Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 11–17

Your weekly guide to what’s on the horizon, courtesy of Tracy Allen…


November 22–December 21

With Mercury backtracking in your sign, you’re feeling more tongue-tied than usual, but Merc’s meetups with the sun and Venus this week should give your communication a welcome boost. Both your thoughts and speech will benefit from extra vitality and warmth. Plus the sun is vibing with revolutionary Uranus, helping you to direct your energy toward novel ways of expressing yourself and enjoying life. You won’t be satisfied settling for go-to pleasures now, so seek out fresh routes to romance, fun or creativity that excite you. Despite the fact that it’s not time to turn the page on 2017 quite yet, the new moon signals your New Year is officially underway, so set your intentions for 2018 now. This is your annual reboot; how do you want to use it? Venus is currently giving you oodles of magnetism, while Saturn has lent you an air of gravitas in the past few years, and both these planets are linked with this lunation, making them factors in your personal reinvention. For example, maybe you need to turn on the charm and take yourself more seriously going forward. If you’d like to change something about yourself, now’s your chance. Happy New Year, Sag!



December 22–January 19

Let your imagination run wild when the sun, Mercury and Venus mingle in your spirit corner and vibe with Uranus this week. Your intuition and creativity are super stimulated, and even a pleasant daydream could yield a nugget of helpful information about yourself. You’re likely to get a bit nostalgic and can use moments of reminiscing to free up stagnant emotions and encourage forward flow. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Open up to the idea of feeling differently—perhaps about the past, your family or yourself. Be compassionate with yourself and others. The new moon also invites you to release anything (or anyone) that doesn’t serve your growth. Clear the decks for the fresh start that arrives on your doorstep with next month’s new moon in Capricorn. Listen to that inner whisper telling you it’s time to let go. If you want to paint 2018 on a blank canvas, take a leap of faith and surrender to the divine intentions of the universe. This is a great opportunity to begin a spiritual practice, a journal or anything else that puts you in touch with soul and psyche.



January 20–February 18

This week’s planetary gathering takes place in your group zone, inspiring you to connect with people and collaborate. There’s huge potential for getting back in touch with someone, so reach out to a long-lost pal, professional contact or friend of a friend you once crossed paths with, and see what you can bring to each other’s lives. The sun is in that zone and harmonizing with your ruling planet, giving even more juice to your networking power. Although technology is notoriously tricky during Mercury retrograde, you should still try to find ways of using it to your advantage. Triple-check your post, tweet, email, etc. before hitting send. Social media will enable you to spread your message; just make sure it’s the message you intended! Your ideas and words could easily go viral now, as several planets are helping you reach the masses. And conversely, tuning into what other people are doing and saying can give you an a-ha! moment that motivates you. The new moon invites you to join an organization, launch a team effort, make a new friend, socialize, form a professional alliance and update your online profiles.



February 19–March 20

This week puts a ton of emphasis on the highest point in your chart, which will elevate your profile and possibly bring public or professional attention your way. Although Mercury retrograde is messing up your more literal communication with authority figures, it’s a good time to dress to impress or let your work do the talking. Image is extra important during these transits, so be ready for your close-up! Tweak a creative project or piece of writing to make sure it’s good to go. And since the sun is gelling with Uranus, you might pull an underutilized talent out of your hat in order to shine—or sway leaders with your refreshing confidence and innovative use of resources. The less attached to a particular payoff you are, the more successful you’ll be. Thanks to a new moon in your achievement angle, you have a golden opportunity to set some big goals for 2018. Plant the seeds for a new chapter in your career. Step into a leadership role. Be willing to take on responsibilities that will earn you more notice. And be sure you’re considering your individual array of natural aptitudes when crafting objectives for the months to come.



March 21–April 19

Several planets fire you up to expand your mind this week, so make a point of venturing into the unknown, literally and figuratively. If you’re currently traveling, your hunger for adventure is probably being fed. But if you can’t manage to skip town right now, at the very least, you should get out of your routine at every opportunity. Take a different route home from work and explore an area you don’t know well; check out the new Ethiopian place in your nabe instead of grabbing Chinese takeout for the gazillionth time; find out how a culture or religion that’s unfamiliar to you celebrates the holidays; talk to strangers. The sun is in cahoots with Uranus in Aries, indicating that having a wide variety of experiences will give you a much-needed sense of forward movement in your life. The tried and true gets a hard pass this week. You’re a student of the world, and staying within the boundaries of what you already know is a sure way to deprive yourself of growth. The new moon coaxes you to sign up for a class, plan a trip, take a leap of faith and start making your vision of the future a reality.



April 20–May 20

Lots of planetary activity in your depth sector this week may spark intimacy in the form of sex or emotional closeness. Plus with Mercury backspinning, rekindling an old flame isn’t out of the question. You might reflect on your feelings or share them if you’re willing to make yourself vulnerable. Solo Bulls could dive into a passion project or grapple with a psychological challenge to understand yourself and heal. This would be an amazing time to look at any issues connected with relationships; for example, you might examine a fear of intimacy to see how it colors your experiences. A sun-Uranus confab hints that shining a light on the inner workings of your psyche or a close relationship will facilitate change within it. Emotions that you hide from yourself and/or others can be quite unruly, and bringing them into the open where you’ll see them more clearly will be liberating. We think we can keep something under control by suppressing it, but that only leads to it controlling us. The new moon prompts you to go deep by forming a close bond with another individual or seeking what you need from others. A fresh partnership, financial resource or transformation may be in the works.



