Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 18-24

The stars had a lot to tell Tracy about this week — don’t wait a second longer to make plans accordingly…

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August 23–September 22

Getting past your inhibitions can bring a rush of closeness this week when Venus in your release corner embraces Uranus in your intimacy zone. Divulging a secret will feel liberating, and if you’re alone, wandering around in your own imagination can elicit an a-ha! moment. Either way, getting closer to another person or to your own truth requires you to surrender control and go with the flow — which isn’t always your style. Venus sails into Virgo next, upping your charisma and drawing people to you like a moth to a flame. You’ll start to feel more like dressing up and going out, as this planet puts a big emphasis on beauty and socializing. Your annual Virgo New Moon represents a fresh start that favors a definitive break with the past. What personal reinvention or project launch could you see flourishing in the next six months? Plant the seeds! But be careful who you share your intentions with, as Uranus (in the form of an individual) might throw a wrench in your plans. Mercury and Mars are already in your sign and facing off against Neptune at the moment, so even though you’re on your game, other people may wear you out, guilt-trip you or leave you scratching your head. Considering the number of planets parading through Virgo, it’s normal for you to be extra focused on yourself. Compromise is usually the best strategy with oppositions, but it may be hard to meet someone halfway if you don’t understand where they’re coming from. If you can speak or act based on empathy and compassion, go ahead and engage. A Mercury-Pluto confab might trigger a heart-to-heart, intense flirting or deep introspection, and it’s also perfect for creative writing or losing yourself in a wonderful book. The sun’s move into Libra marks the end of your birthday season and encourages you to get down to brass tacks. Give some attention to your finances and possessions, asking yourself what you need and what’s most valuable to you. This is the time of year to get your priorities straight.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet in your group zone sets off sparks with you-never-know Uranus in your one-on-one angle this week, which could set off romantic sparks between you and a platonic pal. Another likely scenario: You’ll meet someone new through people you already know. So if you’re looking for love, look no further than the circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues that’s already in your life. If you’re joined at the hip with your significant other, circle Monday the 18th on your calendar and plan an epic GNO. As the week progresses, Mercury and Mars in your retreat corner face off with Neptune. You might feel like you’re drowning in work and need more time by yourself to decompress. Don’t expect everything to come together on the job or in your daily routine. Schedule R&R when you need to catch your breath, and work from home if possible. Projects that require imagination and intuition will be especially fruitful, and you might also do something selfless behind the scenes that serves a noble purpose. Merc is syncing with Pluto in your foundation angle, alluding to the need for deep reflection before your birthday season begins. Resolving emotional turbulence and getting closure on the past will help you start your new year with a clean slate. This week’s new moon lands in the last house of your chart, marking an ending that ushers in a beginning. Listen to your intuition regarding what — or whom — you need to leave behind. Honor the signs that are trying to tell you whether you’re on the right path or not. Another person is likely to be a catalyst for change, since this lunation is jostling with Uranus in your one-on-one angle. Some kind of sacrifice may be called for, but make sure it’s a healthy one with no codependent strings attached. Once the sun barrels into Libra for its month-long stay, you’ll have an easier time putting yourself first. This is the season for doing you! Happy solar return!



