, while transparency and tolerance can change a current relationship. With the sun moving into your sign for the next month, your vitality and inspiration begin to blossom, and you’re encouraged to focus on yourself more and project your personality. Happy birthday!





July 23–August 22

Fun, romance and creativity are favored by this week’s full moon in your joy sector, and the moon’s link with revolutionary Uranus in your exploration zone hints that a progressive viewpoint, the freedom to take chances and openness to new experiences will enhance your personal pleasure. But since Mercury in your network house is sparring with several other planets, you should know that communication with friends, professional peers and other groups of people could be a bit of a minefield. Fortunately, Mercury’s connection with Uranus hints that taking into consideration a broad range of ideas and beliefs can spare you unnecessary conflicts—but you must resist digging your heels in. Jupiter’s ongoing alliance with Pluto ties your burgeoning confidence with your will to be more productive. A determination to establish what is most important to you and to act in accordance with your priorities on a daily basis will make you feel more secure and constructive. With the sun slipping into your retreat corner for a month-long stay, your year begins to wind down. Grab some alone time to rest, reflect on the past year and release any regrets that you may be holding onto.




August 23–September 22

When a full moon lands in your foundation angle this week, you might need to pay more attention to your family or home life, and your private emotions may boil over, calling for you to express what’s going on inside you. A moon-Uranus connection suggests that confiding in someone you trust can help to relieve internal pressure—and honest introspection can also bring relief. Mercury is fighting with five other planets at the moment, so you need to be careful how you speak to authority figures and how you articulate your ambitions. Career planning and public communication will be difficult, so avoid big decisions and speeches. With Jupiter in Virgo partnering with Pluto in your fulfillment zone once again, you’re encouraged to continue growing, believing in yourself, chasing new experiences, broadening your mind, embracing new people, transforming how you love and create and opening your eyes to a wider range of possibilities for your future. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself and rethink what makes you happy. And the sun’s entrance into your network house nudges you to devote some of your energy in the coming month to socializing, friendship, groups, new dreams and humanitarian causes.




September 23–October 22

The full moon lands in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, bringing information to light, creating a flurry of activity, inundating your brain, emotionalizing your communication and pulling you in different directions. The moon is gelling with Uranus in your one-on-one angle, encouraging you to share your feelings with someone and hinting that doing so will be liberating or fuel a change in a relationship. Mercury in your outlook house is clashing with several other planets, making it very difficult for you to convey your views or maintain proper perspective. Studies and travel could also be quite challenging. However, Mercury is clicking with Uranus, inspiring you to open up to—or gain insight from—another individual. As the sun climbs to the top of your chart for a month-long stay, your attention turns to your public image and professional status, and you’re encouraged to shine. You might be pushed onto center stage, so be prepared to show what you’re capable of. Jupiter continues its collaboration with Pluto, calling for you to seek spiritual wisdom and self-awareness and to delve into dark emotions or memories in an effort to empower yourself from within and rebuild your foundation.




October 23–November 21

This week’s full moon in your worth house emphasizes your finances, possessions, resources, self-esteem, personal values and material needs, and its connection with Uranus in your efficiency corner links such matters with a change in your skills, habits, responsibilities, schedule, work ethic, health or productivity level. Guard against impulse spending, and look for ways to bolster your income. Mercury in your depth sector is quibbling with five other planets, complicating research, psychological probing and communication in a close relationship. Secrets, mistrust and manipulation are likely to cause problems. But Mercury’s alliance with Uranus could give you insight into how to change something in your daily life. As the sun moves into your exploration zone, you’re inspired to broaden your horizons in the coming month. Learning, travel, new experiences and different people can all enable you to do so. As Jupiter continues its collaboration with Pluto, the expansion of your friendships, ideals, interests, group affiliations, professional network and new objectives dovetails with a powerful shift in your mindset and your self-expression. Connect with people who support your growth and can help you to further it, and let your intensity and passion permeate your thoughts and speech.




November 22–December 21

This week’s full moon occurs in your sign, bringing your emotions to the surface and possibly calling for you to let off some steam. If something seems to be sending you over the edge, this would be a good time to let it go and move on. Since the moon is jibing with liberating Uranus in your joy sector, fun, romance, creativity, time with children, affection, hobbies and games can all act as an outlet for your feelings. Mercury in your one-on-one angle is sparring with five other planets, so you’ll need to watch out for miscommunication—and possibly arguments—with other individuals this week. Fortunately, Mercury is clicking with Uranus, hinting that humor and an open mind can smooth things over. Give people space if things get too tense. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is joining forces with Pluto in your worth house once again, beckoning you to blend your optimistic aspirations with a determination to build up your security. Tap into your full range of talents in an effort to reach your goals. Believe in your dreams, and be willing to change your financial strategy or shift your priorities so you can become more self-sufficient.




