Can’t Fall Asleep? Try a Cup of Sleep Welle

Calm your racing mind with this blend of medicinal herbs…zzz

There are a lot of things that can keep you up at night — group text chats, breaking news, pretty much any Netflix series. Getting a solid eight hours is seriously hard these days. Well, meet your new nightcap: Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea, which is a healthier way to wind down than staring at a blue screen. It’s our latest obsession from Welleco, the brand founded by the eternally youthfully model and wellness guru Elle Macpherson.

How It Works

The tea is formulated with a specific blend of medicinal herbs to promote feelings of stillness and calm. The hero ingredients include skullcap, which helps ease insomnia and anxiety, valerian root, to encourage your body to reach deep sleep (ahhh REM cycle), and hops, which works synergistically with valerian to function as a mild sedative. Everything is then combined with some extra botanicals (lemon balm, passion flower, mango flower) to produce a “fruity and soothing” cuppa.

Not that you have to save this peace-enhancing concoction for bedtime. It also works wonders during the day if you need to just chill out and there’s no time for a yoga session. (It’s not like popping an Ambien — chances are you won’t drift off to sleep unless you’re in bed, with the lights off, and ready to enter dreamland).

You can also toss a few bags in your travel tote next time you’re taking the red eye and want to fend off jet lag. Our advice: Do a little meditation while it steeps, disconnect from your devices, and let your eyelids get heavy….see you in the morning.

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  1. We have a cup of tea with equal amounts of nettle and chamomile then add a bit of peppermint. Sweet chamomile is wonderful for drifting off to a peaceful sleep….then while you’re sleeping, nettle cleanses toxins from your organs, cleans your blood, nurishes all of the same, and the peppermint eases the tummy and gut. Works like a charm for us…

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