Feel Good with Sophia Roe, And Make A Great Strawberry Hempseed Mylk with CAP Beauty

Sophia Roe is back with an incredibly delicious and simple hemp mylk recipe, featuring the founders of CAP Beauty and their Berry Coconut Butter…

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Feel Good with Sophia Roe: Anima Mundi’s Adriana Ayales Makes A Mean — And Clean — Mocktail

To watch two women make magic is magic in and of itself… add a Pineapple Ginger Beer Mocktail to the mix, and know that you’ve been warned.

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#MovementMonday: Tabata Inspired Full Body HIIT with @Rocamoon

This series of simple at-home workouts, no equipment required, were made with all people in mind: the ‘on-the-go gang’, the mamas that need something quick while the kids are napping, the gym junkie who needs a quick sweat without having to think, and so on.

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#MovementMonday: Booty Power — Tighten + Tone with @Rocamoon

You may be wanting to round out that booty to fill those pants so nicely, or to rock that new swimsuit with confidence!  But there is so much more to a well-trained backside than just the looks.

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#MovementMonday: Full Body HIIT with @Rocamoon

If January was more like a wellness trial run, no worries! Mona Jane is here to help with full-body HIIT workouts — amazing at getting your heart rate to hit the roof, and to feel balanced and tight all over!

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#MovementMonday: Abs, Butt and Thighs with Ashley Freeman

No excuses allowed this holiday season — Ashley’s back with a solid lower-body workout that’ll have you taking on all the trimmings in stride… Read More