Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 26–March 4

Find out what’s written in the stars for you this week…


February 19–March 20

Turn to your team when you need strength this week because both Venus and Mercury in Pisces are gelling with Pluto in your network zone. Merc’s skirmish with Mars in your authority sector may provoke you to argue with someone who’s wielding power over you, so be careful not to say anything you can’t take back. You also might have a hard time planning a successful strategy, since your thoughts and actions aren’t aligned. When Venus and Jupiter join forces, the allure of new experiences like a trip to someplace you’ve never been or a flirtation with a person who’s really different from you will be impossible to resist. Familiar pleasures aren’t nearly enough for you now. Take a flying leap outside your comfort zone and revel in the unfamiliar. Mercury and Jupiter form the same link, implying that learning will be an essential component of your explorations. Hedonistic fun isn’t the main point; you should also aim to expand your mind and take in a broader range of what life has to offer. A full moon in your one-on-one angle can bring a relationship to a boiling point, making this a good time to go all in or fold. Whether you break up, get engaged or something in between, serious bonds are due to change. And even if your close connections aren’t put to the test, it’s important to honor others’ needs and be willing to compromise. As the sun and Neptune hold their annual meeting, you could feel extra sensitive and vulnerable. If you’re not up to coping with the world, seek a healthy retreat such as meditation. Your energy is low, and your ego is taking a backseat, but you can find yourself by losing yourself



March 21–April 19

Mercury in your subliminal corner is squabbling with your ruling planet this week, increasing the odds of getting into a debate that you haven’t thought through completely. Fighting for your beliefs wouldn’t necessarily be a bad move, but be aware that a confrontation may be motivated by ill temper as much as conviction. You might want to be by yourself and think, but you’re also tempted to seize an idea and run with it. Mercury and Venus are in sync with both Pluto in your achievement angle and Jupiter in your sharing sector, providing you with lots of ways to make this a good week. Spending time alone, bringing something to a close and listening to your gut instincts can all give you a renewed sense that you’re capable of achieving your goals. And quality private time with — or a kindhearted sacrifice for — someone you care about will help your bond to flourish. Don’t keep things to yourself; confiding in a partner or close friend will give you a psychological boost. But if you’re flying solo, introspection will also be especially valuable under these transits, as you’re likely to learn something about yourself. The full moon is lighting up your efficiency house, which might instigate a crisis with your health or on the job, compelling you to change your modus operandi. This is your once-a-year lunation that provides the perfect excuse to kick a negative habit to the curb once and for all. If you’re pushed to the edge now, think in terms of dropping something to improve your quality of life. A sun-Neptune rendezvous heightens your empathy and intuition, but it can also sap your strength, so rest up if you’re feeling drained.



April 20–May 20

You may bond with a group over a powerful experience and shared beliefs this week when Venus in your network zone gels with Pluto in your expansion sector. A welcome feeling of belonging comes from a higher purpose, so don’t focus on having superficial stuff in common. Mercury is also in sync with Pluto, nudging you to listen to people who can open up your world. Mercury’s spat with Mars might trigger a disagreement involving sharing, sex, jealousy or a power struggle, and defensiveness will be an issue under this influence. Aim for change, not control. Merc and Venus are also vibing with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle, which could help you meet someone through friends or peers who proves to be very beneficial to you down the road. You might also connect with someone from far away or someone who has a lot to teach you. A particular friendship could take off now, or you might just enjoy a fantastic night with another individual when you’re out socializing. If you’ve been wanting to get your squad together with your significant other’s or hang out with your friends or his as a couple, these are the perfect circumstances for intermingling your crews. The full moon in your joy house is capable of bringing a love affair to fruition — meaning a crush could heat up or you could break it off with someone you’ve been dating. You might also complete a creative project or let your feelings out in a big way. The sun’s conjunction with Neptune can make you feel super connected to a group, but it has the potential to blur your individual identity and make you susceptible to peer pressure, so remember you can say no.



