Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 26-January 1

What’s in the stars for you this week? Let Tracy Allen point the way…

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December 22–January 19

With Jupiter at the top of your chart facing off against Uranus in your foundation angle this week, you want to be free to chase after your goals, but your emotional state, family or living situation isn’t providing a sufficiently stable home base. Domestic, familial or emotional changes have unsettled you to some degree, and you may be experiencing the tension of juggling your ambitions with more private matters. If you’re feeling uprooted, try to understand change that enables you to break away from the past will ultimately feed your growth. The sun and Mercury in Capricorn are gelling with Mars and Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner, enhancing your self-expression, thought process and personal interactions despite the fact that Mercury is still retrograde. There may still be some glitches, but getting past them won’t be an uphill battle. The new moon in your sign represents your annual fresh start and gives you an excuse to reinvent yourself. Don’t make any rash decisions, but do begin contemplating how you come across and how you might update your image and boost your confidence. It’s natural for you to attract more notice under this lunation.


January 20–February 18

This week’s opposition between Jupiter in your expansion zone and Uranus in your cognition-and-communication corner is likely to generate some mental tension and perhaps even a disagreement. You’re aiming to broaden your mind and to expose yourself to a wider range of experiences, but you may be questioning what you thought you already knew, plus you feel distracted by everyday details. If you’re afraid of too much change or the tempo of daily life is unsettling you, it could be difficult for you to transcend your routine and envision a bigger and better future. A hopeful outlook and flexible mindset can help you to keep pace with the changes going on in your world and in your head. Mercury and the sun in your subliminal sector are meshing with Neptune and Mars in your worth house, giving you a chance to home in on your spiritual values and gain insight into your priorities and your relationship with money and possessions. The new moon invites you to begin a new spiritual practice, carve out more alone time to recharge your battery and reflect on the past year in a quest for peace of mind


February 19–March 20

Jupiter in your sharing sector is opposing Uranus in your worth house this week, which could complicate matters of give-and-take. Uncertainty about getting what you need can lead you to expect more and more from a partner or from outside sources. It hasn’t been easy to ride out instability in your income and/or confidence, and you could be pinning your hopes on someone else if self-sufficiency feels out of reach. You are able to attain support now, but you should also allow your personal values and priorities to evolve. With the sun and Mercury in your network zone harmonizing with Mars and Neptune in Pisces, you’ll enjoy excellent relations with friends and groups, so don’t hesitate to surround yourself with people. You’re able to be yourself and feel seen and understood. Creative collaboration should go well, but don’t embark on any big ventures, as a Mars-Neptune encounter could throw off your instincts. Charity work would be a notable exception. The new moon coaxes you to make a new acquaintance, get back in touch with a professional contact, join an organization or renew a friendship.


March 21–April 19

This week, Jupiter in your one-on-one angle faces off with Uranus in Aries, which could create friction in your relationships. Independence and partnership may feel like an either/or proposition, and you may find it challenging to grow with another person as you continue to redefine who you are as an individual. Or you might be relying on others, as you understand how much they bring to your life, but you still have an urge to rebel against dependence. Although you’re certainly changing as a person, your relationships don’t inherently put limits on your personal evolution. Others need to adapt to the new you, while you need to accept that you benefit from maintaining healthy connections. Mercury and the sun in your ambition angle are clicking with Mars and Neptune in your subliminal corner, encouraging you to pursue goals on your own in a low-key setting and to do something selfless. Don’t give in to feelings of inadequacy or alienation. The new moon nudges you to set a new goal, develop a business plan, start a fresh chapter in your career or tweak your overall life direction.


April 20–May 20

Due to this week’s opposition between Jupiter in your efficiency corner and Uranus in your subliminal sector, having a lot to do while also dealing with unexpected disruptions in life and distractions in the back of your head could stress you out. You probably have a good attitude about fulfilling your responsibilities, but you may find it hard to keep your concentration. Compulsive behavior could cause you to veer off track, and you may unconsciously be trying to shake things up. Enjoy the satisfaction you’ll get from doing what needs to be done, but give yourself breaks and honor the mind-body-spirit connection. With Mercury and the sun in your expansion zone cooperating with Neptune and Mars in your network house, you’d do well to travel with other people, share an adventure with friends, learn in a group setting, engage in philanthropic teamwork and interact with a wide range of humanity. A new moon lures you to break out of your routine, explore unfamiliar subjects and beliefs and renew your faith in the future. If you can’t take a trip right now, you might want to start planning one.


May 21–June 20

A Jupiter-Uranus face-off spans your pleasure and network houses this week, calling for you to continue your quest for personal fulfillment while also accommodating for ups and downs in your social life. You may feel a need to rebel against group pressures and express your personality and feelings without apology. A romantic relationship may cause you to declare your differences with friends. You’re growing as an individual and may be drawn to a new circle of people, and you want the freedom to be yourself and to be with whomever you choose. As you discover what makes you happy, you could begin to identify with a different set of friends or peers. With the sun and Mercury in your depth sector teaming up with Mars and Neptune in your ambition angle, a partnership could start to feel more on-track or you might collaborate with someone to reach a goal. Working intensively on a passion project or a psychological matter can give you a sense of progress. The new moon induces you to dig beneath the surface, transform something, pay a debt or share your life with someone in a more substantial way.


