The 7 Best Botanical Mists for Summer

Because when it’s hot outside you can’t beat spritzing on your skincare…

The best part about long summer weekends is that you can pack light—airy dresses, breezy swimsuits, a thin cardi and you’re done. That same thinking can also apply to your beauty haul. Leave behind the clunky creams, bulky oils and complicated cleansing routine for a moment and just rely on a few multi-tasking face mists. The latest formulas seal in moisture, tone down redness, set your makeup and feel amazing on a hot day. Here’s how to find your perfect, one-and-done match.

For All-Over Hydration: 

This hardworking mist is infused with organic rose extract and aloe vera and is gentle enough to be used pretty much anywhere—on your face, body and even hair. Just FYI, it’s a tiny bit over the 3-ounce TSA limit (like a few other picks on this list) so you’ll have to check your bag or reserve this bottle for trips that don’t involve airports. Miss Violet Lace Rose Water Floral Facial Mist, $26.

For an Aromatherapy Fix: 

This interesting hybrid mist combines antioxidant-rich organic fruit acids to soothe and refine your skin plus essential oils to deliver “aromatherapeutic” healing for your mind and body. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist, $22.

For Calming Inflamed Skin:

The type of water that’s used in your skincare items really matters. This mist is made with Norwegian thermal mineral water, which boasts anti-inflammatory properties, and can help bring down swelling and irritation. If your skin is super reactive, consider this your first aid. Maya Water Facial Mist, $29.

For Setting and Refreshing Your Makeup:

This botanical mist is packed with energizing plants (peppermint, green tea, cucumber) that help lock moisture into your skin so your makeup stays put for hours. Spritz on as the last step in your routine. Seven Seven Cosmetics Natural Glow Finishing Mist, $25.

For Waking Up Sluggish Skin: 

Sometimes your face just looks blah—tired, dull and creased. That’s when you roll out of bed and reach for this toning mist. The formula is spiked with bioactive ingredients—think grape, rose geranium and other nourishing botanicals—for a supercharged boost. Biodara Immortal Mist, $39.

For Crystal Healing on The Go:

Want to change your energy—and your complexion? This balancing body mist contains crystal, flower essences and essential oils that are designed to bring your spirit and skin into alignment. Shemana Crystal Clear Mist, $28,

For Post-Sun Self-Care:

After a long day in the hot, blistering sun your skin needs some intensive soothing. Try this cooling, full-body toner made with reparative aloe, rose water and hempseed oil. Mist on generously after the beach or a shower, and let the scent lull you to sleep. Ebb & Flow Run for the Roses After Sun Mist, $28.


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I love using mists. They’re so appropriate for the hot, sticky weather here in Hong Kong, especially this season!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

my favorite mist is poppy somedays gypsy rose! so good.