May 21–June 20

The strength of a partnership can enable you to succeed this week, thanks to Venus and Mercury in your ambition angle linking up with powerful Pluto. Someone you trust can help you make plans, articulate your goals, do creative work and appeal to higher-ups, so invest in the right relationship. Mercury’s quarrel with Mars in your one-on-one house tempts you to speak too authoritatively to another individual, provoking a conflict. If you’re not on the same page, don’t overreact. Defensiveness is apt to be a problem, and it might be best if you do less talking and more listening. You could easily set someone off by sounding bossy, no matter what your intentions are. Thankfully, your ruling planet and Venus are harmonizing with Jupiter in your efficiency corner, creating a lovely flow. A positive work ethic and enthusiasm for learning new skills will help you shine. You’ll have an easy time getting along with people who are senior to you and will enjoy being productive. Your ability to communicate with and appeal to authority figures could give you more freedom as well, so don’t be afraid to tout your accomplishments. A full moon at the base of your chart might spell a shift in your family or home life that draws your attention away from ambition and forces you to attend to private matters. It challenges you to improve your work/life balance and honor what’s going on inside you or in your living space. You might feel quite moody and need to spend time alone indulging in self-care. When the sun and Neptune coalesce at the peak of your chart, your uncertainty about where you’re headed can disorient you momentarily. But you may get an intuitive flash about your spiritual purpose, so pay attention to those inklings.



June 21–July 22

Avoid preaching about the right way of doing something when Mercury in your perspective corner clashes with Mars in your efficiency house this week. You might be able to motivate people (or yourself) but should try to remain flexible, aiming for productivity, not a specific m.o. A willingness to learn will also come in handy now. Your energy could become scattered, as this transit increases distractions, so take mental breaks and then jump back into action. Venus and Mercury are meshing with Pluto in your one-on-one angle, hinting that sharing a new experience or another learning opportunity can be surprisingly powerful and bring you closer to someone. Those two planets are also in sync with Jupiter in your love-and-happiness zone, further suggesting that education, travel and trying unfamiliar things will be incredibly fulfilling and can even spark romance. This is no time to play it safe! Get out of your routine and have an adventure. Be open to falling for a person who doesn’t meet your usual criteria. Difference has so much more to offer you now than comfort does. By exploring new territory, you’ll also discover another side of yourself. A full moon might generate a development closer to home — possibly involving your sibling or your neighborhood. It can also bring information to light or produce a flurry of interactions. If you feel like you’re being pulled in many directions at once, just deal with a little bit at a time. The sun’s meet-up with Neptune lures you to identify so strongly with a belief, a cause or a philosophy that you’re too easily influenced. Accept that you don’t know everything, and see if you can use this transit to relate to people who aren’t as fortunate as you and be of service.



July 23–August 22

A close relationship could be your central focus this week when planets in your sharing sector gel with planets in your productivity and foundation houses. Working together to bring about a transformation can be quite powerful and bring you closer, so roll your sleeves up and delve into something deep — perhaps a problem in the relationship or a task that will change the lives of others. If something’s not working between you, drill down and find a solution. However, Mercury is sparring with Mars in your love-and-happiness zone, generating friction. You might not see eye to eye when it comes to pursuing personal pleasures versus putting the relationship first. You might desire more room to do your own thing or think someone else is being selfish. Depth and playfulness are at odds now. Since Venus and Mercury are collaborating with Jupiter, your underlying hope for security can facilitate a meeting of the minds and hearts. Intimacy and trust will give you a feeling of inner peace, and if you’re on your own, self-knowledge and self-love can have the same effect. You’ll benefit more from quiet time by yourself or with someone important to you than a big night out, since your personal life is meant to take precedence over your social life now. With a full moon landing in your worth zone, a big cash outlay or payoff is possible, and your spending will be driven by your mood. You’re very aware of your own needs under this lunation, and you may need to juggle to find the right balance of give-and-take. A sun-Neptune summit entices you to merge with another individual or tune into your psyche, but either way, you could feel like boundaries are blurring. Find something simple to anchor you.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet throws down with Mars this week, potentially causing strife at home or in a significant relationship. A conversation can irritate you and lead you to behave childishly, so pay attention to your own mood and motives rather than focusing on what someone else is saying or doing to set you off. Your reflex may be to get defensive, but that’s not a useful strategy. Fortunately, Venus and Mercury in your one-on-one angle are syncing up with Pluto, giving you opportunities to express powerful emotions and connect with another individual on a deep level. Both of those planets are also in cahoots with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner, convincing you to keep an open mind, stay positive, speak freely and be willing to learn. You can have a big, enlightening convo or possibly take a trip with a companion. This week’s full moon falls in your sign, bringing out all the feels and pushing you to ask for what you need. Put yourself first without infringing on anyone else’s rights, and find a healthy outlet for strong emotions. Full moons are associated with endings, making this a great chance to release something — or someone — from your life that’s no longer good for you. What’s pushing you over the brink? Maybe it’s time for it to go. A sun-Neptune rendezvous in your one-on-one angle can make it difficult for you to see yourself from someone else’s point of view or understand your role in a relationship. You might feel like you’re losing yourself in a relationship or sacrificing too much for it. If another person is draining or overshadowing you, take a step back to regain your strength and sense of self.



