Crunch Time: Sakara’s New Superfood Granolas

Right from the Sakara team, all you need to know about the dream girls’ latest offering; this time, in the form of healthful granola…

The Science

Sakara Life‘s granola assortment is comprised of gluten-free, whole-grain oats for digestion-supporting fiber (except for their Plant Protein Granola, which is 100% grain free!) and boasts quality oils (like coconut and sunflower) to provide the body with metabolism-boosting, brain-nourishing, inflammation-reducing omegas. Each variety is wrapped with functional ingredients, like antioxidant-rich goji berries, mood-lifting dark chocolate and cleansing milk thistle.

The Spirit

At Sakara, ‘functional ingredients’ go beyond nutrition science to also encompass the best of traditional medicine, folk remedies and spiritual healing. Classic Superfod Granola contains goji berries, a Himalayan secret to (almost) eternal youth. Dark Chocolate Granola contains ashwagandha, a sacred herb used in Ayurveda to heal the underlying imbalances of body, mind and spirit that contribute to digestive issues and other health woes. And Plant Protein Granola harnesses the ritualistic energy of traditional matcha tea ceremonies.

Key Ingredients

Classic Superfood Granola: 

Gluten-free oats for digestion-supporting fiber, goji berries for age-fighting antioxidants and almonds for plant-based protein. 

Dark Chocolate Granola: 

Ashwagandha to alleviate adrenal fatigue and help the body cope with stress, dark chocolate to raise mood-lifting serotonin and provide age-fighting antioxidants and Brazil nuts for hormone-balancing selenium. 

Plant Protein Granola: 

Mulberries for age-fighting antioxidants (like beta carotene, resveratrol and lutein), flax for heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, digestion-regulating fiber and antioxidant lignans and milk thistle to protect the liver and cleanse the body. 

How To Use

Enjoy with your non-dairy milk of choice as a superfood breakfast, or by the handful any time of day for a healthy snack! Best enjoyed within 3 months of delivery. Here, we’ve added some of our Superfood granola to a bowl of blue mylk for extra benefits. Want to try it yourself? Just add a phycocyanin supplement like this one to milk!

Imagery by Michael Persico.

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  1. hi anonymous! we’ve added a link to the end of the post about e3live, a phycocyanin supplement that provides additional support against inflammation. and makes for a cool-looking meal! :)

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