#MovementMonday: Tabata Inspired Full Body HIIT with @Rocamoon

This series of simple at-home workouts, no equipment required, were made with all people in mind: the ‘on-the-go gang’, the mamas that need something quick while the kids are napping, the gym junkie who needs a quick sweat without having to think, and so on.

This post comes to you from Hawaii-based Kiwi mama, Mona Jane, who is sharing cardio, strength & conditioning with full-body HIIT home workouts, all month long! 

We are so stoked that you have joined us for one last high-intensity and sweaty workout. Whether you have managed to give one, or all of them a try, or are just starting here, there is no better time than now to crush those goals and make time to cherish that bod of yours. But not only does exercise do wonders for our precious bodies, but also our minds, our emotions, even our soul. There is science to it: when our bodies exercise they release endorphins, and endorphins are what make you happy! “I regret doing that workout” said NO ONE, EVER!! 

This series of simple at-home workouts, no equipment required, were made with all people in mind: the ‘on-the-go gang’, the mamas that need something quick while the kids are napping, the gym junkie who needs a quick sweat without having to think, and so on. It’s not too late or too hard to start! Even if this month was another trial month for you, take these workouts into next month and crush those goals! Get creative with it if you like, personalize it… as these can really be as easy or as hard as you want them to be. Keep your form a top priority to really benefit, but most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun with it! 

No better way to finish out the month than with a bang… so, for y0u, we have a Tabata Inspired Full Body workout! Tabata is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style of training, where the short rest intervals force the body to keep moving before it actually recovers from the previous set — leading to significant aerobic and anaerobic gains. But the key is to push yourself — really push yourself all out.  The strength and cardio benefits you will reap will be so much more than if you just leisurely go through the movements. And when performed correctly, you can welcome in the after-burn effect, meaning you keep burning calories for hours after your quick workout has ended. Get your water ready and be prepared to sweat! Let’s do this!


Do 20 sec work — all out effort — with 10 sec rest, and repeat the same move 4 times before moving onto the next exercise.

Do a total of 2-3 rounds. 

In & Out Squat Jumps

Begin with feet together. Lower down into a narrow legged squat as if to sit on a chair, back straight, chest up and hinging at the hips sitting the butt back (also keep the knees from going over the toes). Then, explosively, jump up and jump the feet out a bit wider than shoulder width apart, softly landing and lowering into a basic squat, then powering up and explosively jumping up and bringing the feet together landing softly lowering back into the narrow squat, and continue jumping feet in and out. 

Halfway Pushup Split Jump

Start in high plank position, core engaged and back aligned from tip of the head to the heels, shoulders away from ears and directly over the wrists. Bending at the elbows and keeping them tucked to your sides, do a tricep pushup, lowering the chest to hover just above the ground. Pushing up through the hands, come only halfway up, then lower the chest down again before pushing the full way up back into high plank position. Isolating the core and upper body, jump the feet out wide and then back in together to complete one rep. 

*Option to do the pushup portion on the knees is completely fine! And stepping the feet out and back in one by one instead of jumping both at the same time.

Extension Ankle Grab

Start laying on back, arms reached over head and feet long. Engaging the core, lift the head, arms and legs off the floor to hover just above the ground. Inhale here then exhale as you raise the chest and shoulders, finding balance in your seat, bringing the arms over and in front of you, as your knees bend in toward the chest and hands reach for the ankles or souls of feet coming into a half boat pose. Quick inhale here and then exhale as you lower back down, bringing the arms back over head, and then both arms and legs reaching long without touching the ground. This completes one rep. Continue without laying the head back on the ground. 

*If you feel any strain in the neck or are looking to modify, keep the head and shoulders on the ground the whole time, just bringing the arms over head and in front as the knees bend in toward the chest. Feel free to rest feet on ground between reps if needed. 

Burpee Flash

Begin in standing position. Bending at the knees, softly lower hands to the floor and jump the feet back into high plank, with core engaged and shoulders directly above wrists. Push body weight forward into hands while driving knees in toward chest. Engage core to jump legs straight back, landing back in plank.  Then immediately jump feet towards the hands to land in a low squat.

Jump straight up and land with bent knees. Jump back to start to complete one rep.

Alternating Push Off Lunge

Starting with feet together, step the right foot forward into a lunge, bending the front knee to align with the front ankle and hips directly over back knee. Keep the core engaged and chest up. Shifting the weight into the back foot and driving off the front foot, push off the ground, lifting the front foot up and then landing softly back in lunge position. As soon as the foot touches back on the ground, immediately power through the front foot into an explosive jump as you switch legs in midair, softly landing in a lunge with the left foot forward, repeating remaining steps on this side. Continue alternating legs. 

*Feel free to make it your own — veto the push off and just simply do alternating jump lunges, or omit the jumping, instead doing simple alternating forward lunges. 

Need some motivation? Prajna Short and No Stitch In Time Bra

+ For more from @rocamoon, be sure to follow us on @fpmovement!  

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Love the workout – going to incorporate it more into my routine!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this :)

Love this ,thanks for your sharing.

3 years ago

I don’t know which one I start first. Are there any sequences?