Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 8–14

What do the stars have in store for you this week?

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April 20–May 20

The sun in Taurus forms an alliance with Pluto in your exploration zone this week, giving you a push out of your comfort zone and into the big wide world. Any experience of newness—whether with a person, place or thing—is likely to be powerful, and it may even change you in a lasting way. If you want to grow, the familiar is verboten. You can also learn from your own subconscious, since Mercury in your subliminal corner is linked with eye-opening Uranus and schooled Saturn. Pay close attention to your dreams and face what’s going on in the back of your head with objectivity and acceptance. Plumb the depths of your psyche for buried wisdom. These transits want you to come to terms with yourself and with your past. The full moon rises in your others angle, which could bring about a turning point in a relationship and cause emotions to run high among the people you encounter. You might opt to evaluate your connections and ask yourself if there are shared ideals, mutual support, potential for growth and a truly organic bond between you. This is a good time to consider taking things to the next level or parting ways amicably. Mars in your worth sector is at odds with Neptune, so your friends may not agree with how you’re handling your money or possessions or acting on your priorities, and you could feel confused or even deceived. But Mars is playing nice with Jupiter, enabling you to use your resources well and get tons done. You can acquire new skills by jumping in with confidence and making the most of your talents. A strong work ethic will do wonders for you.


May 21–June 20

With Mercury—your ruling planet—skipping through your network zone and meeting up with Uranus there this week, spur-of-the-moment interactions with friends will be extra stimulating and group brainstorming can generate original ideas. Avoid jumping to conclusions about people, though. Merc is also vibing with Saturn in your one-on-one angle, setting the stage for a serious conversation with another individual. If you had a misunderstanding with someone during the recent Mercury retrograde, this planetary confab makes it easier to hash out your differences and repair the damage. A full moon in your efficiency corner offers the perfect excuse to kick a bad habit or drop something from your schedule. A work project might come to fruition, but you may also need to watch out for emotional meltdowns on the job. A health crisis can put you on notice, signaling that it’s time to ease up and take better care of yourself. If you’re not content with your job or everyday life, contemplate how you can devote more time to work that fulfills you deeply and makes your soul sing. With Mars in your sign going up against Neptune in your ambition house, you’re driven to pursue your agenda, but you’re still unsure about where all your efforts are going to get you. Don’t let authority or bureaucracy discourage you, and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re on the wrong course. Evaluate whether your actions are advancing your dream as you define it. A Mars-Jupiter collaboration gives you the courage to go all out in expressing yourself, enjoying life, showing off your creative side and pursuing what—or whom—you love.


June 21–July 22

Don’t fly solo this week because the sun-Pluto conference in your network and partnership houses can help you to forge a powerful connection. You need to let people know who you truly are in order to have meaningful relationships. If you meet someone new, he or she is liable to make a strong impression on you—and it’s also quite possible that you’ll deepen an already existing bond. If a friendship changes now, it’s almost certainly for the best. When Mercury and Uranus meet up at the top of your chart, your mind may jump from one idea to another, especially when you’re thinking about goals or speaking to authority figures. You might run with something new in your head and balk at answering to another person. But Mercury is also joining forces with Saturn in your productivity corner, helping you to back up your talk with solid work and a sharp critical faculty. With Mars hiding out in the last house of your chart, you should be willing to work behind the scenes without a lot of commendation. A Mars-Neptune squabble suggests that a yearning to escape could lure you off track, and you may find a change of scene will replenish your inspiration. Examine your behavior and consider possible subconscious motives rooted in your belief system. A Mars-Jupiter summit favors bold self-confrontation that enhances your understanding of yourself. You should also be able to accomplish a great deal around the house during this transit. The full moon, however, gives you permission to also get out and play. Indulge your inner child, creative streak, wanderlust or romantic side at some point during the week.


