#FPPicks: Sweatshirts

Take a look at what we’re loving this week…

Sweatshirts. Perhaps the most trustworthy item you can own. Comfortable, fuss-free and warm, sweatshirts are like the home-cooked meal of your closet. Just think about your favorite right now. Though it may be worn down, torn or stained, it’s yours, deeply personal and always perfect once you slip it on.

This week we are giving a shout-out to these trusty sidekicks, with our new styles boasting cropped silhouettes, hoods, stripes, length, zippers and prints. These sweatshirts offer up effortless style, while being undeniably soft and cozy.

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I love the white hoodie!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Diana Free

She’s such a gorgeous model

Wonderful photo shots. Thanks for sharing it.

Beautiful pics, love that striped oversized hoodie!



Perfect photos!

Gorgeous model, and beautiful Sweatshirts plus great compilation and photography.

I can’t get over the first hoodie!! So cute!


Great passionate and fashion dependent dressing sense.

Amazing Photo Shots…Thanks For Sharing

Beautifull model , Awesome collection of sweatshirt & photos…… keep sharing……

Hi, Wonderful post..// I like your blog… Beautiful photos..//Thanks for sharing the information keep sharing..!!