September 23–October 22

This week’s Mercury-Mars dustup could make it hard for you to align your thoughts and actions. Your thinking is detailed and methodical, and you’re inclined to plan carefully. At the same time, you’re feeling a bit impulsive and may be tempted to argue for your ideas or switch gears quickly. The real danger is that your views will be overly critical, and you’ll voice them too sharply. Listen to your tone, and remember that everyone is doing their best, even if they’re not doing things quite how you think they should. Venus and Mercury are clicking with Pluto in your foundation angle, coaxing you to work on your relationship with a family member or get to the bottom of an issue in your home life. Those two planets are also in sync with Jupiter in your worth house, suggesting that both intellectual work and creative work can reap financial rewards. A positive attitude about what you’re doing and an ability to get along well with your colleagues will make you feel good and enhance your capacity to provide for yourself. Savvy planning can also help you to make the most of your resources and attain what’s important to you. With a full moon rising in your subliminal corner, secrets might be revealed and emotions you’ve stuffed down inside you may bubble to the surface. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches, and retreat from the world for a bit so you can rest and reflect. When the sun and Neptune get together in the opposite house, you could be willing to give up a lot in order to be of service. Work that demands personal sacrifice will be spiritually satisfying, but you also need to take good care of your body to prevent burnout.


October 23–November 21

When Venus and Mercury vibe with Pluto this week, enjoying life and expressing your personality will have a powerful effect on your mindset. Creativity, fun and love will feel intense and can help you discover deeper truths. These transits might inspire you to bare your soul to someone, but since Mercury is fighting with Mars, you may have an impulse to proceed more conservatively to protect yourself. It may seem like you can’t say what you feel and also get what you need. Lucky for you, both Venus and Mercury are perfectly in sync with Jupiter in Scorpio, indicating that leading with your heart will help you grow. Don’t hide who you are or what you have to offer. Make your personal pleasure top priority. You deserve to be happy and loved! The universe wants you to be all that you can be. Focusing on your own growth isn’t selfish. The world would be richer if we were all striving to fulfill our potential and live well-rounded lives. It’s time to explore new possibilities when it comes to what — and who — brings you joy. On the flip side, a full moon in your network sector reminds you to be there for your friends when they need you. You might feel extra social now or play a big role in a group. You could also cut ties with one if you no longer share the same interests, goals or ideals. A sun-Neptune meet-up lures you to get lost in escapist pleasures, so be careful not to overdo it. In a love affair, resist the idea that someone is your salvation or you theirs. Melding with the object of your affection seems like bliss, but in the end, you need to retain your own identity.