October 23–November 21

Be open to new ways of accomplishing what you want to this week when Venus in your ambition angle makes music with change-loving Uranus in your productivity corner. The more flexible you are in your approach to goals, the more likely you are to earn rave reviews. Be spontaneous, not stubborn, and you’ll polish your public image or create favorable circumstances in your career. Venus cruises into your network zone next, putting you in the mood to mingle. You generally prefer quality one-on-one time, but large gatherings are about to become your jam. You might meet a prospective mate through friends or dating apps or opt to play the field instead of holding out for a soulmate. Attached Scorps will enjoy going to parties with your partner and hanging with mutual friends or giving each other more space (not too much though — you’re still the most jealous sign of the zodiac!) Mercury and Mars are also charging through your network zone, and they’re moving into oppositions with Neptune now. You’re in teamplayer-mode, but the temptation to escape into personal pleasures — or uncertainty about having what your heart wants — could make it difficult to go along with the group. Make a concerted effort not to romanticize anyone. If you’re harboring a rescue fantasy, remember that Scorpio has tremendous power. You don’t need someone to slay the dragons for you. Merc’s vibe with Pluto hints that a deep convo with friends will help you get to the bottom of anything that’s bothering you, so bare your soul with people you can trust. The new moon invites you to kick off a collaboration, join an organization, connect with fresh contacts, make a friend and become more involved in technology somehow. Just be sure you can meet your obligations and aren’t overlooking key details. The sun’s arrival in your last house means your year is winding down and you’re due to retreat from the world to reflect, release and recharge. Do some soul-searching, make peace with the past and let go of what no longer serves you.



November 22–December 21

A happy encounter between Venus and Uranus this week can inspire you to date outside your comfort zone if you’re single and enjoy a trip or new experience with your significant other if you’re in a relationship. You might be drawn to someone unexpectedly. Hint: Uranus is in favor of spontaneously saying yes to anything and anyone that will push the envelope. This planetary combo is all about indulging in liberating pleasures! Soon after, Venus pirouettes to the peak of your chart, luring you to focus on your PR. Turn on the charm around people who can help you get where you want to go because higher-ups are inclined to see the best in you now. Mercury and Mars are activating your ambition angle, so you’re on a quest to achieve your goals. With gameplans on your mind and the drive to execute them, you’re a force to be reckoned with. But due to faceoffs with Neptune, you might have trouble with life/work balance. Maybe your family or roomie needs you, and you can’t pull yourself away from loftier responsibilities. Or part of you might be longing to curl up on the couch and put your phone on airplane mode. Power down by taking a relaxing aromatherapy bath or dancing around the house to music that transports you (yes, that counts as a self-care ritual!) Then rise and grind after a good night’s sleep. Mercury’s sync-up with Pluto prompts you to keep your eye on the prize of setting goals that pump up your self-worth and your bank balance. Dig deep into your treasure trove of talents when crafting your objectives. The new moon symbolizes a fresh chapter in your professional path or life direction that requires you to define your priorities, stay focused and keep your shoulder to the wheel. A promotion or leadership role may be in the works. After the sun skips into your hopes-and-humanity zone, part of your energy will be geared toward networking, socializing, collaborating and connecting with people who share your interests and dreams.



December 22–January 19

Dare to share your private feelings with someone this week when relationship-oriented Venus makes magic with revelatory Uranus. Don’t hide who you are. You need to open up in order to feel understood. Sex is likely to be an emotionally revealing experience, making it extra important to trust the person you’re with. If you don’t have a partner, carve out alone time for introspection or talk to a person who’s known you forever. The goal is to know yourself better and to get out of an old emotional pattern that’s stunting your growth. After Venus sashays into your exploration corner, your mood will lighten and you might find yourself drawn to people and places you hadn’t considered before. Take risks in your love life, perhaps by making the first move, dating someone who’s very different from you or doing something unusually adventurous with your mate if you’re in a relationship. Opt for rock-climbing over dinner and a movie, or head off on an impromptu weekend getaway. Mercury and Mars are already in that part of your chart and going toe-to-toe with Neptune currently. You’re thinking big and speaking your mind but may not have enough clarity to fill in all the blanks in a grand scheme. If you’re wavering, don’t bluff. Heed your gut instincts and wait until the fog has cleared. It’s okay not to have all the answers! Better to admit you’re not sure than to deceive yourself or others. Mercury is clicking with Pluto, which should help you fit the pieces of the puzzle together and find deep meaning in new knowledge and experiences. Everything you learn now can feed into the personal transformation you’re undergoing. The new moon pushes you to take a leap of faith and start making your vision of the future a reality. Book a trip, sign up for a class or fight for a cause you believe in. If it feels a little scary, you’re on the right track. Once the sun ascends to your ambition angle, you’ll be back in your element, focusing on achieving your goals and methodically plotting long-term success.




