Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 19–25

Find out what’s written in the stars for you this week…


February 19–March 20

Love, beauty and imagination seem boundless when Venus meets up with Neptune in Pisces this week. You might get lost in a daydream and enjoy pleasant interactions that seem to require no effort. If you’re enveloped in a dreamy, romantic haze and exuding selfless kindheartedness, people could misread your feelings or take advantage of your guard being down. Fortunately, Mercury in your sign is collaborating with serious Saturn in your group zone, helping you explain yourself to your squad or get constructive feedback from them. But when Venus and Mars lock horns, your desire to enjoy life may be at odds with your drive to succeed, and you might also find it difficult to appease an authority figure. It’s also possible that you’re not entirely sure what you want from a relationship or don’t know where one is headed. Mercury’s rendezvous with Neptune will heighten your intuition, so listen to your gut. But don’t try to spell out where you stand. This transit makes communication murky, turning words into subjective smoke signals. If you feel the need to express something inside yourself, a creative outlet will be your best bet. The sun and Saturn are in sync, again nudging you towards friends for support if you could use a shoulder to lean on.



March 21–April 19

A Venus-Neptune alignment in the last house of your chart lures you to enjoy romantic moments behind closed doors with someone special or show compassion for others. You might get lost in a fantasy if you’re nursing a secret crush. But this happens to be a favorable time to let go of past loves, so if your attachment isn’t good for you, think of this as a chance to release that person from your heart. Mercury’s harmony with Saturn improves your instincts about your career path, and you may want peace and quiet to reflect on the direction you’re headed in and make a plan for achieving key goals. However, Merc’s meetup with Neptune might make you wistful and tempt you to get lost in regrets and musings. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made, and recognize that what you imagine to be true is colored by your emotions at the moment. Venus and Mars are locked in battle, so you may be torn between a desire to drift and a drive to do something gutsy to propel yourself into the future. Empathy and altruism can motivate you to go to bat for others who are not as fortunate as you. Have faith that it’s always worth it to fight for justice.



April 20–May 20

This week’s Venus-Neptune confab in your network sector entices you to indulge in escapist fun with your crew, and it might also inspire a selfless sacrifice out of love for a friend. If you’re involved in some kind of creative collaboration with a team, you can get into a groove now and produce something highly imaginative. Mercury’s link with Saturn will make it easier to learn as a group and plan your next big endeavor. Merc is also in cahoots with Neptune, helping you to pick up on other people’s unspoken signals and express empathy. But Venus’s run-in with Mars in your sharing zone could make relationships more complicated than you like, especially if you mix sex and friendship. Sparks with a platonic pal would definitely offer excitement in the short run, and you shouldn’t ignore your feelings just because a situation is potentially thorny. If you’re already involved with someone, you might experience a conflict between keeping things light and getting hot and heavy. Or your rapport with friends might be threatened by a problem involving jealousy, mistrust, sharing, betrayal or control. Sidestep a power struggle, but don’t avoid getting your hands dirty. Confronting what’s really going on beneath the surface is the best way to reach a positive outcome.



May 21–June 20

You could do exceptional creative work that gets you noticed this week, when Venus and Neptune coalesce at the top of your chart. Or you might get swept up in a fantasy of success and feel like you’ll never get there. It’s tempting to idolize someone else’s stature now, so you may find yourself drawn to an older or more powerful person. Your ruling planet’s vibe with Saturn nudges you to think reasonably about a partnership and assess what it takes to make it work. You may have a hard time articulating your goals, since Mercury has its own meeting with Neptune. However, you could find tapping into your imagination will help you visualize a professional path that suits your higher purpose. Putting a lot of hard work into a project you feel strongly about will reinforce your effort to shine, so do your best to focus on something important. Since Venus is feuding with Mars in your one-on-one angle, you might argue with someone close to you over what you want out of the relationship, who’s getting more attention or whose desires take precedence. You probably won’t see eye to eye, so tabling the discussion for the time being might be the best solution.



