Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 30–February 5

Preparing you for the week ahead…  

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January 20–February 18

When Mercury is hiding out in your subliminal corner, there’s always a chance that you’ll keep secrets or say something you didn’t mean to. This week, Merc quarrels with unpredictable Uranus and excessive Jupiter, so your mind and your mouth could play tricks on you. Intuitive flashes will be a plus, but scattered speech and ill-conceived exaggeration are potential problems. Your mind is gravitating to the past and the future, making it difficult to stay in the moment. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches, and make note of useful insights. With Venus entering your thinking-and-talking house, you’ll enjoy pleasant thoughts and interactions, and you’re encouraged to take in whatever love and beauty you come across in your daily life. However, Jupiter’s retrograde turn might dim your hopes slightly. Your perspective has been expanding, and it’s time to pause and review what you’ve learned and what you believe. If you have a sense of where you’re headed, it’s probably starting to dawn on you that you won’t get there overnight. You’re in a phase of broadening your horizons, but taking your foot off the gas will allow you to assess which paths mean the most to you.



February 19–March 20

With Mercury in your network zone battling Uranus in your worth house and Jupiter in your sharing sector this week, you might not see eye to eye with friends or a group. Shifts in your self-esteem or shaky finances can affect your ability to get on the same page with people, and a disagreement over values, money or possessions is possible. Your anticipation of what a particular individual will give you could be disproportionate. Communication will go more smoothly if you’re prepared to be flexible. Venus is moving into your worth house also, spotlighting your personal desires and possibly making your tastes more lavish for the next few weeks. As Jupiter goes retrograde, consider the outside resources (such as a loan, grant, inheritance, tax refund or partner’s income) you’ve been pinning your hopes on and be willing to modify your expectations—perhaps until summer. And if you’re trying to recover from a loss or crisis, transform a psychological issue or learn to trust enough to share yourself with someone, you might need to slow down and look at how far you’ve come. Meaningful change takes time.



March 21–April 19

As it crosses over the top of your chart, Mercury is emphasizing career planning, your formulation of goals and your communication with higher-ups. Merc’s skirmish with Uranus in Aries this week can cause such matters of cognition and communication to go awry if you become too impatient. You might need to keep your impulses in check when speaking to your boss or making an important decision. However, quick and original thinking may prove to be an asset. Mercury is also sparring with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle, hinting that you could take an authoritative tone that sounds over-the-top to someone. But your motivation to figure out where a relationship is headed might spur an enlightening dialogue. Jupiter is going retrograde for four months, prompting you to evaluate relationship expectations and growth. You might need to ask yourself if you’re placing too much emphasis on what someone is bringing to the table. If a relationship is moving very fast, take it slower and give each other more freedom. With Venus dancing into Aries, you’ll start to feel more sociable, attractive and agreeable—and you can easily make a favorable impression in the next few weeks.



April 20–May 20

You’re broadening your mind while Mercury transits your exploration corner, but it’s squabbles with Uranus in your subliminal zone and Jupiter in your efficiency sector this week could throw you for a loop. If you’re traveling, your itinerary may change unexpectedly, requiring you to think on your feet. And if you’re speaking your mind, be careful not to overstate your case or to lose your train of thought. Pay attention to flashes of insight bubbling up from your subconscious because they can add to your understanding. And also allow the knowledge you’ve gained from work experience to enhance your perspective. With Jupiter turning retrograde for the next four months, strive to zero in on an inner source of faith that assures you you’ll end up in the vocation that was meant for you. Your schedule, workload and to-do list may finally ease up, giving your days more breathing room. As Venus slips into the last house of your chart, you’ll begin to feel less social. You might take care of a loved one, get involved in a very private relationship or enjoy a few weeks of peaceful solitude.


May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet is tucked away in your depth zone, encouraging you to confide in someone you trust, delve into intensive mental work such as a research project or investigation and probe your psyche to gain a richer understanding of your complexities. Mercury’s dispute with Uranus in your network house this week suggests difficulties with secrets and trust involving a group, and negotiations are bound to be tricky. Merc’s fight with Jupiter in your love-and-happiness sector hints that communication in a close relationship will be influenced by your romantic expectations or your confident individuality, and you might open up and say what’s inside you. As Venus dances into your network house, your desire to be around a lot of people will grow, and your friendships will possess added warmth. The next few weeks favor socializing and other group activities and gatherings. Jupiter’s four-month retrograde phase could prompt you to narrow your options in your love life, put a creative project on hold or slow down and contemplate what makes your heart sing if you’ve been saying yes to anything and everything that sounds fun.


June 21–July 22

With Mercury in your one-on-one angle, you’re keeping the lines of communications open and will benefit from all sorts of conversation and consultation with other individuals. When Mercury spars with Uranus at the top of your chart this week, a particular exchange could veer off in an unexpected direction, or a discussion with someone may need to adapt to a changing system. You might balk at someone having authority over you and express your urge to break free from restrictions. Mercury’s battle with Jupiter at the bottom of your chart could bring about a highly emotional dialogue or a convo with an opinionated family member. As Jupiter travels retrograde over the next four months, it may seem like your family is less actively supportive, progress on a domestic matter is slowing or your inner confidence is waning. You might be less enthused about putting down roots or enjoying the comforts of home. And with Venus crossing into your ambition angle, you’ll be more interested in making a good impression out in the world. This is a favorable period for dazzling your boss, boosting your public image and doing creative work that earns you accolades.