June 21–July 22

With Jupiter at the bottom of your chart opposing Uranus in your ambition angle this week, you may have a lot going on at home and need to adjust to sudden developments in the outside world. You might want to feel less tied to your family, or you might experience a conflict with your parents. Your quest for comfort and security could clash with your goal of independence or with changes in your professional path. A problem with authority can give you an urge to break free, or a craving for peace and quiet can make you not want to take on anything challenging. Thanks to Mercury and the sun in your one-on-one angle syncing up with Mars and Neptune in your expansion corner, you’ll have success partnering with another individual in an effort to broaden your horizons. Learning or traveling as a couple should go well, and you’ll get more out of a new experience with another person than you’ll get out of a solo adventure. The new moon alludes to starting a new relationship or redefining an existing one, and it will make you more aware of the need for companionship.


July 23–August 22

A faceoff between Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner and Uranus in your expansion house this week suggests you’ve got a lot going on in your head and in your everyday life, but you have an impulse to get out of your head and your everyday life and take off for parts unknown. A thirst for learning may be driving personal growth, but you could keep trying on new ideas, beliefs and viewpoints for size and end up feeling overstimulated. You’re in the process of branching out, but you’re still impatient for your future to begin. Talking and writing will help you process a multitude of thoughts. Thanks to the sun and Mercury in your efficiency corner vibing with Neptune and Mars in your depth sector, this is a good time to analyze something in-depth, work on a close relationship, partner on a project or pair up with someone in a quest to improve your health or fitness. A new moon invites you to initiate a positive habit, launch a job search, get organized, change your schedule, learn a new skill or start a different diet or exercise regimen.


August 23–September 22

When Jupiter in your worth house opposes Uranus in your sharing sector this week, you’ll need to balance your quest for self-sufficiency with changes in outside or joint resources. Or your growing confidence may appear to coincide with changes in a close relationship. Perhaps you’re becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on the support of others, and that shift may cause friction now. You might want to be free to go after what you need and not have to share or compromise. Financial instability, selfishness, possessiveness or jealousy could be the cause of trouble. With Mercury and the sun in your joy house clicking with Mars and Neptune in your one-on-one angle, a romantic relationship or creative partnership is highly favored. You’re encouraged to share your personality, feelings and artistry with other individuals. Try to sidestep an interpersonal conflict, as a Mars-Neptune rendezvous will make it a confusing one. The new moon coaxes you to seek fresh sources of happiness, honor your need for love, rediscover your inner child, express your passion and creativity and bring more fun into your life. A new romance or creative endeavor could be in the pipeline.


September 23–October 22

Jupiter in Libra faces off against Uranus in your one-on-one angle this week, which could cause some strain between your personal growth and your relationships. You’re on a quest to broaden your horizons, but you’re also coping with unpredictable people, a breakup, an unstable partnership or changes in a personal relationship. You want freedom, but you may be worried that it will cost you some connections. Don’t resist change and don’t project your unconscious urge to shake things up onto others. You need to grow as an individual, and personal stasis won’t alter the fact that your relationships are in flux. Get to know yourself better, and give people space to be who they are. The sun and Mercury in your foundation angle are gelling with Mars and Neptune in your efficiency corner, enabling you to work from home, tackle a domestic project, do something to be of service or enhance your wellbeing or productivity in tandem with your family. A new moon at the bottom of your chart signals a possible impending change in your family or living situation and nudges you to tune into your private feelings.


October 23–November 21

Thanks to this week’s opposition between Jupiter in the last house of your chart and Uranus in your productivity corner, your spiritual life and work life may seem diametrically opposed, or your aspiration to understand yourself better could trigger your urge to break free from the changing circumstances you’re navigating from day to day. Let your desire to help others guide you in altering your job description, skillset, routine, productivity and daily responsibilities. Inner truth can inspire you to revolutionize your work. Mercury and the sun in your cognition-and-communication sector are meshing with Neptune and Mars in your joy zone, helping you to express your creativity, personality, thoughts and feelings exceptionally well, despite the fact that Mercury is retrograde. One caveat: A Mars-Neptune meetup puts you in danger of taking a gamble based on illusion, so don’t do anything risky or start something new. The new moon hints at an increase in communication or daily activity; a development with a sibling or in your community; and short-distance travel—and it encourages you to bypass boredom, get curious and learn something new in the coming weeks.


November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your network zone is opposing Uranus in your joy sector this week, so you may feel torn between group interests and personal pleasure. Your social calendar is probably pretty full, but you could feel an urge to follow your whims and do your own thing. Part of you is inclined to go along with others while part of you would rather amuse yourself. A romantic relationship may not conform to group expectations or may take you away from your friends. Your desire for freedom is very strong now, but you still stand to benefit from being around plenty of people and relying on others at times. The sun and Mercury in your worth house are clicking with Mars and Neptune in your foundation angle, which could enable you to tackle a project at home involving possessions or to secure support from your family. If your energy level dips at some point, seek an escape in the comforts of home. The new moon nudges you to mull over potential income-generating opportunities, rethink your budget, and indulge your senses.

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