June 21–July 22

Venus’s encounter with Neptune in your exploration corner could make you fall head over heels for someone who’s really different from you or not your usual type. You might also enjoy a trip or another kind of cultural experience and feel a strong connection to another world. Mercury’s link with Saturn encourages you to learn from other individuals, and if you’re in a serious relationship, you may find that traveling or learning together strengthens your bond. Merc’s rendezvous with Neptune can represent a spiritual awakening, and you may feel like you’re able to lift the veil and glimpse profound truths and mystical meaning. But you could get turned around and embrace fuzzy philosophies and mistake fiction for truth. Although higher consciousness is possible during this transit, don’t assume you’re suddenly the most enlightened being in the room. Venus’s tussle with Mars generates friction between the appeal of newness and the need to proceed with caution. An exciting romance or other pleasurable experience may suddenly call for baby steps, and grand plans may hit a roadblock and need to be rescheduled. See if you can find a way to methodically go after what you want rather than taking a risky leap of faith. Or just wait a couple of days until the timing is better.



July 23–August 22

Closeness has an intensely dreamy vibe this week when Venus and Neptune mingle in your intimacy zone. If you’re in a sexual relationship, you may feel like you’re with your soulmate, as a physical experience can turn spiritual under this influence. This transit is potentially healing, so if you’re alone, think of it as a chance to let go of past pain and forgive. Mercury’s summit with Saturn makes it easier to talk about practical matters in a relationship and discuss what work needs to be done. You might also dive into intensive research or an investigation now. A Mercury-Neptune meetup heightens self-understanding and empathy for someone close to you, again coaxing you to forgive. There can be some confusion when these planets get together, so avoid twisting words. Venus is quarreling with Mars in your love sector, so you may desire committed closeness but also have an urge to explore other possibilities that might make you happy. Or it could be the other way around, where you’re all in and your mate isn’t. The friction doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, since Venus and Mars tend to generate sparks. If you’re in a stable relationship, this combo can keep things exciting, and if you’re single, you might be incredibly attracted to someone.



August 23–September 22

Someone might seem too good to be true when a Venus-Neptune alliance in your relationship angle has you donning rose-colored glasses. If you’ve already put another person on a pedestal, you might become disillusioned now, and if you meet a new prospect, you could idealize him or her from the start. But thankfully, your clever ruling planet is gelling with sobering Saturn in your romance sector the same day, facilitating grounded thinking and dialogue. So you might be able to have the best of both worlds, viewing someone as lovely and real. Mercury’s link with Neptune allows you to tune into others’ thoughts and emotions and convey your compassion. A conversation can feel both profoundly mystical and quite bewildering under this influence, so enjoy the spiritual connection without getting too hung up on literal interpretation for the moment. Venus and Mars are squaring off, triggering prickliness that can impact your rapport with another individual. Keep a close eye on your underlying mood in order to head an argument off at the pass, because your own subconscious emotions are likely to set the wheels in motion. See if you can figure out what you need (a hug? time alone? a nonjudgmental ear?), then ask for it.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet dances with Neptune this week, which may move you to do a big favor for someone you care about. Or the spirit of service could inspire an act of kindness that benefits strangers. You might also do highly imaginative work or find yourself drawn to someone you see every day like a colleague or a guy at your gym. Mercury and the sun are collaborating with Saturn, making it easier for you to sort through your feelings and resolve something from the past. Plus you’re apt to get a lot done if you’re working from home or working on your home, and you’ll find that your concentration is better there than anywhere else. Communication on the job could get a bit muddled, as Mercury is also meeting up with Neptune, making everyone’s words extremely subjective. Be patient with crossed wires, and listen to your instincts about how best to get things done. Venus’s battle with Mars can overshadow everything else, since it’s likely to produce sharp criticism. It’s easy to see what could be improved now, but the person on the receiving end of helpful suggestions may not appreciate having their shortcomings pointed out. Remember all the little things you like about someone, and volunteer those instead. And if you’re beating up on yourself? Ditto!


