Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 1–7

What does the forecast look like this week? Only one way to find out…

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June 21–July 22

The new moon in your worth house this week invites you to indulge your five senses, create a budget, develop a new source of income, make a practical purchase, improve your self-esteem, make the most of your assets and clarify your personal values. Since the moon is gelling with Saturn in your efficiency corner, positive financial change is closely linked with hard work. Mercury in your thinking-and-talking zone is sparring with Saturn, so you may find it hard to keep a positive attitude. And Merc is also facing off against Neptune in your outlook sector, which could distract you with vague notions about the future, or you may simply feel very unsure about what you know. As Venus enters your thinking-and-talking zone as well, you’re encouraged to appreciate the beauty in your everyday world and the warmth in your encounters. Pleasant thoughts and words will foster a good rapport with people, though a Venus-Mars skirmish could put you at odds with co-workers. Mars’s change of signs tells you to focus on getting things done; just avoid pushing others to do things your way.



July 23–August 22

This week’s new moon in Leo represents your annual excuse for personal reinvention, and its close connection with Saturn in your joy zone ties this year’s fresh start to your ongoing quest to learn more about yourself and to make a real contribution to the world. Your determination to fulfill your potential and to create a life full of love and happiness can fuel you to reach new heights in the coming year. Fiery enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose make a winning combination. With Mercury in your worth house battling both Saturn and Neptune in your sharing sector, your financial judgment or assessment of your needs and assets may not be on point now, and it might feel like someone close to you isn’t giving you what you’re asking for. Venus and Mars are changing signs, nudging you to appreciate what you have and to go after what you desire. Their current clash is likely to increase your impulsivity and your willingness to take a risk in order to get what you want.



August 23–September 22

This week’s new moon invites you to gain closure on an emotional matter; be of service to others; begin a new spiritual practice; and retreat from the world to do some soul searching, reflect on the last year and recharge your battery. It’s time to release someone or something in an effort to put the past behind you and gain inner strength. Mercury in Virgo is feuding with Saturn, suggesting that family, underlying insecurity or old baggage could cast a dark cloud over your thoughts. And a Mercury-Neptune faceoff alludes to potential confusion, deception or disillusionment between you and other individuals. With Venus entering your sign, you’ll start to find it easier to get along with people and magnetize what you desire, and your attractiveness, charm and overall appeal will receive a boost. Meanwhile, Mars is encouraging you to work from home or work on your home, engage in activities with people you live with and confront disruptive feelings, childhood issues and old behavior patterns. A Venus-Mars spat hints at a domestic or family conflict, and underlying aggression may impact your agreeability.



September 23–October 22

With the arrival of a new moon in your humanity house, you’re inspired to join an organization, make a friend, renew a connection, launch a philanthropic endeavor, do some professional networking and foster group interests. This is an excellent time for reaching out to people and establishing strong ties, especially since the moon is vibing with Saturn in your communication sector. Mercury in your subliminal corner is squabbling with Saturn, though, which could pit intuition against rational thought or cause inner doubts to take over. Mercury is also opposing Neptune in your efficiency zone, making it difficult for you to analyze a situation, communicate with colleagues and do mental work. Mars is moving into your thinking-and-talking corner, revving up your brain and pushing you to assert yourself. However, as Venus slips into the last house of your chart, part of you will be inclined to loosen your grip on personal desires. A Venus-Mars battle implies selfless love could clash with a more self-aggrandizing mindset. You might get into an argument stemming from your subconscious intentions, and self-awareness is key.



October 23–November 21

This week’s new moon inspires you to jumpstart your ambition; develop a new goal; start a fresh chapter in your career; take on a new responsibility or a leadership role; consider how you might improve your professional or public image; and be prepared to put your best foot forward in case you find yourself in the spotlight. Saturn in your resources zone is collaborating with this lunation, facilitating long-term objectives that make full use of your resources and strengthen your finances. The reality of your needs and assets will have a noteworthy influence on your drive to succeed. After Mars leaves Scorpio, you’ll have some impetus to deal with possessions and monetary matters and to take action that promotes personal security. Venus is entering your humanity house, boosting your sociability and helping you to deal with people agreeably. But given the squabbles going on between Mercury and Saturn and Venus and Mars, you might fall out with a group over values, priorities, stuff or money. Try to find compromises that allow you to cooperate without forsaking your own interests entirely.



November 22–December 21

With a new moon arriving in your expansion sector this week, you’re inspired to do what your sign is naturally enthused about to begin with: broaden your horizons through travel, learning and new experiences. It’s time to explore new ideas, cultures, beliefs and places and reach out to a wide range of people who can open your mind and perhaps even change you. Given the moon’s link with Saturn in Sagittarius, such endeavors are apt to make you feel more connected to the world, and seemingly minor adventures can foster long-term growth. Mars’s entry into Sag motivates you to tackle your personal agenda and provides you with the energy to work hard in order to further your own interests. Your renewed drive can cause you to come on strong, so try to operate independently if possible. Mercury and Venus in your ambition angle are quarreling with Saturn and Mars in Sag, complicating communication with higher-ups, goal setting, career planning, creative work and your public or professional image. Be careful not to work against yourself now.



