Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 9–15

How’s 2017 treating you so far? Read on to see what the stars have in store this week…

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December 22–January 19

Good communication is the key to getting through this week unscathed. The sun in Capricorn is fighting off other planets on all sides, and you could be exposed to friction at home, at work and in your relationships. Do your best to put your ego aside and ride out domestic or familial upsets. Avoid stepping on higher-ups’ toes. Try not to take anything personally. If you need a break, request it diplomatically and escape for some me-time. The full moon in your one-on-one angle could test a relationship, and various issues—including past history and future aspirations—are likely to come up. It’s important to respect other people’s feelings and to express your own considerately. Compromise and negotiation are favored. You could break up with someone or strengthen your commitment, and with Mercury moving into your sign, you’ll have the ability to think clearly and express your intentions coherently. A Venus-Neptune encounter in your thinking-and-talking corner makes this a good time to see the best in people and to convey positive feelings, but be careful not to idealize anyone. Mars is collaborating with Pluto in Capricorn, helping you to assert yourself, but balance self-advocacy with compassion.


January 20–February 18

The sun in your subliminal corner is at odds with Uranus this week, and that clash can have a disruptive influence on your speech, your interactions and your everyday comings-and-goings. You could grow impatient and change your mind or blurt something out unintentionally. The sun’s dispute with Jupiter in your outlook zone implies that reflecting on the past and envisioning the future don’t mesh easily now, and it’s hard for you to stay in the moment. Your mind is restless, but you need peace and quiet to power down and get some closure. Mercury’s arrival in your subliminal corner will stimulate your imagination and intuition and put you in closer touch with your private thoughts and feelings. A Mars-Pluto conference might offer you a chance to get rid of some possessions, and clearing space will have a positive effect on your psyche. A Venus-Neptune alignment in your worth sector prompts you to indulge, and gratifying your senses through nature would be an alternative to a financial splurge. The full moon could bring a job or health crisis that requires your attention or the completion of a work project. This is an opportune time to break a bad habit.


February 19–March 20

Friendship and group relations will be complicated this week, due to the sun in your network sector skirmishing with several other planets. Your personal needs, finances or values may cause you to seek independence from others, as you’ll find it hard to cooperate. An intimate relationship could also create a rift between you and your crew. Or someone might fall short of your expectations and fail to give you what you hope to get in the way of closeness, support or sharing. Fortunately, Mars in Pisces is in sync with Pluto, empowering you to find a way to collaborate effectively. Plus Mercury’s entrance into your network sector will help you use words to build a bridge between you and other people. The full moon in your fulfillment house reminds you to play and express your artistry and passion, and it could bring a love affair to completion. A Venus-Neptune alliance in your sign heightens romance, creativity and compassion, and your magnetism can cast a spell on others. Relating and idealism are commingled in such a way that disillusionment is a potential drawback. But spiritual love, inspired art and transcendent pleasure are all within reach.


March 21–April 19

A need for progress, a drive for freedom or an urge for change could interrupt your quest to achieve your personal goals this week when the sun in your accomplishment angle feuds with Uranus in Aries. You’re likely to grow impatient with the necessity of submitting to authority, working within a system or playing by the rules and may need to temper rashness. The sun is also sparring with Jupiter in your one-on-one zone, suggesting that ambition or bossiness can impact a partnership, and you may be placing exceedingly high expectations on someone. Mars in your seclusion corner is gelling with Pluto, implying that working behind the scenes on your own without expecting accolades will gradually get you somewhere. The full moon could bring about an event or milestone related to home or family, and you’ll probably have to juggle your private and public lives—perhaps facing an ending before focusing fully on the future. A Venus-Neptune alliance in the last house of your chart alludes to selfless love, inspired imagination or romantic reminiscence, and this is a good time to take care of a loved one or let go of an old relationship..


April 20–May 20

It may be difficult to maintain your perspective this week, due to the sun in your outlook sector quarreling with various other planets. You’re inclined to explore new territory—mentally and perhaps literally—but something you haven’t dealt with may come back to bite you and subvert your efforts to broaden your horizons. Subconscious impulses could easily send you off on a tangent, so examine those fleeting thoughts in the back of your head if you can’t understand why you’re feeling scattered. You also have a lot going on in your everyday life that can prevent you from getting out of your routine and diving into new experiences, and you may have an urge to be in two places at once. Teamwork will facilitate adventures and give you a sense of progress. The full moon in your thinking-and-talking corner can inundate you with interactions, information and general busyness, and your brain may be on overload. Don’t try to tackle everything at once. A Venus-Neptune conjunction in your network zone alludes to a natural flow in social relations and group creativity. Express compassion and caring for friends and show sympathy for other living beings, and don’t put people on a pedestal.



May 21–June 20

When the sun in your sharing sector disagrees with Uranus in your network zone this week, intimacy and friendship may not mesh very well. You may need more freedom to enjoy life on your own terms or to see other people. Due to a sun-Jupiter squabble, an unconventional or undefined relationship can cause problems, especially if romantic expectations are high. Fortunately, Mars in your ambition angle is clicking with Pluto in your sharing sector, so working toward a common goal can strengthen a partnership. And with Mercury also moving into your sharing sector, communication becomes the key to closeness. In the next few weeks, confide in someone you trust or examine your psyche in an effort to understand yourself better. The full moon in your worth house could trigger overspending to make yourself feel good. You’ll be very focused on what you have and what you need, but try to balance give and take. A Venus-Neptune meetup at the top of your chart can indicate highly creative work, but it can also mean you admire someone for their status or power and might become disillusioned. Mixing your love life and career would be confusing now.