July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet is shining at the top of your chart and harmonizing with Pluto in your productivity corner this week, which bodes well for your ability to prove yourself in your profession or in public. You’re focused on goals and capable of shouldering a lot of responsibility with composure and confidence now. Seek to align your heightened ambition with the gradual evolution of your job situation or day-to-day life, factoring in what you want to be known for and what you’re good at. The full moon at the bottom of your chart nudges you to strike a balance between your outer life and your inner life, and it may use a domestic or family matter to get your attention. Spending time alone to process private emotions will be cathartic. On the other hand, with Mercury and Uranus coming together in your expansion zone, you’re inclined to take a trip, learn something new and shift your perspective. Opening your mind to the new and unfamiliar will feel exciting. And since Merc is also gelling with Saturn, a planned adventure should go well—plus you’ll find it fairly easy to express your views and creativity with an effective combination of self-assurance and knowledgeability. Most importantly, in the process of learning more about life and the world, you’ll learn about yourself. Mars and Neptune are quarreling in your group and closeness houses, implying that friendship and intimacy will be a confusing mix. Trying to coordinate your agenda with that of someone else could leave you bewildered. But a Mars-Jupiter connection encourages you to actively network with a wide range of people. You’ll have no trouble making advantageous contacts.


August 23–September 22

This week’s Mercury-Uranus rendezvous takes place in your depth sector, which could mean a few different things. You might have a surprising conversation with someone close to you, uncover a secret or make a breakthrough in your psyche or in an investigation. In any case, revelations are fairly likely. Your ruler is also vibing with Saturn in your foundation angle, reinforcing the theme that probing beneath the surface will be worth it. Introspection can enable you to come to grips with the past; talking to a family member can settle matters; and confiding in someone you trust will help you sort out your emotions. Meanwhile, the sun in your exploration zone is clicking with Pluto in your joy house, underscoring the value of getting beyond the familiar and exposing yourself to new people, places, ideas and experiences. Personal growth and profound pleasure go hand-in-hand now. The full moon could bring new information to light or trigger a development involving a sibling or your community, and a flurry of communication or activity in your surroundings might overwhelm you. Your words will carry a lot of feeling, and you may be moved to pour your heart out to someone, particularly since this lunation is connected with romantic Neptune and intense Pluto. Mars is arguing with Neptune, hinting that you feel like someone isn’t supporting your ambition and is perhaps even causing you to doubt yourself. If you know where you’re headed, stay the course. Mars is gelling with Jupiter in your worth house, meaning your efforts are apt to pay off financially, boost your confidence or make you more hopeful about being able to take care of your own needs.


September 23–October 22

Thanks to a sun-Pluto hookup in your depth and feelings zones this week, an intimate encounter is likely to evoke powerful emotions, while shining a light on something in your psyche can facilitate profound transformation. Your relationship with a parent could shift perceptibly if you have a heart-to-heart, and delving into the past or your family history can change your feelings for the better. Mercury’s meeting with Uranus in your one-on-one angle will rev up your encounters with other individuals, and someone could be the bearer of startling news. You never know what people will say under this transit, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Another strong possibility is that you’ll run into a person quite unexpectedly. Merc is teaming up with Saturn in your cognition-and-communication house, paving the way for a serious conversation if there’s something on your mind. Do engage in dialogue because it will help you to make sense of your thoughts. Watch your spending when a full moon lands in your worth sector, intertwining your mood and your material needs. Thankfully, the moon is forming a beneficial angle with Neptune in your productivity corner, which suggests an influx of income tied to creative work. Decluttering your workspace would be a good use of this transit. Mars isn’t getting along with Neptune, so your drive to broaden your horizons and fight for what you believe in could be slowed if you’re not feeling well; you need to do something for others; or you’re unclear on details. Luckily, Mars is forming a partnership with Jupiter in Libra, so learning experiences are within reach. Standing up for what’s right, exploring new places and expanding your mind will all stimulate personal growth.