December 22–January 19

This week’s full moon calls for you to offset the busyness of your daily life by tending to your spiritual and emotional needs. You might need to spend more time alone and get more rest. Pay attention to your dreams and your intuition; they can give you insights into yourself. This is a good opportunity to get closure and put the past behind you. It will probably feel incredibly freeing to release something—or someone—now. Mercury is clashing with several other planets, turning communication with coworkers into a minefield and complicating your efforts to critique, analyze, attend to details, do mental work or solve a problem. A Mercury-Uranus alliance suggests that working from home, getting perspective on your mood or on the past and letting go of a grudge can all help. Jupiter’s ongoing collaboration with Pluto in Capricorn can enable you to regain a positive outlook, and it encourages you to devote energy to personal growth. Combining faith in the future with a strong will enables you to transform yourself and expand your world. Seek out unfamiliar experiences, develop your belief system and pursue knowledge, but also embrace the metamorphosis taking place deep within you.




January 20–February 18

When a full moon lights up your network zone this week, you could experience drama among your friends, a turning point with a group, a big social occasion or the fruition of a philanthropic effort. Thanks to a connection between the moon and Uranus, you should be able to click with people who share your interests and dreams, and spontaneous socializing is favored. Mercury in your fulfillment house is feuding with several other planets, though, so romantic and creative self-expression might be difficult, and your humor or individual quirks could be misconstrued. Fortunately, Mercury is vibing with Uranus, hinting that a detached view and flexible mindset will help. The sun is moving into your efficiency corner for a month-long stay, nudging you to start focusing on taking care of yourself and getting things done. This can be a highly productive time if you devote your energy to the tasks at hand. Jupiter’s continuing alliance with Pluto reminds you to invest in close relationships and have faith in other individuals. You’re encouraged to try to understand yourself and to change your life from the inside out, learning from the past and moving beyond old hurts, losses and mistakes.




February 19–March 20

With a full moon at the top of your chart this week, a goal may come to fruition or you might experience drama with an authority figure. You could find yourself in the spotlight, so be ready to put your best foot forward. The moon’s link with Uranus in your worth house suggests that achievement is closely tied to a shift in your finances or confidence. Given that Mercury in your foundation angle is fighting with five other planets now, your thoughts and words are apt to be colored by emotions, and communication with family or people you live with will probably be rather tricky. Be careful what you say and how you say it, take what others say with a grain of salt and recognize that your thinking is highly subjective at the moment. Jupiter is once again teaming up with Pluto, inspiring you to believe that you can learn from other individuals and benefit from your close connections—and to slowly build a powerful team of supporters who can help you to generate major change in your life. Your hopes and dreams can guide you to form strong bonds with like-minded people.




March 21–April 19

This week’s full moon is harmonizing with Uranus in Aries, inspiring a liberating shift in your perspective. This lunation offers an ideal opportunity to let go of a limiting belief. A personal revelation can lead to a leap of faith that enables you to break free from your old life. Since Mercury is sparring with several other planets, you’ll need to pay attention to your thoughts and words, as they’re apt to lack objectivity now. Fortunately, a Mercury-Uranus confab might help you to get away with speaking your mind. Jupiter in your efficiency sector carries on its collaboration with Pluto in your ambition angle this week, promoting big responsibilities, fulfilling work and good health. This is a time for growing your skillset in an effort to shift your life direction or to introduce the next chapter of your career. Appreciate being useful and needed, maintain an admirable work ethic, enjoy what you’re doing and take pride in a job well done. As the sun dips down to the bottom of your chart—where he’ll be hanging out for the next month—your focus turns to home, family, comfort, memories and your innermost emotions.




April 20–May 20

A full moon pushes you to focus on give-and-take this week, and emotional drama in a close relationship is a strong possibility. Or you may be able to shed light on something in your psyche and perhaps recover from a loss. The moon is connected with Uranus in your subliminal corner, underscoring the theme of freeing personal insights that help you to make psychological progress. Since Mercury in your worth zone is quarreling with five other planets, your financial judgment will probably be off—making splurges and major decisions involving money or possessions inadvisable. But Mercury’s alliance with Uranus hints that you could gain a clearer perception of your core values and shuffle your priorities accordingly. The sun’s arrival in your thinking-and-talking corner increases the tempo of your daily life, revitalizes your brain, makes your interactions more stimulating and inspires you to get out and about. Jupiter continues its conversation with Pluto this week, nudging you to become more and more yourself and to shift your belief system—and those two processes are interconnected in ways that you can hopefully grasp now. Bet on yourself and espouse a philosophy that empowers you.




May 21–June 20

The arrival of a full moon in your one-on-one angle this week reminds you to consider the needs and feelings of others, and it could bring a turning point in a close relationship. The moon’s link with Uranus in your network house implies that new people, affiliations and interests can have a positive influence on an interpersonal shift. Mercury in Gemini is sparring with five other planets, though, making it difficult for you to think clearly and to speak without repercussions. Be prepared for various mental and verbal hurdles, and try to put your lightheartedness and flexibility to good use. Luckily, Mercury is clicking with Uranus, so speaking to friends or a group can go well, and honest communication or brainstorming might help you to see past this week’s challenges. Jupiter’s ongoing collaboration with Pluto combines underlying confidence and psychological transformation. Putting down roots or gaining the support of family will empower you on a deep level. If you need financial help for real-estate purposes, this would be an excellent time to ask for it. As the sun segues into your worth zone, part of your focus turns to money, possessions, resources, personal values and material requirements in the coming month.

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