The Great Outdoors: A Playlist for Adventurers

Roll these jams on your next great adventure in the outdoors.

The smell of a campfire in the dark and the song of birds in the morning. Whirring wind through the cracked trees at sunrise. Neon orange juts from behind purple peaks. All is quiet out here in the great outdoors.

Mother Nature is the ultimate soul healer. She has the ability to cleanse you of your daily stresses and routine. She will awaken your thoughts and clean your emotions. Anyone who has spent time in nature will happily admit that she has an uncanny way of connecting you with… yourself.

As much as I love the stillness of being outdoors, I appreciate the effect music has on an experience. Whether you are road tripping from one state to another, or holed up in camp with friends, music has the ability to set the tone. We created this mix for you — a little bit Americana, folk and rock ‘n roll. It was curated with camaraderie in mind, a connection to Mother Nature and to the fellow adventurers around us.


+What do you think we should add to this playlist? Let me know in the comments. 

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7 years ago

Loved this post, listened to the playlist and it was a wonderful and well put together playlist

7 years ago

When I go hiking in the mountains I like something raw and pure on my ipod. Like Rammstein or something :-) Something that fits the raw terrain!

7 years ago

Love this playlist, Bob Dylan is my go to on road trips. I would definitely recommend adding Like A Rolling Stone. I also really like “Milk” and “Birthday” by Kings of Leon and “California Dreamin'” by The Mamas & The Papas on roadies! Overall great playlist.

7 years ago

“Alaska” by Maggie Rogers would be a great addition!

7 years ago

Great list! I’m a mountain hiker and scrambling enthusiast based in Cape Town.
My add on would be “Ends of the Earth” – Lord Huron – hope you enjoy!