October 23–November 21

Due to the sun and Pluto syncing this week, you might get into an intense discussion, change your mind about a person, express yourself with significant force and make a big impression on others. And someone could have a very strong impact on your thinking as well. A Mercury-Uranus meetup in your productivity corner invites you to take a different mental approach to a task, problem or time management, and it also encourages innovative thinking on the job. Try not to make quick assumptions about colleagues—or your health—or criticize others before stopping to consider what you’re saying. Mercury’s link with Saturn favors detailed financial planning and a thorough inventory of your assets and resources, including your natural talents and acquired skills. Aim to figure out how to align your work with your core values and how to improve your security along the way. The Scorpio full moon is bound to make you more conscious of your needs and could bring out very strong emotions in you. Put yourself first without infringing on anyone else’s rights. Ponder what (or who) in your life is past its expiration date. This lunation symbolizes a healthy letting go. Its ties to Pluto and Neptune can help you to express what you’re feeling, so don’t silence yourself. A Mars-Neptune feud makes sex and love an even more complicated mix than usual, and you could notice a disconnect between your romantic ideals and the effort required to make a relationship work. And fyi, this planetary argument means you should steer clear of financial gambles. A Mars-Jupiter alliance suggests being brave enough to get close to someone or to confront something in your psyche will allow you to understand yourself better and will also promote universal empathy.


November 22–December 21

With the sun in your productivity corner, you’re determined to get things done, and his conference with Pluto in your worth house this week hints that your hard work can generate a shift in your finances or your self-esteem. The power of your priorities can fuel you to make significant headway now. A Mercury-Uranus rendezvous is likely to bring out your sense of humor and your creativity, and if you’re enjoying reading or writing, the time will fly by. You might blurt out your feelings impulsively or take a spontaneous trip. Any pleasurable mental exercise or creative writing will be helped along by Merc’s connection with Saturn in Sagittarius. Clever ideas should come to you quickly, and you’ll have the patience to organize them. This would be a good time to hatch a plan for future fun or have a substantial conversation with someone you care about. Mars in your one-on-one angle is tussling with Neptune, though, so an interpersonal conflict is apt to involve confusing emotions and could make you feel insecure or uncomfortable. In addition, your home life might be draining, and you could get into a disagreement over a domestic issue or taking care of a family member. Thankfully, Mars is harmonizing with Jupiter in your network sector, favoring teamwork, socializing and shared adventures. If you’re going through relationship trouble, you can lean on your friends for support and wisdom, and they’ll come through for you. The full moon may trigger a need to be alone to catch up on your sleep, unwind, daydream and reflect. Releasing something from the past will be a relief, so let it go.


December 22–January 19

Pluto in Capricorn forms a major connection with the sun in your fulfillment house this week, giving you permission to show the world the real you. Don’t hide your light; express your whole self without apology. Pleasurable experiences can change you, so get out and enjoy life. Love is likely to be felt very deeply, and revealing the person you’re becoming could attract someone who’s right for you. The full moon in your humanity zone is also vibing with Pluto, and this might entail being there for a friend who’s in crisis. A link with Neptune suggests you’ll be able to feel—and convey—empathy for others in need, so don’t hesitate to be supportive. If a group is no longer a natural fit for you, though, this is a good time to walk away. A Mercury-Uranus rendezvous at the bottom of your chart might signify unexpected communication with family or roomies or a burst of insight into your private emotions, childhood or roots. And Merc’s partnership with Saturn—your ruler—encourages you to reflect on the past and listen to the wise voice in your head telling you to close a certain chapter of your life with no regrets or guilt and move on. Mars and Neptune aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, so although you’re driven to accomplish a ton, daydreams could lure you off-track or you might have a hard time conceptualizing exactly how you’ll attack certain tasks or problems. The Mars-Jupiter confab will reward your hard work with greater recognition or responsibility. You’ll have the energy to get a lot done and should note that a willingness to learn and to be of service will serve you very well.


