Weekend Do: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

A garden made with magic hands…

Our weekend adventures took us close to home this time around, to a labyrinthine mosaic museum tucked within the streets of South Philly. What started out as one man’s way to self express has turned into 3,000 square feet of inspiration for the city of Philadelphia and all that come to visit.

The Magic Gardens, created by mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar, started to come alive in 1994, paying tribute to the events and experiences from his life. Creating these mosaic masterpieces brought him out of depression and gave him the vehicle to breathe new life into his art and future creations. In addition to this South Street location, his murals can be found on at least 200 public walls throughout Philly.

Being surrounded by so much magic made me really start to think about how important self expression truly is. There are endless ways to self express — through the clothes you wear, the art you create, the music you listen to and even the people with whom you surround yourself. Self expression keeps your fire burning, your soul singing and brings clarity to your mind no matter the situation.

So go run, dance, shout, wear your sparkle pants, show off those tattoos, create a 3,000 square foot mosaic masterpiece!! Whatever it may be, just remember — stay true to who YOU are and what YOU love. In the end you won’t regret it.

+How do you self express? Let us know in the comments below!  

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  1. The Magic Gardens are a big inspiration for me. I’ve been there few times and every time I find new elements in he mosaics that I haven’t seen before. I often catch myself thinking of this place, while planning a new garden design.

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