January 20–February 18

An attraction might take you by surprise this week when Venus in your partnership angle vibes with unpredictable Uranus. You could see a person you already know in a different light or meet someone new. A friend, neighbor or sibling might be involved in this scenario, perhaps by making introductions. Couples can come to an understanding after an honest conversation that reveals previously unspoken truths, and it will feel good to get things out in the open. Once Venus segues into your depth-and-merging zone, your desire for closeness is bound to heat up, and private, intense connections will feel essential. Your sign often prefers group socializing and relationships that allow for plenty of independence, but intimacy is the name of the game now, so bond with your significant other or best friend one-on-one. Since lusty Mars is touring this house as well, sex may be on the menu. But if you’re flying solo, diving into a passion project or investigation will also be gratifying. Mercury’s presence there coaxes you to confide in someone you trust or process difficult feelings that need to shift. Mercury’s meeting with Pluto hints that digging deep into your psyche will help you to heal. With Merc and Mars facing off against Neptune, fears about what you lack or what you stand to lose can trigger a conflict, or a power imbalance could upset your own equilibrium. Jealousy, possessiveness and competitiveness may become problems now. Pushing to get more than you’re getting from another person or stressing over what someone else has isn’t the way to go. You need to believe deep down in your soul that you’re enough and can get what you need for yourself. This week’s new moon alludes to a new sexual relationship, joint venture, grant, loan or major transformation in the pipeline. Don’t make hasty decisions, because interference from Uranus might mean you don’t have your facts straight. After the sun blazes into your expansion sector, you’ll get inspired to branch out and look to the future. Channel this energy burst into learning, travel and the pursuit of exciting new experiences.




February 19–March 20

You could tap into a new talent this week while working on a creative project, thanks to a harmonious trine between Venus and Uranus. Or a coworker might appreciate the unique contribution that you make to the team. Getting along with your colleagues and enjoying what you’re doing will make you feel good and might make a difference in your earning power. You could end up taking a gig that doesn’t pay as much as you wanted for the chance to work with people you like or work on something fun. Venus crosses your one-on-one angle next, making it even easier to maintain peaceful relations and compromise when called for. You might feel more affectionate with a romantic partner or more agreeable with a business partner. Mercury is already buzzing through that house, encouraging you to keep the lines of communication open, negotiate and air grievances. And Mars is blasting through as well, making shared activities preferable to solo ones. Arguments are to be expected, but Mars is there to help you be more assertive in your relationships. If you’re happily single, recruiting a pal to join you on adventures will keep you fired up. Both Merc and Mars are opposing Neptune, so you might feel provoked to act right when you’re waffling in indecision or insecurity. Or maybe you’re not seeing yourself clearly and you’re projecting your own qualities onto another person. Don’t give in to despair or guilt. You need space to tune into your feelings. Boundaries are important for everyone, but they’re absolutely vital for your permeable sign. The new moon suggests a new partnership or new level of commitment in an existing relationship may be imminent. If you feel unsure of yourself or suspect you might not get what you need from someone, don’t rush things. Whether you’re single or attached, this is a great lunation for taking a fresh approach to relating. After the sun dives into your depth zone, your energy will become more all-or-nothing, as you home in on a close relationship or passion project. Give yourself permission to obsess a little over someone or something worth your while.