January 20–February 18

Uranus is convening with Mercury this week, prompting quick trips, interesting conversations, brilliant brainstorms and lots of ad-libbing. The fast pace could generate nervous energy or hasty assumptions, so take a breath and count to 10 before you say something out of left field. Merc is teaming up with Saturn in your network house, enabling you to bounce ideas off people and get constructive feedback, and you can also network very effectively. If you need to have an important conversation with a friend, this transit gives you the green light. The sun is nestled at the bottom of your chart and syncing up with Pluto, implying that introspection and reflection on the past are powerful tools for achieving psychological transformation, so seek peace and quiet to look back and look within. Carve out alone time to tap into your deepest emotions and create a shift. If you’re tempted to skim the surface of your subconscious and take short cuts to meaningful, healing change, remind yourself how strong you are. The full moon draws your attention to your outer life and could spell a change in your career path or life direction or bring drama with authority figures. Self-promotion is favored, particularly if you capitalize on your range of talents—and perhaps factor in your spiritual values as well. And be willing to bring a hidden side of yourself out; it can work for you now! A Mars-Neptune skirmish hints that iffy funds or confidence can mess with your pursuit of love, fun or fulfillment, but Mars’s connection with Jupiter pushes you to go for it. Taking a risk to expand your horizons will pay off, so don’t play it safe; go out on a limb!


February 19–March 20

This week’s full moon is in cahoots with Neptune, and it falls in your perspective zone, signaling that a change of outlook may be just what you need. Explore your beliefs—including subconscious ones you absorbed growing up—and look at how they influence your self-identity and the image you project. Now is the time to water positive beliefs to grow a total self-affirming philosophy and cull negative ones that keep you from becoming the person you were meant to be. Your mind and soul are closely tied now, so learning and spiritual fulfillment are, too. You might complete a course of study or publishing endeavor or let your wanderlust inspire an adventure. A sun-Pluto summit nudges you to network, express yourself to a group and reach out to friends who have your back. Mercury’s meetup with Uranus could trigger quick decisions and perceptions involving money, possessions or priorities, so while this is one of those weeks to watch out for impulse splurges, you might suddenly figure out a financial problem or finally choose to get rid of something you don’t want. Merc’s alliance with Saturn lays the groundwork for you to ask for a promotion, get your business plan together or plot your career path. You can also get a lot done at home, given that mobilizing Mars is surging through your foundation angle, but his spat with Neptune hints that a conflict with family or someone you live with could take the wind out of your sails. Try to understand your underlying motivations and how your behavior might be sending unintended signals. A Mars-Jupiter tête-à-tête tells you that unearthing buried anger can lead to greater self-awareness. And intimacy in the privacy of your home is also favored!


March 21–April 19

When Mercury aligns with Uranus this week, your brain may go into overdrive, bringing lightning-fast revelations and outside-the-box ideas—along with some nervous energy. Your communication could also speed up, resulting in hasty words or unexpected interactions. Try to relax if you get too wound up. Luckily, Merc is also allying itself with Saturn, preventing you from getting ahead of yourself. Test your insights against what you’ve already learned, trying to incorporate experimental thinking with know-how and convention to get the best out of exhilarating originality and established systems. Shape your vision of the future, fitting new pieces into the big picture. A sun-Pluto conference indicates that you’re able to use the resources you have—including your talents and confidence—to continue your gradual progress in a different career (or life) direction. You can make a strong impression on authority figures, especially if you’re clear on what you have going for you and what’s most important to you. The full moon coaxes you to also consider the needs of people close to you and strive to get better at navigating the complexities of give-and-take. This lunation’s links with Neptune and Pluto imply that the transformation of something within yourself or within a close relationship will work in tandem with embracing the spiritual dimension of your life; releasing the past; trusting your intuition; accepting that some changes won’t happen overnight; and empowering yourself to achieve your goals. Your ruler is quibbling with Neptune, so your proactive mindset might be hampered by lingering uncertainty. But a Mars-Jupiter link encourages you to assert yourself in conversations, make an effort to learn from others and to learn about relationships, pitch your ideas to someone, and reach out to many people in order to make beneficial contacts.

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3 years ago

Love this post so much :) Thank you for this, I love having a detailed in depth explanation of my horoscope as it’s giving me some ideas – like alone time (I’m Aquarius)!

Keep up the good work!

Chloe @

3 years ago

These horoscopes are soooo good and soooo thoughtful & inspiring.
Something to look forward to on Sundays!
Thanks Tracy!

3 years ago

Thank you this is so nice, ^^