July 23–August 22

Although Mercury’s presence in your efficiency corner is improving your ability to think critically and encouraging you to focus on intellectual work, its disagreement with Uranus this week may distract you. Rather than worrying about losing your concentration, follow the tangents in your head and allow them to expand your awareness. Unorthodox ideas can stimulate your brain and keep you interested in whatever you’re puzzling over. Mercury is also fending off Jupiter, causing you to think big when you’re trying to pay attention to details, and you might struggle to find middle ground between sweeping idealism and narrow logic. Be mindful of how you speak to colleagues, as communication on the job is likely to suffer. Jupiter is going retrograde for the next four months, subduing the busyness in your brain and your daily life and giving you an opportunity to process what you’ve taken in. It also happens to be a good time to revise a writing project. Venus’s arrival in your exploration corner coaxes you to seek love and beauty outside your usual boundaries, perhaps by dating someone who’s not your type or enjoying a cultural experience that opens your mind.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet is skipping through your love-and-happiness sector, bringing levity to your thoughts and speech and helping you to express your personality, creativity and sense of humor. Mercury’s squabble with Uranus in your sharing sector this week could complicate communication in a close relationship, though. For instance, you might express what’s in your heart and receive an unexpected or chilly response. It’s also possible that you’ll become impatient with obligations in a partnership. And Mercury’s fight with Jupiter in your worth house implies that overconfidence could lead you to say too much or overestimation of your resources or assets could lead you to exaggerate. But quick, flexible, innovative thinking can give you pleasure now. And with Venus moving into your sharing sector, you’ll enjoy closeness with individuals you care about in the coming weeks, and you may find yourself craving an intense emotional bond with someone. Jupiter’s retrograde phase could slow financial growth in the next four months, and it would be a good idea to evaluate how well you’re managing your resources. Strive to clarify your personal values and to augment your income in accordance with your sense of purpose.


September 23–October 22

Mercury is at the bottom of your chart and fending off Uranus in your one-on-one angle and Jupiter in Libra this week. His battles will probably have an impact on your communication with family and/or roommates, and your emotions are bound to color your words, so pay close attention to what you’re feeling. If you find yourself arguing without understanding exactly why, tuning into what’s going on inside you can help. You might be torn between accommodating other people and focusing on your personal progress. Venus’s arrival in your relationship house will bring out your Libran willingness to compromise, and you’ll have a fairly easy time getting along with others in the next few weeks. At the same time, Jupiter is turning retrograde until June, slowing your momentum and possibly causing your enthusiasm to wane a bit. Your growth hasn’t truly stalled, though. This is a phase for turning inward and seeking your own counsel. Reassess what you’re after, reevaluate which aspirations resonate most deeply with you and adjust your perspective and your timetable. Of everything you’ve said yes to lately, what are you most interested in continuing to pursue? Remind yourself that growth is a journey, not a destination.


October 23–November 21

As Mercury in your cognition-and-communication house fights with Uranus in your efficiency corner this week, your thinking will need to adapt to changing circumstances. You might have an unexpected disagreement with coworkers, but adjusting your attitude and your approach will be to your benefit. Welcome new opportunities, and don’t be rigid about your job description, your schedule or your modus operandi. Be willing to learn different skills and techniques. Mercury is also squabbling with Jupiter in your subliminal zone, hinting that unconscious hopes will influence your perceptions and your speech. Knowing that we are all connected can have a positive effect on your interactions. With Venus segueing into your efficiency corner, it might be time to work on problems in a relationship, be of service to loved ones or bring more creativity into your work. Jupiter is beginning its four-month retrograde phase, which could bring about a subtle shift in your private aspirations and perhaps cause you to question recent revelations. Examine what you’ve learned about yourself lately and sift through any spiritual truths that have been surfacing from your subconscious so you can judge what all of this means for your future.



November 22–December 21

Your financial judgment may not be as sharp as you’d like this week, due to Mercury in your worth house fending off Uranus and Jupiter. Peer pressure or an urge to have fun could tempt you to blow your budget, and you may want to keep an eye on your impulses and your optimism so they don’t lead you astray. Shuffling your resources or your priorities could allow you to do what you want to do. A disagreement with a group over money, possessions or values is possible, and willingness to see someone else’s side will help. Venus is moving into your joy sector, enhancing your desire to amuse yourself, indulge your creative side and experience romance. With Jupiter going retrograde for the next four months, the expansion of your circle is likely to slow, and you may feel less swept up in new hopes and wishes. It could seem like friends are less forthcoming with their support and people aren’t meeting you halfway like they were. But this is your chance to take a step back and catch your breath. Consider where you’re headed next and who shares your interests and ideals.

December 22–January 19

With Mercury traveling through Capricorn, your mind is active and you’re expressing yourself with flair. But this week, Mercury quibbles with Uranus in your foundation angle, so your thoughts and words will be subject to sudden changes in your mood, and you might end up in a disagreement with a family member or someone you live with. Dealing with disruptive emotions can help to ease your mental tension. Mercury is also battling Jupiter in your achievement angle, which could lead you to overreach when setting goals or to overstate your case to higher-ups. You have a lot going on in your head, and juggling domestic upsets and mood swings with ambitious aspirations isn’t easy. Be prepared to think on your feet now. As Venus changes signs, your desire to spend time at home or with family will increase, and you’ll find peace and quiet extra appealing. Jupiter’s retrograde phase over the next four months calls for you to scale back your ambitions and reevaluate your objectives. Career progress may slow, but if you’ve been aiming too high, this is an opportunity to adjust your expectations and focus on what’s most achievable.

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