March 21–April 19

Surprise your bae this week when Venus flirts with carefree Uranus, inspiring generosity, affection, romance, creativity and play. On the flipside, an attraction or fun experience could come to you out of the blue, bringing a dose of excitement. You need to shake things up, so avoid the same old same old at all costs and enjoy life in an unexpected way. Anything from a creative endeavor to a crush will get your juices flowing. Soon after, Venus slips into your efficiency corner, favoring wellness and productivity. Perfect time to work on a relationship, practice better self-care, beautify your workspace and get healthy and fit with companions (for instance, running with your roomie or doing a cleanse as a couple). Mercury and Mars are already ensconced in that house, nudging you to get organized and take on your to-do list with your proverbial vim and vigor. You might get fired up to learn a new skill, sink your teeth into a challenging project or attack a problem with all your brainpower and drive. Both planets are opposing Neptune, so you’re bound to lose steam at some point and should give yourself a chance to rest — or just digress into a daydream. You can’t do it all in one go, but don’t throw the towel in. Get back at it later with renewed enthusiasm. Merc’s link with Pluto points to detailed career planning or progress with intellectual work. If you focus, you may be able to deconstruct the gradual evolution of your professional path or overall life direction. A new moon prompts you to adopt a healthy habit, revamp your schedule, start a fitness regimen, change your diet, launch a job search, make medical appointments and fine-tune your time management. An awkward angle between Uranus and the moon reminds you that although you’re meant to be getting your ducks in a row, you still need to allow for a bit of freedom in your routine. Once the sun glides over your one-on-one angle, you’ll devote more energy to relationships and will probably feel less of a need for autonomy. You’ll draw strength from those closest to you, so reach out!




April 20–May 20

Get unstuck from lingering emotions and revel in a new sense of liberation when pleasant Venus in your foundation angle embraces freedom-loving Uranus in your release corner this week. Is it time to let go of an old love or become more independent from your family? You can do this! If you’re in a relationship, revealing private thoughts and personal secrets can bring a rush of closeness. Next, Venus skips into your joy sector, helping you to draw in what — and whom — you desire. This planetary placement signals that you need to lead with your heart and live in the moment. If there’s a creative project, hobby, fun activity or crush that you haven’t let yourself focus on, now’s your chance. Mercury and Mars are also charging through that house, shining a big spotlight on love and happiness. Reading for pleasure, pursuing the person you fancy, playing board games — whatever amuses you, go for it! Merc and Mars both have faceoffs with Neptune in your group zone this week, so you may get confusing feedback from your squad. You might find it difficult to say and do what pleases you and still get along swimmingly with a group. Or a friend in need could keep you from whatever pleasures you’d planned for yourself. If compromise doesn’t look likely, march to your own beat without reacting to peer pressure. Thanks to a Mercury-Pluto meetup, you might take a life-changing trip, read something that shifts your worldview, or play around with a daunting intellectual task and have a breakthrough. And if you find the courage to share your feelings, you’ll surely learn from the experience. A new moon may usher in fresh romance, a new source of pleasure or a different means of expressing your creativity, personality or feelings. Subliminal impulses and a repressed rebellious streak can cause you to jump in too fast, so take note of potential self-undoing. After the sun ducks into your productivity corner, you’ll start juggling work and play. Health, diet, exercise, and daily responsibilities assume added importance, while instant gratification will take a backseat at times.




May 21–June 20

Thanks to an encounter between Venus in your communication house and Uranus in your network sector this week, your best bets for meeting new people are large gatherings, technology, friends and the circle of people you already know. So start swiping, mingling and working your contacts if you’re interested in making a match. Already paired off? You might spend time as a couple with mutual friends or give each other space to hang out with your respective squads. A frank dialogue or a pleasant feeling of camaraderie between you could come out of nowhere to stimulate your connection. With Venus dipping down into your domestic angle next, where several planets are currently taking the grand tour, you may go into full-on nesting mode if you’re not there already. Relax with your fam or roomie, watch the new fall shows, spruce up your place, discover your inner chef, baker or bartender and share the results or just sink into your sofa or bed for a decadent stretch of time. The presence of Mercury and Mars suggests you might work from home, sort through photos or mementos, confide in a parent, think about moving, plan a renovation, purge some possessions or unpack emotional baggage and try to move on from the past. Since both these planets are dueling with Neptune, you could get into a bewildering situation with a parent, boss or other authority figure and become irritable if it seems like you’re spinning your wheels. Not knowing where you’re headed can be exciting, but it can also generate angst, and you may need to do something to make yourself feel more centered and grounded. A Mercury-Pluto convo coaxes you to get to the bottom of how you’re feeling by talking to someone you trust, journaling or carving out time for deep reflection. This week’s new moon may indicate a coming change in your family or living situation, or you might turn the page emotionally and move away from your backstory. Once the sun hits your joy sector, you’ll have more interest in going out and having a good time, and your vivacious personality will shine through freely.