October 23–November 21

A Venus-Neptune tango in your self-expression house can help you channel your muse and produce amazing art, so go with the flow and create to your heart’s content. This transit can also lead you to overromanticize the object of your affection or overidealize pleasure, though. Both love and fun will have a magical, escapist quality, and you may or may not want to rein it in. Since Mercury and the sun are clicking with pragmatic Saturn, you’ll be able to talk yourself out of taking unnecessary risks and plan how to keep this positive energy going. When Venus and Mars get into a scuffle, though, the love or happiness you crave will probably seem at odds with your personal values, your financial strategy or your core needs. At that point, you may go right back to questioning whether this is good for you. A disagreement between these two planets can tempt us to go against our own best interests, and it can also enhance the allure of something or someone, making it nearly impossible to resist. Mercury’s waltz with Neptune won’t exactly sharpen your judgment, but it can bring heartfelt words and beautiful writing. Try not to stress over the challenges of this week — they’re comparatively minor, and if you wait them out, they’ll pass quickly.



November 22–December 21

The pleasures of home and family have a magnetic pull when decadent Venus embraces divine Neptune in your foundation angle this week. You might overindulge in simple comforts like food and sleep or get really into making your space as beautiful as possible. Immersing yourself in a long bath or a Netflix binge will have extra appeal, as this transit makes you want to check out and relax into another realm. Romance on the home front is another possibility, so opt to stay in with someone special rather than going out on a date. Venus’s run-in with Mars in Sagittarius could create an internal conflict between the allure of nesting and your drive to get a lot done. Or you may come on quite strong and upset the equilibrium in your family or home. You might need to watch your tone and soften your approach to keep the peace. It’s easy to overdo it when fiery Mars is charging through your sign. Find a way to let strong feelings out and still maintain a positive mood. If anyone can pull it off, it’s outspoken but upbeat Sag! Mercury’s alignment with Neptune can cause a misunderstanding or disappointment with a parent or housemate, but it can also help you tune into emotional undercurrents and convey that you care.



December 22–January 19

This week’s Venus-Neptune union takes place in your thinking-and-talking corner, paving the way for pleasant thoughts and heartfelt words. You might conjure up super creative ideas out of thin air or get lost in daydreams. And you could also be moved to tell someone how you feel about them. When Venus and Mars square off, your positive attitude and amiable interactions may be undermined by unconscious aggression. Keep tabs on your subliminal motives that might be causing you to indirectly sabotage something good. You may not want to start a fight, but your behavior could somehow indicate your irritability. Mercury has its own meetup with Neptune and is vibing with your ruling planet in Capricorn as well, so you’re capable of expressing yourself with subtlety, emotion and gravitas. Make a point of connecting with people if you’ve been feeling isolated, and ask questions in an effort to learn what you need to know so you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do. And if you have knowledge to offer, share it for the benefit of others. A sun-Saturn link invites you to be less guarded and allow people to get a sense of the real you in your daily encounters. Let your personality shine through!



January 20–February 18

The line between want and need is blurred when Venus melds with Neptune in your worth house this week, making you long for something you don’t have. You may not be able to put your finger on why you’re not satisfied, and you might be building up the object of your desire as the be-all and end-all. Since this house also governs self-worth, your image of yourself could be a little shaky now, and you need to tap into the deep well of compassion that this transit provides to love your perfectly imperfect self. Mercury and the sun are nudging you to focus on your resources, and their links with Saturn in your release corner will help you figure out what to let go of in order to get your finances, possessions, priorities, values and self-esteem into better shape. Mercury’s meeting with Neptune can cloud your judgment, so it might be a good idea to curb your spending if you’re not absolutely sure you need something. When Venus gets tangled up with Mars in your group sector, your personal desires may be at odds with teamwork. You might want what you want very much and push your friends as a result. Wait for the tension to pass if you can’t find a good middle ground.

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Thank you for this week’s horoscopes! Looks like I’ve got to plan out my next steps for my career this week. ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

So accurate because it was a great week.