FP x Girls Inc. Talk Careers

As part of our year-long partnership with the incredibly impactful Girls Inc., 16 young women visited home office to empower them on their path to a successful career…

The second of our collaborative career exploration workshops presented an opportunity to learn firsthand about the many career paths within our industry, and highlight what many of us know to be true: sometimes it’s the hard roads that take you to the very place where you’re meant to be. Below, some thoughts from a few of our guests.

Thank you for coming by — we support you every step of the way to your beautiful and confident future selves!

Safiyyah: They taught me that it doesn’t always matter where you start your journey, it’s where you end, and that all those experiences and skills picked up along the way will help in some way, someday. You never know who you might meet or what you might learn.

I do think going to this workshop helped me realize that I may think I know what I want to do in the future now, but it might not be what I think later. Also, that in some point in time, I will have a lot of obstacles taking me off course, but I just need to be ready to deal with the changes and make the best out of them.

Kayla: What Free People taught me about making my dreams come true is that I must go through all the different steps as far as getting to where I have to be and there will be tough times where you think you can’t do something and free people encouraged me to still go forward to make it to the position I want to be in.

And they encouraged me that I can get through anything if I try harder.

Jayda: I always wanted to be either a fashion designer or a model and they proved to me that you can do and be anything in life — you just have to put your head in it and strive harder. They really inspired me, and now I know that the 3 careers I want to work in are fashion, nursing, and journalism.

Destiny: Free People taught me that when you work hard, you can achieve anything. After the workshop, it made me want to try new things.

Nyla: This trip taught me that you can have fun when working towards your dreams.

Chloe: At first, I wanted to be a music producer. But I was thinking how it would be cool to work there. As a stylist.

+ Take some time to get to know your local Girls Inc. chapter, and the incredible work they do. XO

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I love this post. No doubt these girls will go far with their careers in time!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great post.

4 years ago

These females are so well spoken : ) I’m so happy that Free People offered this training to them.