June 21–July 22

With Venus in your resources house cozying up to Uranus in your ambition angle this week, you might want to set some financial targets or consider tweaking your career path in the interest of providing for yourself. You can also give your self-esteem a boost by showing off a distinctive talent or making progress toward a goal. If you’re in a relationship, you might have a conversation about values and where you see things heading. Unattached Crabs may meet someone worth dating at a professional function, so don’t duck out early! Venus sashays into your thinking-and-talking sector next, making you less shy about telling or showing someone how you feel. You’ll feel flirtier than usual and eager to see the good in people. Day trips, dialogue and learning together will help relationships gel, while beautifying your community and socializing with neighbors or siblings might lead you to a new love interest. Mercury and Mars are already zipping through that house, piquing your curiosity, energizing your interactions, prodding you to assert yourself and putting you in information-gathering (and possibly voracious-reading) mode. Your mind is moving quickly, and you have a taste for variety. You’ll probably get into some heated discussions, especially when Merc and Mars face off with Neptune in your perspective corner. Politics and religion will be even thornier topics than usual, as will ethics and personal beliefs. Make sure you have your facts straight, and do your best to empathize with someone else’s point of view. You won’t go wrong if you say and do things that are honest and true. Let pure-hearted spiritual values and a yearning for justice steer you. Seek answers. Connect local and global. The new moon pushes you to learn, speak up, take an interest in your community, hatch new ideas and find a different way of getting your message across. After the sun sneaks down to the base of your chart, you’ll be more focused on home and family. You might start craving downtime and creature comforts like delicious food and a cozy bed, so put chillax on your calendar periodically.




July 23–August 22

You’re effortlessly magnetic these days, with charming Venus swaying through your sign. Her exciting rendezvous with Uranus this week may inspire you to try something new and perhaps draw even more attention to yourself. You might be attracted to someone unexpected, flirt with a variety of people, show a different side of yourself and enjoy an impromptu eye-opening experience. You’ll be enticed by uniqueness in others, and vice versa. Next, Venus dances into your worth zone, giving you a taste for stability, security and nice things. Your spending could surge, but you might also bring in more money, since this is a period of easy come, easy go. Mercury and Mars are already marching through that house, so you have finances, possessions, personal values and needs on your mind and are motivated to act on those thoughts. You might want to review your expenses and put a budget in place. You’re ready and willing to learn what you need to know and do what you need to do to improve your bottom line. Both planets are going toe-to-toe with Neptune, which could indicate a dubious proposition. Outside resources like a loan may not materialize, or you might feel like someone isn’t there for you when you need them. Focus on empowering yourself to be self-reliant, and have a more Zen attitude about what you’ll get from others. Your spiritual values can guide you to find the best balance of give-and-take. Taking your ego out of the equation is key. Merc’s harmony with Pluto tells you to consider your talents carefully and be sure you’re making full use of them to enrich your work and deepen your sense of purpose. And the new moon reminds you to simplify your life and stop and smell the roses (or whatever is blooming at the moment in your neck of the woods)! Prioritize with the goal of being able to provide for yourself, and trim whatever waste you can identify. With the sun moving into your thinking-and-talking corner, your brain and daily life are about to get a whole lot busier. Pour energy into learning, connecting with people and expressing your thoughts.


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A rest sounds great for me this week! Thanks for the horoscopes!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Absolutely love it! Thanks for this! x