May 21–June 20

Don’t go it alone while half the planets are convening in your partnership angle. Two heads are better than one, especially with your ruling planet traveling retrograde for another week and a half. In fact, Mercury’s meetups with the sun and Venus encourage you to keep the lines of communication open, no matter how faulty they may seem. The chances of reconnecting with people from your past are very high now, and reunions are apt to be gratifying, so stay in circulation—or be proactive and reach out. The sun is vibing with Uranus in your group zone, reminding you that people do change, but you shouldn’t necessarily bank on it. Don’t need them to be different than they are. Give them the latitude to be themselves, and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised. Focus more on who you want to be—then notice how defining your identity affects whom you draw into your sphere. Networking and philanthropy are bound to be successful during this transit, so look at the bigger picture and see what’s possible. The new moon suggests a new partnership or new chapter in an existing one could be on the horizon, making this a good lunation for setting #RelationshipGoals!



June 21–July 22

The planets are certainly keeping you busy this week, as they hold a summit in your productivity corner, inspiring you to put your nose to the grindstone. You might channel your energy into revising something for work or tackling an artistic or cerebral project. Although your relations with colleagues may be suffering from crossed wires due to Mercury’s retrograde phase, you might be able to soothe ruffled feathers with a kind word or thoughtful gesture. The sun is collaborating with Uranus in your ambition angle, so your work could make an impression on people who are in a position to help you advance. A humanitarian effort is likely to make headway now, as is an effort to gain more autonomy in your job. If you want to make a difference in the world or make a career change, this transit will inspire you to apply yourself with full force. And the new moon of the month also falls in your productivity corner, nudging you to initiate a positive habit, start eating healthier, begin a new exercise regimen, organize your workspace, get on a better schedule, add to your skillset, launch a job search and make medical appointments.



July 23–August 22

The house that governs Leo stuff like play, romance and creativity is hosting a plethora of planets this week, giving you the go-ahead to enjoy life to the fullest. Mercury’s alliances with the sun and Venus should help you rise above the hindrance of the communication planet’s retrograde period and express yourself in some form or fashion. You might still feel at a loss for words when it comes to articulating your feelings, but people will pick up on what’s in your heart if you’re brave enough to wear it on your sleeve. Show your affection, joy, generosity and sense of humor. Have fun, flirt, put your artistic flair on display. Your ruling planet is in sync with Uranus in your exploration sector, so you can discover more about yourself by trying new things. Possibility is in the air with this transit! Don’t limit yourself to familiar experiences and rote ways of being you. Venture into the unknown and expand your potential. Spontaneous adventures and celebrations are highly favored. Bonus: The new moon suggests that a fresh chapter in your love life, a novel source of happiness or a different outlet for your creativity is just around the bend.



August 23–September 22

There’s no place like home for Virgos this season, with a horde of planets hanging out at the base of your chart, which rules domestic and familial matters. You’re in a sentimental mood and probably waxing nostalgic, thanks to Mercury traveling retrograde down memory lane. You need plenty of downtime to relax and tune into your feelings, but you might also get inspired to host a party, cook, bake, make presents by hand and get together with relatives. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with people you’ve known forever because comfort is key with this planetary map. Since the sun is joining forces with Uranus, reminiscing might lead to revelations, so allow your mind to wander into the past. You may be surprised by the emotions that come up when you pay attention to your inner world. And you might suddenly get closer to another person if you allow yourself to be an open book, rather than trying to maintain control. The new moon signals a coming change in your family or living situation and coaxes you to do what you need to in order to increase your comfort and security. If you’ve been contemplating putting down roots, here’s your sign from the universe.



September 23–October 22

While half the planets assemble in your cognition-communication-and-community zone, your brain, speech and neighborhood are getting quite lively. Mercury retrograde is still making mischief, but due to its encounters with the sun and Venus this week, your interactions with people will have plenty of positive energy. Plus Merc retro is a great time for activities that start with re-, such as rewriting, reconnecting, revising, rethinking, reviewing and so on. You might bond with a brother or sister over shared memories, revisit a place you’re fond of or get in touch with old neighbors. Since the sun is linked with gamechanger Uranus in your one-on-one angle, you’re apt to meet new people, and your ideas can make a difference in the lives of others. Partnering with progressive individuals will give you an outlet for expressing something. If you’re restless, reach out to those who represent change. The new moon could bring an influx of information and the opening of a productive dialogue. It may be time to take on a more active role in your community or improve your relationship with a sibling by accepting them just as they are.


October 23–November 21

With five out of ten planets hanging in your worth zone this week, it’s difficult to ignore issues related to your money, belongings, personal values and self-esteem. One of those planets is Mercury, who’s in its pesky retrograde phase, and Merc’s rendezvous with the sun and Venus should give your financial judgment a couple of extra layers. On the one hand, you could overidentify with what you need and have, adding an emotional component to your spending. On the other hand, you may have a keen intuitive sense of what presents will be most appreciated, and your taste will be on point. The sun is making music with Uranus in your efficiency corner, empowering you to get creative when it comes to working with what you’ve got. Unveiling a talent will help you make progress on the job, while getting your priorities straight will improve your everyday life. Plus stronger confidence can make a difference with your health. This month’s new moon favors a new source of income, a fresh budget, better use of your resources and clarity regarding what’s most important to you.

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Thank you for this week’s horoscope! Will keep in mind to go out of routine this week. :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Great! Thanks :)

5 years ago

Love this post! I’m a Sagittarius and that felt pretty spot on!
Thanks for sharing!


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