Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 24–30

What’s in the stars for you this week? Let Tracy Allen point the way…

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October 23–November 21

Mercury lands in Scorpio this week, facilitating communication and lending you greater objectivity when examining personal matters. Merc’s alliances with the sun in your sign and Neptune in your fulfillment house further enhance your ability to convey your creativity and personality and encourage you to share your heartfelt feelings. This is an excellent week for self-expression, and your imagination is apt to be pleasantly stimulated. Venus in your worth zone is contending with Neptune and Saturn, though, giving you a sense of lack or loss; having what you want may seem nearly impossible, especially if you’re setting the bar too high. Focusing on what you can work to attain can help you to feel more secure and self-sufficient, and avoiding unplanned purchases might be wise. A Mars-Uranus clash calls for you to adjust to changing circumstances, as your intended actions may not play out the way you think they will. Pushing your ideas through could lead to a conflict with colleagues; leave room for other ways of operating. The new moon in Scorpio inspires you to make a fresh start, moving into the next year with a beautiful vision of happiness and a powerful determination to make your dream a reality.




November 22–December 21

Venus in Sagittarius is sparring with Neptune at the bottom of your chart this week, generating a potential conflict between your social life and home life. Underlying doubt or a wistful mood could color your interactions. Venus’s meetup with Saturn might trigger inhibitions, and love can seem rather hard to come by, as this planetary combo tends to put a chill in the air. You may feel lonely and have a tough time connecting with others. Fortunately, Venus is vibing with Jupiter in your network sector, so reaching out to a broad range of people will increase your chances of enjoying life, and your friends are likely to come through for you. With Mercury sneaking into your spirit corner and aligning with the sun there, your intuition and imagination will be awakened. Merc is also gelling with Neptune in your foundation angle, coaxing you to reflect on the past and release any regrets and to contemplate your private feelings and soothe yourself. The new moon offers a great excuse to begin a new spiritual practice or some sort of daily ritual that will recharge your battery. It may be time to seek a little peace and quiet and get more rest.



December 22–January 19

Mars in Capricorn runs into trouble with Uranus at the bottom of your chart this week, implying that internal, domestic or familial turbulence could leave you feeling a bit unstable, and you should try to temper your reaction. You’re inclined to assert yourself now, but you need to be ready to adapt to change. With Mercury moving into your network zone and meshing with the sun and Neptune, group communication should be a plus. Tune into your intuition and convey empathy for others. The new moon in that house is in sync with Mercury and Neptune as well as with Pluto in Capricorn, prompting you to renew a friendship or professional association, join an organization or reach out to people who share your interests and goals. This would be an excellent time to launch a philanthropic endeavor. Venus is tucked away in the last house of your chart and joining up with your ruler, Saturn, so you may feel somewhat isolated at times. And because of her skirmish with Neptune, making your feelings understood could seem challenging. Relinquishing a desire or making a sacrifice for someone else’s sake will probably prove beneficial in the long run.



January 20–February 18

As Mercury ascends to your ambition angle and joins forces with the sun this week, career planning and communication with higher-ups gets a boost. You’re able to express your ideas, share your creative talents and learn from people in power. Putting aside self-interest can help you make a good impression now. With Venus in your network sector clashing with Neptune in your worth house, though, it’s possible that friendship or group relations will be complicated by confusion over money, material goods or values. Venus is also meeting up with Saturn, which could take the warmth out of your interactions with pals, colleagues and peers temporarily. Still, this might be the right time for getting serious about professional networking. In addition, a Venus-Jupiter meeting suggests that a group adventure will go well. A Mars-Uranus dustup puts you in danger of giving voice to subliminal aggression quite abruptly, so pay attention to internal rumblings and pause to edit yourself if possible. This could be a nice opportunity to change your mind and put an end to a certain course of action or pattern of behavior. The new moon nudges you to set a new goal or start a fresh chapter in your career.



February 19–March 20

Venus is quarreling with Neptune in Pisces this week, complicating your efforts to charm higher-ups or do creative work. You might be unsure of how to make the best impression and end up sending out an unclear signal. Venus’s rendezvous with Saturn will make it feel like you have to work hard for approval. Fortunately, Venus is gelling with Jupiter in your sharing sector, hinting that a partnership or mentor can help you polish your image. With Mercury entering your expansion corner, your taste for travel grows, and you’ll be more interested in broadening your mind. Thanks to a productive encounter between Mercury and Neptune, you’re very receptive to a wide range of ideas and views and should be able to soak up knowledge and morph your perspective. Teamwork could be tricky, due to a conflict between Mars in your group zone and Uranus in your worth house, and money, self-esteem or values might be at stake. The new moon encourages you to get out of your daily routine and push past your default mode of thinking, possibly by taking a trip or simply pursuing novel experiences that teach you something about the world and about yourself.



