20-Minute Pet Proof Refresh

Meet Loraine, the little kitty that was just rescued into our family. She may be tiny, but she is on a daily mission to get into everything at home. 

Bringing a new animal home is one of my favorite things in the entire world. It’s exciting, adventurous, and a daily breath of fresh air. But with fluffy coats and puppy eyes comes a whole lot of responsibility. Bringing Loraine home, and watching her transition from shelter to house really propelled the notion that we needed a pet proof refresh. While she is slowly adjusting to the house, one room at a time, she is getting into everything, quickly. Whether you are bringing a new animal into your space, or already have a few living there, take 20 minutes today and make sure they are in a safe, comfortable environment. Ready, set, go.


Air. How is the temperature? It’s pretty hot and humid here. I’m in the third floor apartment attic, which can hold some serious heat. Keep tight animal proofed screens on windows, turn on the fans and keep the air down. “If you think it’s hot, imagine having a winter coat on,” says Wednesday, my 1 1/2 year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Wash. Take the cover off the dog bed, toss it in the hamper to be washed. Grab all food bowls and hand wash them with organic dish soap. Rinse well. This step should be done daily, as many bowls (even water), are prone to serious bacteria buildup. You wouldn’t wanna be munchin’ out of a dirty dish, would ya? :) 5 minutes

Pick Up. Pick up any loose items — small, shiny or dull, square or circle — that may be hanging out on the floor or counter spaces. This includes pennies, chocolate chip cookie crumbs, bottle caps, hair ties, etc. All of these can look like a toy or snack for a curious creature, and may end up in a belly. 5 Minutes

Clean Out. Litter Box. Self-explanatory. 2 minutes

Take Away Toxic. Now look for items that could do serious damage. When the warmer weather rolls around, fresh blooms and fertilizers pop up, and our animals could be in danger. If you have any sort of plant fertilizer, house plants or fresh cut flowers, make sure to do some research. For example, do you love those dandelions that are sitting so perfectly on your desk? Well, your cat might too, and if ingested, may be in some serious poisonous trouble. Take a look around the house at anything that may be toxic, and remove it from the equation. 5 minutes

Rearrange. Put that pokey cactus on an out-of-reach shelf, hide any exposed wires or cords that could be nibbled on behind furniture. Move the dog bed to a cute new corner. 3 minutes.

Simple and effective. Keep this 20-minute schedule on your radar, and your pets will be safer and happier inside their home. Now, go give your cat some catnip and take your pup to the park.


Tie Dye Rope Leash

+ How do you keep your house safe and fresh for your animals? Let me know in the comments!

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4 years ago

Adorable! Nice reminder to start out the week on a positive note. Thanks!

4 years ago

So cute and thoughtful.. Will be trying this out over the weekend.

4 years ago

Good tips! Another pet safety tip that we should all be following is watching our burners on the stove. Curious kittens and hungry dogs could jump on or stick their nose (counter surfing) on a hot burner.

Thanks for the information.

4 years ago

So thoughtful