December 22–January 19

This week’s new moon in your depth sector can have a subtle but powerful influence, nudging you to delve deeper into a relationship, a particular endeavor or your own psyche. This lunation encourages you to be more aware of the complexities of give-and-take and to respect the feelings and needs of other individuals. And because of a link with Saturn in your release corner, any effort to share, heal, transform or get to the bottom of something is apt to result in productive closure or catharsis. It could be difficult to maintain proper perspective, with Mercury in your outlook zone battling Saturn and Neptune; try to bring yourself back into the present moment when your mind wanders too far into the past or future or becomes clouded with doubts. Venus and Mars are both changing signs now, signaling that you should be open to people and experiences outside your usual purview and be willing to work behind the scenes without expecting a lot of credit. Confront dysfunctional behavior patterns and self-defeating acts to avoid undermining yourself.



January 20–February 18

This week’s new moon in your one-on one angle favors a new relationship as well as taking an existing one to the next level. Be sensitive to other people’s emotions and consider what they need from you. Interdependency is highlighted now, and given this lunation’s link with Saturn in your network house, you might form a new connection with someone who shares your objectives, interests or ideals. Intimate dialogue and negotiations are bound to be complicated by Mercury’s struggles with Saturn and Neptune, so be mindful of what you say and what assumptions you make. If you sense a lack of support from people, feel judged, are unclear on what you need and fear loss or lack, your words and thoughts are apt to be colored by that. As Venus and Mars change houses, closeness and teamwork gain importance. In the coming weeks, you’re encouraged to trust, collaborate, network, get close to another person and pursue a goal that benefits others. You could be attracted to a friend now, and sex is likely to be intense but complicated.



February 19–March 20

A new moon arrives in your efficiency corner this week, pushing you to get healthy and get to work. This would be a favorable period to begin a diet or fitness regimen, initiate a positive habit, streamline your schedule, polish your skills, organize your workspace, improve your time management, launch a job search, find a solution to a problem or start a challenging project. Since the moon is harmonizing with Saturn in your ambition angle, productive changes such as these are likely to foster long-term success. Mercury in your one-on-one house is quarreling with Saturn, hinting at a possible disagreement involving goals or authority. And Merc’s faceoff with Neptune in Pisces ups the potential for confusion, deception and misunderstanding in your communication with other individuals, so strive to be as clear and direct as possible. Compromise gets easier, with Venus crossing your relationship angle, but as Mars ascends to the top of your chart, your ambition can go into overdrive. Channel energy into achieving something that matters to you, but operate independently if possible to avoid stepping on toes.



March 21–April 19

When the new moon lands in your fulfillment zone this week, that’s your cue to express your creativity, humor, personality and feelings and to enjoy life more. The moon’s link with Saturn in your expansion house suggests that new pleasures are linked to learning, travel, unfamiliar experiences and calculated risks. You’ve been figuring out how to branch out methodically rather than impulsively, and after Mars moves into that house, you’ll have a stronger urge to broaden your horizons and fight for what you think is right. Although this is a call to adventure, Venus is dancing into your productivity corner, coaxing you to also enjoy everyday life, value your health and do something that helps others. You may find it hard to concentrate and stay in the moment with Mercury battling Saturn and Neptune — and Venus and Mars sparring as well. Detailed mental work and a pleasant sense of purpose could be interrupted by uncertainty about the future and past regrets. Take notice of how you’re feeling, but then recenter yourself as much as possible.



April 20–May 20

A new moon at the bottom of your chart hints at a change in your living situation or your family and coaxes you to tune into your innermost feelings and tend to your need for comfort and security. Because the moon is meshing with Saturn in your depth zone, any emotional, domestic or geographic shift that you make now is apt to transform you. Improving your space and releasing psychic baggage can give you a cleaner foundation on which to build. You may choose to spend quiet time alone or with someone you trust delving into a project or your own emotional state. As Venus moves into your joy house, though, your desire to experience love, enjoy life and share your creativity, individuality and feelings builds. Mercury is in that house as well and fighting off both Saturn and Neptune now, so self-expression is likely to be tempered by partnership and group interests. Venus and Mars replicate the Mercury-Saturn squabble, blending desire and friction. A strong attraction may instigate intimacy, and romance and sex will be a complicated, stimulating mix.



May 21–June 20

This week’s new moon falls in the part of your chart that’s naturally associated with Gemini matters. It’s a favorable time for doing paperwork, getting in touch with people, making a decision, gathering information, learning something new, connecting with a sibling, serving the needs of your community and taking a short trip. The moon is vibing with Saturn in your one-on-one angle, nudging you to have a serious conversation with someone close to you or to open up negotiations of some sort. But Mercury in your family-and-feelings zone is sparring with Saturn as well as with Neptune in your ambition house, so talking with relatives, discussing your emotions and communicating with higher-ups is apt to be challenging. With Venus descending to the bottom of your chart, though, the pleasures of home and family are emphasized. You might get into the mood to decorate or entertain in the coming weeks. Mars is crossing your partnership angle this week and skirmishing with Venus, calling for you to work through conflicts in relationships and not try to go it alone.

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