March 21–April 19

Mercury segues into your depth sector this week and meets up with the sun there, encouraging you to confide in someone you trust, delve into your own psyche or become engrossed in a research project or investigation. Mercury is harmonizing with Neptune, hinting that introspection will facilitate intuitive insights, self-forgiveness and healing, while intimate dialogue can give you a cathartic sense of being more in tune with another person. With Mars in your ambition angle battling Uranus in Aries, your restlessness may cause you to deviate from the pursuit of a goal. The temptation to rebel against authority and to resist the necessity of working within a system or following rules will be strong. You’ll probably have the urge to change course or to get out of doing something, and your preference will be to operate independently. Venus in your expansion zone is contending with Neptune and Saturn so, although you’re inclined to meet new people and enjoy a wide range of experiences, there may be some negativity in your outlook that will make it seem harder to branch out and enjoy all that life has to offer. Thankfully, sharing an adventure with another individual is apt to feel freeing.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in your sharing sector and quibbling with Neptune and Saturn this week, so intimacy may feel rather difficult. Avoid mixing friendship and sex, as that combination is likely to result in confusion. Someone might withhold affection or support, and coming to terms with other people’s values and needs will prove challenging. This is a good time to work on a serious relationship and learn together. With Mercury crossing your one-on-one angle, dialogue is essential in the coming weeks. Merc forms alliances with the sun and Neptune, helping you to express yourself with energy and get on the same wavelength with people through conversations. Make a point of connecting with others who share your interests and objectives now. A clash between Mars in your expansion zone and Uranus in your subliminal corner suggests that you might undermine your own efforts unconsciously, and travel or education will be subject to unexpected disruptions. The new moon coaxes you to form a new bond or take an existing relationship to the next level, and you might meet someone through friends, in a class or on a trip in the next several weeks.



May 21–June 20

With your ruler, Mercury, landing in your efficiency corner this week, detailed mental work and critical thinking are favored. Merc meets up with the sun, bringing an extra charge to your ideas and enabling you to communicate well with colleagues. Mercury’s alliance with Neptune in your ambition angle can inspire you to focus on a creative goal or connect with higher-ups. This might be an opportune time to talk about your career dream with a mentor. A conflict between Mars in your sharing house and Uranus in your network zone implies that your private life and social life could clash or sex could be quite unpredictable. Sex, money, trust or jealousy can cause problems among friends now. Venus in your one-on-one angle is contending with Neptune and Saturn, so a close relationship is apt to feel very serious and even hard. You’re probably not sure where it’s headed and you realize it will require work. But a Venus-Jupiter connection hints that romance or fun will enhance a bond, so don’t be afraid to play. A new moon nudges you to start a different diet or fitness regimen, initiate a positive habit, learn a skill, change your schedule or launch a job search.



June 21–July 22

It may be tough to get along with colleagues or enjoy your work this week, due to Venus in your productivity corner dealing with Neptune and Saturn. You might get distracted, set your sights too high or feel weighed down by responsibilities. Venus is in sync with Jupiter at the bottom of your chart, so beautifying your workspace or working from home would be wise moves. With Mercury entering your fulfillment house, humor, creativity and flirting are favored in the coming weeks. Mercury’s meetup with the sun inspires you to express your personality and share what’s in your heart, while its encounter with Neptune in your expansion corner nudges you to daydream, imagine the future and enjoy conversations with a broad range of people, perhaps discovering shared ideals. Mars in your one-on-one angle is sparring with Uranus at the top of your chart, suggesting that you might experience an interpersonal conflict, particularly if you balk at someone having any authority over you, and a partnership could take a surprising turn. The new moon in your love-and-happiness house reminds you to be yourself and enjoy life, and it could spell fresh romance or a surge of creativity.



July 23–August 22

Mercury dips down to the bottom of your chart this week and aligns with the sun there, encouraging you to connect with family, get in touch with your innermost feelings and share your private thoughts or put them in writing. Introspection and reflecting on the past can provide enlightening insights into yourself. Merc melds with Neptune in your depth zone, nudging you to confide in someone you trust or delve into your own psyche in search of healing and transformation. Venus in your joy sector is dealing with Neptune and Saturn, so romance, play, creativity and heartfelt self-expression could feel confusing and hard. But thanks to Venus’s meeting with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner, an optimistic mindset and positive communication can offer pleasure and enhance love. A conflict between Mars in your productivity house and Uranus in your exploration sector suggests that you’ll become distracted from your work or an urge for freedom could lead you to escape from daily duties. Try not to be too opinionated with colleagues. A new moon spells an impending change in your living situation or a need for comfort and security. Consciously shifting your underlying emotions is bound to benefit your overall wellbeing.




August 23–September 22

With your ruler Mercury showing up in your thinking-and-talking corner and then rendezvousing with the sun this week, your brain and daily life become busier. Your thoughts and words pick up speed and have more of an energy charge, and you’re apt to be on the move, perhaps meeting new people. Mercury is also vibing with Neptune in your one-on-one angle, facilitating intuitive connection and expressions of empathy. You might want to verbalize how much you care about someone now. Venus in your foundation angle is sparring with Neptune though and also contending with Saturn, so you may have a bewildering interaction with a family member or housemate or feel let down or isolated. This can be a good time to ask an older person for relationship advice or to take care of practical domestic matters. And thanks to a Venus-Jupiter encounter, a home-decorating project is likely to be a worthwhile endeavor. The new moon hints at fresh information, a short trip or a new acquaintance in the pipeline. Make a point of reaching out to people, enjoying your neighborhood, gathering facts and learning something new. Helping out a member of your community would be another positive use of this lunation.




September 23–October 22

This week, Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner skirmishes with Neptune in your efficiency zone, implying that routine interactions may confuse you or dishearten you at some point. Your pleasant mindset and demeanor could also be affected by Venus’s run-in with Saturn, giving your interactions a somewhat serious tone. A conversation about relationship commitment is one possibility, or you may be giving love or a particular bond a great deal of thought now. Thanks to Venus’s harmony with Jupiter in Libra, you should still be able to exude warmth and optimism and get something out of your encounters with other individuals. Gratitude for everyday blessings will lift your spirits. Make a point of relishing the morsels of beauty all around you. A Mars-Uranus squabble hints at an emotionally driven conflict that catches you by surprise; try not to overreact, and keep your own underlying antagonism in check. With Mercury moving into your worth house and gelling with the sun and Neptune, rely on your instincts to strengthen your financial judgment. A new moon nudges you to create a budget, develop a new source of income and consider how you can meet your own needs while serving a useful purpose.

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