June 21–July 22

With the sun in your one-on-one angle battling Uranus in your ambition house this week, your personal life and your professional life could clash and you may have trouble compromising. A relationship can take an unexpected turn, and a business partnership is apt to be particularly rocky. If you run into trouble, give each other space to pursue separate goals. A sun-Jupiter skirmish hints that emotional support is important to you in a relationship, and you need to feel comfortable and secure with someone. Family expectations may be at odds with a romantic connection. A shared adventure can strengthen your bond with another individual, and it’s also vital to keep the lines of communication open. Venus and Neptune are coming together in your expansion zone, suggesting that a cultural experience, pleasure trip or loving someone who’s somehow foreign to you can be spiritually valuable. Differences between people are happily blurred now. However, the Cancer full moon is bound to make you extra emotional, and it might seem like it’s you against everybody else. Put your needs first without infringing on anyone else’s. Find a means of escaping from your everyday life; getting away can offer you perspective on your feelings.


July 23–August 22

Thanks to the sun’s presence in your efficiency corner, you have the fortitude to get tons done, but your ruling planet’s struggles with Uranus and Jupiter this week suggest you’ll be easily distracted. You probably have a lot going on in your head, plus you might be overestimating how much you can accomplish. If optimism and practicality seem at odds, seek a happy medium between the two and take a creative approach. An urge for freedom and escape is bound to lure you off-track at some point, so definitely allow yourself breaks. Given that Mars in your sharing sector is collaborating with Pluto in your efficiency corner, working with a partner may boost your productivity. The full moon in your release house signals that you desperately need downtime to decompress, so don’t hesitate to stay home and relax, reflect and catch up on your sleep. A Venus-Neptune rendezvous could indicate very romantic intimacy, but since the line between love and lust is blurred under this influence, a new sex partner is apt to seem like a soulmate. However, feelings of closeness and sharing in an established friendship or relationship can soothe your spirit, so spend quality time with someone you trust.


August 23–September 22

The sun in your joy sector is embroiled in conflicts with a few other planets this week, complicating personal pleasure and self-expression. You’re in the mood to be yourself and have a good time, and you might need more space in a romantic relationship or close friendship in order to march to your own beat now. It’s also possible that exuberant self-confidence or a quest to get your needs met will push you to pursue love and happiness—and perhaps go a bit overboard in the process. But Mars in your one-on-one angle is meshing with Pluto in your joy sector, and this confab hints that shared activity can offer profound fulfillment—so recruit a partner. The full moon in your network zone may spell emotional drama in your circle of friends, and it could even mean cutting ties with a particular pal or organization. Try to master the art of cooperation, factoring group interests into the equation rather than only going after what you desire. A Venus-Neptune meeting alludes to a dreamy encounter or heightening of romance in a partnership. Be careful not to simply see what you want to see in another person, though.


September 23–October 22

You’re in a homebody phase lately, since the sun is nestled at the bottom of your chart, but his battles with Uranus in your one-on-one angle and Jupiter in Libra probably mean that peace and quiet will be harder to come by than you’d like. Another individual could interrupt your nesting, or you might be in a pensive mood and need a break from others in order to reset your inner compass. Also, part of you may feel like staying in, while another part is experiencing serious wanderlust. And it’s quite likely that the past is exerting a subtle hold over you, while your higher self is striving to grow and create a bigger and better future. Don’t clip your wings out of fear. With Mercury segueing into your emotions zone, tune into your innermost thoughts and try to understand how your backstory colors the present. A full moon in your ambition sector could nudge you into the spotlight, so be ready to perform well. A goal might come to fruition, or your career path might shift. Venus’s meetup with Neptune hints at extremely creative work, a selfless act of service or making the connection between physical and spiritual wellbeing.



October 23–November 21

You might feel a bit frazzled this week because the sun in your cognition-and-communication house will be fending off a few other planets, busying your brain and muddling your interactions. Be ready to adapt to changing circumstances; the more flexible you are, the better you’ll be able to handle the inevitable bumps in the road. A willingness to change your mind and change your approach will work in your favor. When you get restless, a mental break, spiritual practice or quick getaway could be just what you need. Think twice before you speak, as you could tend to exaggerate, pontificate or equivocate now. Mars and Pluto—your co-ruling planets—are syncing up, empowering you to take a risk and go after what you want. So choose to believe that you can attain your heart’s desire when you put your mind to it. Plus Venus and Neptune are joining forces in your love-and-happiness zone—a recipe for dreamy romance, transcendent pleasure, inspired creativity and emotionally fulfilling relationships. The full moon offers a perfect excuse to expand your outlook, take a leap of faith and let go of a belief that’s limiting the possibilities for your future.


November 22–December 21

With the sun in your worth sector battling Uranus in your joy zone this week, you run the risk of splurging on something you think will make you happy. Keep that impulse in check if you’re trying to stick to a budget. An urge to amuse yourself or a new love affair could steer you away from your core values or destabilize you. The sun is also squabbling with Jupiter in your network house, so your focus on personal needs and priorities may conflict with group interests. You could expect more than you’re getting from people, or you may currently lack the resources to attain your ideal wish. A Mars-Pluto collaboration encourages you to turn your attention to what you already own and work on purging, repurposing, recycling and donating some things. The full moon calls for you to honor the needs of others, and it may bring an emotional climax in a close relationship. Settling a debt and lending support to someone are other possibilities. A Venus-Neptune convergence at the bottom of your chart hints at romance behind closed doors, hosting a party, enjoying time with family or housemates and indulging in the pleasures of home.

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