November 22–December 21

Mars in Sagittarius scuffles with Mercury this week, which could create tension in your home life and make you feel challenged. A parent or roommate may disagree with what you’re doing, and if you’re feeling particularly sensitive to criticism, your defenses may go up. Or you might be coming on strong, and someone else is acting touchy. Even if you have to walk on eggshells, it won’t be for long, so don’t lose patience. Venus and Mercury are teaming up with Pluto in your resources house, encouraging you to stay in and tackle an issue involving finances or possessions. These transits also hint that your inner strength will be your best asset and you have the power to change the way you relate to a family member or housemate. Since Venus and Merc are cooperating with your ruling planet, an uplifting feeling of peace and security is within your grasp. The pleasures of home, self-care and quality time with family (or people who feel like family) will be major mood boosters. You might feel uncharacteristically lazy and should allow yourself to enjoy this respite. Reflecting on your backstory and delving into your private thoughts and feelings can make you much more self-aware and help you understand what brought you to this point in your life. Facing things inside you and in the past will ultimately bring you comfort. This week’s full moon pulls you back into the outer world, bringing a goal to fruition, triggering drama with higher-ups or pushing you into the spotlight and calling on you to perform. It may be time to promote yourself or shift direction in your career. The sun’s meeting with Neptune draws you into memories or emotions, and you might idealize things. Alone time is key with this transit.



December 22–January 19

Thanks to Pluto in Capricorn making music with Venus and Mercury this week, you should be able to connect with people in a way that resonates deeply. If the changes you’ve been going through have made you feel like you’re stuck in your own head, this is a chance to bridge the gap between you and others and feel understood. Pluto can shroud you in mystery, but your interactions will allow people to see the person you’re becoming. With Mercury and Mars locked in battle, though, you’re in danger of undermining yourself with unconscious behavior. Facing feelings that bother you makes it harder for them to call the shots. Someone might say something that triggers buried anger, and the more aware you are of your emotions, the less likely you are to fly off the handle. Since Venus and Mercury are joining forces with Jupiter, you’ll thrive on being around a lot of people and expanding your circle of acquaintances. Don’t limit yourself to hanging out with a small crew you know well. Make a point of mingling with people you can learn from. Group discussions will open your mind, and endeavors that aim to make the world a better place are bound to be enjoyable and fruitful. The full moon spurs you to be more adventurous, and something involving travel, education, publishing, religion or the law could reach a climax. This is the year’s best lunation for dropping a belief that limits your growth, so identify one and banish it for good. A sun-Neptune confab may cause you to read someone’s mind, but it can also make it difficult for you to separate your thoughts from those of others. You could wind up feeling gullible or confused. Nonlinear thinking can uncover spiritual truths, so let yourself drift.



January 20–February 18

You’ll feel better about yourself and be able to see everything you have going for you when you process the heavy stuff swirling around in your psyche. Venus and Mercury are vibing with intense Pluto this week, nudging you to probe into dark corners and deal with what you find there. You may be holding onto the wrong things or people and not making space for what’s truly good for you. This would be an excellent time for purging what no longer serves you and concentrating on your core needs and desires. Since Mercury is feuding with Mars, you may have a dispute with a group over money and other resources, or thinking about your own interests could make it harder for you to be a team player. You’re liable to provoke people if you dig in your heels. Luckily, both Venus and Mercury are forming alliances with Jupiter in your achievement angle, inspiring you to draw in what you want by making career progress. Evaluate your talents and think about how much money you need to be bringing in, then set ambitious goals that will enable you to be secure and prosperous. A positive self-image will help you project confidence around higher-ups, and you may pull off a pitch for a promotion or raise. A full moon in your depth-and-sharing sector pushes you to settle a debt, turn a corner in a healing process, support someone close to you or navigate a turning point in an important relationship. A sexual bond could heat up or fizzle out now. The sun’s rendezvous with Neptune might exacerbate your fear of not having enough and not being enough. You are not your possessions or your bank balance; they don’t define you. Focus on your highest values, and don’t take unnecessary risks.

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Thank you for this week’s horoscope. Seems like I need some quiet quality time!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this, thanks! x