For the Love of Lavender

Why everyone can benefit by adding this super plant into their beauty regime…

Having learnt about the amazing benefits of lavender from a recent Wellness Encyclopedia post, we thought it only right to curare a few of our favorite lavender-based products to put us in a blissful state whilst looking as naturally beautiful as can be.

To really immerse ourselves in all things lavender we ventured off to Mayflower Lavender Farm, an organic farm just outside of London, and invited along Brit babe Laura, from Tiny Twisst, to check out those products featuring the miracle plant. The air was filled with that deliciously recognizable scent and, with acres of bright purple flowers in front of us, it was hard to feel anything other than zen.


Viceroy Printed Maxi 

When applied to the skin as an essential oil or as a fresh plant, lavender can soothe nearly every skin condition, from acne to sunburns to eczema. A natural anti-bacterial, fresh and distilled lavender promotes healing, fights germs and infection, and reduces inflammation. Lavender also has a soothing effect on the nervous system when applied topically or used in aromatherapy, and can ease anxiety, promote restful sleep and reduce stress.


Psychic Dream Spray

No, unfortunately this spray will not give you the answers to the future… however, lavender is renowned for its relaxing and sleep-inducing qualities, so a spritz of this all-natural concoction should help send you off to the land of dreams and enhance what you see there, too.


Sangre De Fruta Botanical Body Cream

This ultra-rich body cream, crafted from plant-based ingredients and essential oils, is sure to leave your skin feeling silky smooth while lifting the veil of stress that’s been clouding your day. Sangre de Fruta believes beauty, magic and medicine are inseparable and we are ready for this lavender-packed product to works its magic on us!


Peppermint Lavender Scrub

This earthy certified vegan scrub smells absolutely divine, with the peppermint and lavender complementing each other beautifully for a sweet yet refreshing scent. Use this scrub while taking a bath or a shower — the hot steam will amplify the scent and relax the muscles while you exfoliate.


Lilac + Lavender All Purpose Botanical Oil

This oil both smells and looks beautiful, infused with freshly harvested flower buds. It can be applied to both hair and skin for a moisturizing and nourishing effect. We suggest adding a few drops in to a hot bath and running a small amount through the ends of your wet hair before drying.


Aquarius Mini Dress

Follow Laura on Instagram and check out her blog.

Photography by Natalia Mohl .

Mayfeild Lavender welcomes the public to visit their farm each year from June to September. More info here

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SO beautiful, love anything lavender such a soothing scent!


I love lavender <3

The Lavendar farm looks so gorgeous <3
Lovely post!

I like using lavendar in tratments.


Lavendar is easy to grow and I usually get 2 good harvests from my plants. I dry the buds and sprinkle them onto my carpets. Then I actually grind them into the carpet to release the lovely scent. The I vacuum them up. Ahhhh! My house smells great. None of those chemical based carpet powders needed. I also make soap using organic goats milk base and lavendar oil. Easy and good for my skin. Try it.

Wonderful info and reads here. I grow a lavender plant in my bedroom window. Purportedly great for the air.
I use MooPooTea as a houseplant fertilizer. I may place a smaller plant on my nightstand also.