The Light Show: 4th of July’s Freshest, Fireworks-Friendly Beauty Strategies

Because who says natural American beauty can’t enjoy a little sparkle?

Shouldn’t every national holiday come with a side of ultra-romantic, swoon-inducing fireworks? Dare to dream. As we prep for this year’s 4th of July light show, the sparkling salutation is inspiring a whole summer beauty tribute of its own. What better way to play up those flashes of all-American pride than with a few light-catching beauty statements of your own?

Create a luminous base (for those brighter, barbecue-driven moments) with Sun Project’s Shimmer Sun Essence — its sulfate-free formula delivers UV protection in the form of a glowing, optically brightened complexion. As daylight gives way to twilight, a few swipes of Miss Violet Lace’s rollerball Shimmer Wand over the high points of cheekbones is all it takes to achieve a subtle, botanical-scented sheen.

Smith & Cult’s chunky gold glitter polish promises to double the effects of every crackling sparkler you hold between your fingertips, as does a dusting of Rituel de Fille’s gleaming Eye Soot. Try the Sigil shade for a dose of warm champagne on your lids as you toast chilled prosecco on your rooftop. The sheer, natural flush of IPKN’s Twinkle Lips Glow won’t leave telltale lipstick marks on your glass or, if the stars and stripes align, your date.

For an unapologetically festive approach, why not create your own glistening constellation with Mr. Kate’s hand-designed beauty marks? Just a few strategically placed metallic flecks will last through the sweatiest patriotic dance party, then sweep away with your favorite face oil as you spend July 5th reflecting on a dreamy evening of American beauty.

+ Where are you sparkling this July 4th? 

Photo by Emily Sellers.

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The glitter gold polish sounds perfect for the Fourth of July!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog