Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 2–8

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September 23–October 22

Even though it’s your birthday season, you need plenty of private time, since your ruler, Venus, is tucked away in your release corner. Her tête-a-tête with Pluto is sure to intensify your feelings behind closed doors. If you have a partner, sex will be extra emo during this transit, and you might connect on such a deep level that you become a bit overwhelmed. If you’re alone, you could find yourself pining for an ex or a secret crush. It may help to talk to someone you trust or to channel strong emotions through some form of art. Do you have a movie you watch when you need a good cry or when you want confirmation that love conquers all? Press play! Venus’s meetup with Mars pushes you to also translate all those feels into action. If you’re with someone, you’ve got that covered! But if you’re flying solo, a compassionate gesture or selfless endeavor will be its own reward. When Venus runs into trouble with Saturn, you might experience guilt over the past or have difficulty coming to terms with an ending. You may have a sense of being cut off from people, but hours later, a sun-Mercury rendezvous in Libra will pick you back up. You’ll suddenly feel much more like talking to people and will be full of ideas and plans for the future. A day trip would hit the spot, but if that’s a no-go, at least check out an unfamiliar corner of your neighborhood or talk to someone you don’t know. This week’s full moon occurs in your one-on-one angle, the section of the chart that’s associated with Libran matters like partnership and diplomacy. A watershed moment in a relationship may push it to the next level or bring it to a close. Heightened emotions are to be expected, not only because full moons make us moodier, but also because this one happens to be bickering with penetrating Pluto in your feelings-and-memories zone, bringing some heavy stuff to the surface. Try not to overreact if it gets tense; believe it or not, redirecting your attention to a goal might be a great outlet.



October 23–November 21

Private Scorps aren’t the gregarious type, but when amiable Venus dances through your group zone at this time of year, you’ll play the social butterfly if the spirit moves you. Her vibe with your ruling planet, Pluto, inspires you to mingle Scorpio-style — by having deep conversations that go on for hours. Share secrets with your bff, get to the bottom of something going on in your squad, express your true feelings, even if they’re a little dark. This is the type of transit where you could spend an entire party in the corner, talking to someone who ends up being a friend for life. Venus’s mashup with Mars favors social action, so team up with people who share your interests or ideals and make something happen. If you want to join an organization, make new friends or establish professional contacts, this is an amazing time for that. The Venus-Mars mashup can also set off sexual sparks with a platonic pal or make a large gathering lively and memorable. When Venus scuffles with Saturn in your worth sector, there’s a good chance that low self-esteem will make you feel less outgoing or low funds will keep you from socializing to the extent that you’d like to. You can be realistic about your finances or acknowledge a dip in your confidence and decide to proceed anyway, in a modified form that you’re comfortable with. A full moon is bound to interrupt your fun and draw your attention to a work or wellness matter, possibly by instigating a crisis of sorts. If you’ve been putting off ending a bad habit, dropping something from your schedule or addressing your health, the clock is ticking! Watch out for drama on the job too. Due to a harsh angle between the moon and Pluto, tempers could flare, leading to destructive words. A project you’ve been working on may come to fruition now, so keep pushing towards the finish line. Your imagination and intuition are firing on all cylinders. Take note of your dreams, write in a journal, meditate, reflect and listen to your wise inner voice.



November 22–December 21

Getting along well with your colleagues and turning on the charm with higher-ups can pay off this week when Venus in your ambition angle harmonizes with Pluto in your resources house. You’ll thrive by coming across as pleasant and professional, so play the part. And look the part by dressing for success! If you’re shopping, zero in on clothes that help you to polish your public image, even if you’re not in the workforce at the moment. The idea is to keep a high profile and draw positive attention. If you want to impress your boss, dig deep into your treasure trove of talents and show off a bit. Venus and Mars are doing the tango, nudging you to reinforce all the good PR with some solid action. This combo allows you to soften the rough edges if you’re coming on like gangbusters in your eagerness to compete for the brass ring. To direct your energy, focus on a project that you’re passionate about. You might be attracted to someone who has authority over you or someone older than you, and the feeling could very well be mutual. If you have a significant other, this is a useful transit for setting goals as a couple. With Venus running into a roadblock named Saturn, you’ll be the only person stopping you from shining. Turn this into an opportunity to refine creative work or plan how you want to build a certain reputation for yourself. But don’t be hard on yourself because this is no time to step back from the spotlight. The full moon reminds you that you’re a fun-loving sign who needs time to play. A romantic relationship could reach the boiling point — for better or for worse — or you might finish up a personal project. You’re probably spending plenty of time with friends or participating in a team effort, but you’ll feel an urge now to do whatever you’re in the mood for without having to put it to a vote. A moon-Pluto spat means your confidence or finances could be on the line if you go too far, so be careful whom you pour your heart out to and how much you spend in your quest to have a good time.



December 22–January 19

It’s essential to enjoy pleasures way outside your comfort zone this week because Venus in your exploration sector is teaming up with Pluto to ensure your personal growth. New experiences will feel like they were meant to be, as they resonate on a deep level with the person you’re slowly becoming. Enjoying a trip, talking to someone who’s foreign to you, exposing yourself to a different culture or religion, becoming more aware of how other people live, listening to music from a faraway country, being attracted to a person from a different background — experiences such as these can feed the transformation taking place inside you and affirm your connection with the wider world. Venus’s encounter with Mars encourages you to really go for it, so make the first move with that person who’s not your usual type, book a vacay to your dream destination, sign up for salsa lessons or enroll in a Mandarin class. This part of the chart is all about taking risks. There’s a chance you’ll talk yourself into playing it safe when Saturn slows Venus’s roll. Don’t let self-doubt take over, but do use lessons from the past to perfect your plans. In contrast, a full moon at the base of your chart wants you to focus on home and family, and it could get your attention with a big development. Since the moon is fighting with Pluto in Cap, a flare-up on the home front may kick you into control-freak mode, and you might end up pouring gasoline on the fire. A power struggle with your mother or another woman is likely to involve manipulation and jealousy, so try to steer clear. Respect the strong emotions brewing inside you without unleashing them on anyone. Your mood, your family and your living situation are subject to change, and you can make things harder if you attempt to subdue it. A sun-Mercury meeting in the opposite house gives you a suitable outlet for your energy. Craft a business plan, articulate your goals, toot your own horn to people in power, start studying something that will help your career, give a presentation at work or plot the next move in your life path.



January 20–February 18

The forecast is hot, hot, hot for Water Bearers, despite the falling temps outside. That’s because amorous Venus is flirting her way through your intimacy zone and working her magic on lusty Mars and intense Pluto this week. It’s not just that your libido is in overdrive; you’re craving a soul-deep connection with someone and could very well get it. This is not the week for going to parties as a couple or getting your friends together with his. Privacy is a prerequisite for closeness now, and just like last week, diving deeper into strong emotions rather than taking a step back from them will enrich your experience. And Venus’s tryst with Mars has physical passion written all over it. It’s the ideal blend of drawing someone to you magnetically and playing the pursuer role yourself. No partner in sight? These transits won’t go to waste! The same house that governs intimacy is also concerned with psychology, transformation, sharing and merging. You might do some serious bonding with a friend, solicit the support that you want (including financial support), get in touch with your emotional core, shift something inside you and recover from a wounding, loss or crisis. Again, much of this is quite private, so don’t hesitate to carve out time at home or to consult a healing professional. When Venus gets the cold shoulder from Saturn in your network sector, social obligations could interfere with couple time or alone time — or your squad might pose an obstacle of some sort. You might also hesitate to make this relationship or your emotional process public, and delaying wouldn’t be a mistake. Whatever you do, don’t let groupthink squelch whatever good feeling you find for yourself. A full moon can bring a flood of info or a flurry of activity around you, and you might get overwhelmed. Watch what you say, because an outburst could bring secrets into the light. If you’re stretched too thin, remember to keep it simple and deal with one thing at a time. You might squeeze in a getaway to clear your mind or try balancing the frenzy of the moment with plans for the future.



February 19–March 20

If you’re hoping to meet someone new, bank on the power of the connections you already have in your life and the technology that’s at your disposal. Pluto is camped out in your network zone for the long haul, pushing you to build and rebuild a circle of friends, acquaintances, peers and contacts. You could find a prospective partner through this circle — probably via an introduction, but don’t rule out the possibility of a friend turning into something more! This zone also governs tech, so dating apps, social media or coding class could play Cupid. Attached Fishes will enjoy deep friendship with their mates or have fun together at parties and other gatherings. The union of Venus and Mars brings harmony in your relationships, but it won’t be overly sedate. On the contrary! This planetary pairing alludes to major attraction and desire. If you’re not interested in anyone at the moment, the energy is also perfect for creative collaboration and getting tons of pleasure out of shared activities. Venus isn’t getting along nearly as well with Saturn, which tells you that focusing too much on where a relationship is going might ruin the moment. Or you might be having fun with someone and then one of you gets too bossy, upsetting the equilibrium between you. The sun and Mercury are joining forces, but neither is in sync with Neptune in Pisces. Try not to romanticize intimacy to the point where you’re not sharing your true selves. When you’re very close to someone — whether it’s a sexual relationship or a deep friendship — you’re merging the lives of two separate beings, and that tends to get messy. And when Neptune is involved, such an attachment can veer into enmeshment. Being your real self with someone and speaking your truth is a kind of nakedness, and intimate dialogue is favored now. If you’re alone, shine a light into your psyche and try to understand yourself better. A full moon in the opposite house will make you emotional about your wants, so avoid retail therapy if you’re on a budget. Your needs, finances, values, priorities or possessions can seem more important than those of someone close to you or pose a problem with a group. Avoid an all-or-nothing attitude, and try to put your feelings into words.



March 21–April 19

You can get a sense of deep satisfaction and feel like you’re making progress when you concentrate on creative work or a project you truly enjoy — all thanks to lovely Venus in your productivity corner working her charms on potent Pluto in your ambition angle. Putting heart and imagination into what you’re doing and working in harmony with others will help you edge that boulder up the hill. This is also a fantastic time to work on a relationship and deepen your resolve to achieve shared goals together. If you could use help with whatever you’re doing, ask nicely and people will probably be happy to pitch in. Venus and Mars are aligned, which means assertiveness and amiability will complement each other beautifully. The house they’re in also rules wellness, so while Mars nudges you to be proactive about improving your health, Venus hints it will be easier with support. Hit the gym at lunchtime with a coworker, swap nutritious recipes with a friend or ask your partner to check your back for suspicious moles. You can get so much accomplished while Mars is charging through this house, and Venus reminds you that you don’t have to fly solo. When she encounters trouble with Saturn, you might question what you’re doing and lose faith in the fact that the work you’re doing now (to improve a relationship or your health or to complete a project) has meaning. It may seem like all the little stuff doesn’t add up. You could feel constricted by the rules of life — anything from eating lots of veggies to making compromises in a relationship — and doubt the ultimate worth of doing things by the book. When a full moon lands in Aries, all the feels could become too much for you! Don’t hesitate to sneak off and administer emergency self-TLC. Avoid going up against authority (the moon is sparring with powerful Pluto), and try to talk to people who are on an equal level with you, like your s.o. or a friend. They’re more likely to understand where you’re coming from than you think. Last, take note of what is pushing you over the edge. What or whom feels like too much right now? Releasing something or someone from your life could be just what you need.



April 20–May 20

This week’s encounter between pleasure-seeking Venus and powerful Pluto spans your fulfillment and expansion sectors, inspiring you to enjoy life for your own good! Don’t play it too safe when it comes to pleasurable experiences. If you hope to learn more about life and find out what possibilities lie in wait for you, coloring within the lines won’t do you any favors. Bulls have a tendency to stay in their comfort zone, but the love and happiness the universe is offering call for you to take a chance and explore unfamiliar territory. Pursue an attraction to someone who’s not from your world. Try your hand at something creative you don’t believe you have a talent for. If you can swing a trip at this time, travel will be even more enriching than usual. If you have a partner, a romantic getaway is likely to bring you closer. And if you fall for someone new, this person will probably be different from you in some way, and you could become quite swept up in the affair. Venus and Mars are forming an alliance, alluding to a connection rooted in both love and lust. You can also channel this sweet stimulation into a creative effort or pretty much any fun activity of your choosing. The point is to revel in being yourself and going after what you want, with an alluringly soft touch. Venus is crossing swords with Saturn, implying that you’ll have at least a moment late in the week when intimacy feels like work, and someone might shut you out. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pause and examine the true nature of this connection. You want to be who you are and share your feelings but might not be getting the exact response you’re after. The full moon gives you a great excuse to focus on your own spiritual needs. Pay attention to your dreams and instincts because the contents of your subconscious are bubbling to the surface now. Try to balance the busyness in your daily life with sufficient downtime for recharging your battery. You have the energy to get a lot done and do focused intellectual work, but don’t neglect your inner life!



May 21–June 20

Even if the weather is lovely where you live, with Venus getting cozy in your domestic angle, you may be in full-on nesting mode. Perhaps you’re on a decorating spree and up to your eyeballs in throw pillows and paint swatches. Or you’re combining socializing and cocooning by playing hostess for a girls night in. You’re probably getting along well with your parents or housemates and enjoying a generally good mood. Now that Venus is flirting with Pluto, all that coziness could take a sexy turn! This transit is about getting up close and personal behind closed doors, not making the rounds of parties together or going out to dinner at a loud restaurant. Emotional bonding is in the cards, but since libidinous Mars is also getting in on the act, you might end up going the Netflix-and-chill route. If you develop a new crush now, chances are the object of your affection will be a familiar person with whom you feel comfortable. And if this marks the birth of a new relationship, it’s bound to be an intense one. A Venus-Saturn scuffle hints at tension between keeping things the way they are and making a commitment. So you and your significant other might get really close and then hit an impasse if it feels too serious for a lighthearted Twin. Solo Gems can get a lot out of these transits by sinking your teeth into a fun, challenging project around the house; indulging in simple pleasures that transform your emotional state; and gaining powerful insights into your own psyche by connecting with a family member or someone who’s known you forever. Relaxing at home may conflict with your obligations to others at some point, darkening your mood temporarily. But with Mercury hugging the vibrant sun, you’ll be able to maintain your famous sense of humor and keep your spirits bright. Creative writing and reading for pleasure are highly favored now. A full moon is opposing this planetary pair, hinting at possible drama in your squad. If a particular friendship or affiliation with a group has run its course, it might be best to let it go. You could reach a peak with teamwork or enjoy an epic night out with your crew too. Do what you can to balance personal pleasure and group interests.



June 21–July 22

Take a cue from enticing Venus, who’s currently ensconced in your community zone: You don’t need to look any further than your own neighborhood if you’re hoping for a meet cute. Whether you opt to play pool at the corner pub, stroll through the farmers’ market or chat up everyone who stops to pet your dog, love (or at the very least, attraction!) is close to home. You might fall for a neighbor or be introduced to someone through neighbors, and a sibling might also play matchmaker. Coupled Crabs could feel so demonstrative you let the L-word slip for the first time. Conversation will be intense in a good way, and taking a short trip together would be a bonding experience. Since Venus is lining up with mobilizing Mars, local activism and community beautification will connect you with cool people and keep your good mood going. This happens to be an amazing opportunity for you to be assertive without coming on too strong, so stand up for yourself or sell others on your ideas. Venus’s clash with Saturn implies a tight schedule, onerous workload, depleted energy or self-criticism can be a killjoy. But if you’re enjoying an experience, determination and disciplined thinking can help you to sustain the good vibes. Regardless of your relationship status, if you need to have an important talk with someone close to you, this may be a good week for it, as it brings a caring but direct tone, a pleasant but proactive mindset, powerful one-on-one bonding and pragmatic analysis. Plus, with the sun and Mercury coalescing at the base of your chart, you’re able to tune into your innermost thoughts and feelings and give voice to them. A full moon in the opposite house could spell a turning point in your career path or life direction, and a goal may come to fruition now. You might be walking on eggshells around your boss, though, since this lunation brings heightened emotions around authority figures. Just say no to power struggles, and be willing to let an old aspiration fall by the wayside if it no longer feels relevant to the person you are today. And don’t hesitate to grab alone time if you need it — full moons can be overwhelming!



July 23–August 22

With covetous Venus in your resources zone, you’re serious about getting what you need, whether that’s a new fall coat or a stable, stand-up guy. Her assignation with heavy-hitter Pluto in your productivity corner sends a message that your desires will be satisfied by the hard work you’ve been doing and continue to do. You might start bringing in more money as a result of changes in your job description. Under this influence, a splurge or an attraction is likely to fall within the boundaries of reason and feel totally worth it. And if you have a creative aptitude that can enhance the work you do, now’s the time to use it! Strong self-confidence will inspire you to improve your health, and the reverse is also true: Any effort to transform your physical wellbeing is sure to make you feel good about yourself. Venus’s current placement coaxes you to indulge your senses, so opt for a trail ride on a mountain bike instead of spin class, or do Tai Chi in the park rather than a YouTube workout at home. A Venus-Mars meetup causes you to be more assertive in order to make sure your needs are met. You’ll have an easy time acting on your priorities and behaving in accordance with your personal values. If you’ve been putting off cleaning out your closets, hunting down items on your shopping list or tackling your finances, this planetary pairing persuades you to go for it. Venus’s spat with Saturn alludes to a possible dip in your self-worth or doubts about what you have to offer and whether your gifts can bring security. But this transit can also keep a shopping spree under control by persuading you that you won’t get that much pleasure out of those $1,000 boots. A sun-Mercury coupling livens up your thinking and helps you to put tons of personality into everything you say. So speak up! You’ll also have loads of energy for writing and plenty of great ideas. A full moon might test your faith or bring an urge for adventure, and you could get into a disagreement if you push your opinions without leaving room for doubt. This is your best lunation of the year for kicking an outdated belief to the curb, so identify one that limits you and let it go.



August 23–September 22

Just because your birthday season is in the rearview mirror doesn’t mean you’re lying low. Temptress Venus and self-starter Mars are waltzing through Virgo, lending you oodles of sociability and swagger. Plus the two cosmic lovebirds are joining forces this week, putting everyone on notice that you’re irresistible and unstoppable. Use your superpowers wisely because this kickass combo doesn’t come around every day. Coax someone to get onboard with your agenda, reel in your crush so artfully he thinks he’s pursuing you, draw people to you like a moth to a flame then enjoy making a strong impression on them. The idea isn’t to manipulate others; you’re simply blending come-hither Venusian vibes with Martian cojones. Venus is also flirting with power player Pluto in your love-and-happiness zone, intensifying romantic and pleasurable experiences. So if you fall for someone now, you’ll fall hard; if you go out and enjoy life, it’s gonna be epic; and if your attention turns to a creative project, you’ll pour your heart and soul into it. Pluto doesn’t want you to have a superficial good time. He wants you to be very emotionally involved. When Venus bumps into Saturn in your foundation angle, family or domestic obligations, private insecurity or the feeling that your past is catching up with you can take the wind out of your sails. You could have trouble relating and might even feel a bit lonely. Spending time by yourself pondering what you want from people would be a smart move. Meanwhile, a sun-Mercury alliance in your worth house sharpens your financial judgment and gets you to focus on what you have going for you and what you need. Business ventures and negotiations should go well, and you might opt to draw up a budget now to take advantage of your clarity. The full moon in the opposite house compels you to also honor the needs of others, and a close relationship could heat up in a good way or a bad way. There are bound to be strong feelings in the mix, whether you’re grappling with an issue of mine-versus-ours or a psychological crisis of your own. Deep transformation is at hand, so don’t back away.


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Seems like I have a great horoscope ahead! Gotta work on my health!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

I follow horoscope in this blog for the last 3 years and somehow I feel lately your reading more on love live. I don’t know if that because of your changing in segment? but I feel much better if the reading more talking about creativity and work. Well…’s just my 2 cent.



3 years ago

Thanks! :)

3 years ago

Still my favorite horoscope to read — always accurate and in-depth!