10 Good News Stories to Set the March Mood

Your healthy dose of feel-good current events in pop culture, fashion, travel, science, and everything in between…

And with a soft sigh, the latest round of carefree weekly updates has arrived, showcasing 10 topical reports cherry-picked to deliver an opportuuunity to chill out and deeply breathe in that soon-to-be-Saturday scent of easy times that lie so very directly ahead.

Take the chance to unapologetically recline, perhaps in a petal-soft robe, and lounge with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories selected to give you some clickable, likeable current events that are finally worth sharing with your favorites.

Peruse, ponder, audibly “awww,” lol a little, and enjoy the good news you might have missed:

In 2018, tiny is the new luxury. Whether marveling over @teenyteenytiny’s penny-sized salmon platter or shrinking shoulder baggage down to the size of a pretty cassette tape, a new wave of miniature enthusiasts don’t need much space to look hella sweet.

The hint of a smile on baby koala Amy’s face after climbing this videographer’s leg instead of a tree is enough for a 15-round repeat. 

One time in the 90s I dreamed that I was going to skate in the Olympics, then spent so much time imagining what to wear that I never made it to the ice. The obsession with figure-skating gear lives on, and Vogue’s Steff Yotka takes us on a runway-to-rink expedition of the new ways that spangles and mesh are becoming an off-the-rack reality.

Even those that don’t consider themselves hotblooded Smashing Pumpkins fans could still admit to playing softhearted firepower jams like “1979” and “Today” more times than anyone bothered to count. Now that the band is slated to reunite for their Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour, a nostalgic playlist of their greatest hits has been promised to anyone coming out for the bucket-list lineup.

The “eyes of water” river in Brazil is experiencing a rare phenomenon where torrential rains cause it to flood over the surrounding hiking trails. Take a peek at this surreal footage of submerged footbridges and pairs of fish swimming through the crystal-clear waters that cover the footpaths.

Welcome news for anyone enjoying an elegant goblet of pinot noir... The polyphenols in red wine have been shown in recent studies to fight bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease. Pour another glass of nature’s toothpaste and know that it kindly leaves more than a familiar blueish tint on your teeth.

Breaking science is changing the late sleeper’s bad rap, with research proving that night owls and anti-early risers may not be lifetime slackers after all. According to Camilla Kring, the founder of the B-society, there are different “chronotypes” that workplaces will accommodate in the future so that schedules don’t exclusively favor the mental focus of morning people.

“She wanted to hold my hand the whole way,” Kim Mozena Rezac told TODAY of her drive with foster dog Regan, who recently lost her owner. “She just wanted to be touching . . . I think she felt secure in touching someone familiar.” After one million views of this tear-welling clip and two days’ time, a couple reached out to adopt the emotional, affectionate rescue.

This PopSci piece on “defensive pessimism” touches on how negative expectations, when used correctly, can promote preparedness for different, and otherwise unforeseen, outcomes. Considered a logical strategy in controlling anxiety over larger goals, defensive pessimism delivers an advantage previously overlooked—the ability to harness negative moods as motivation for better performance in the long game. 

“The hot water makes me just feel so much better that it seems like all my troubles go away,” says 70-year-old Don Benedict, who credits soaking in Idaho’s hot springs for helping relieve his chronic back pain. From improved mood to healthier arteries to a lower risk of dementia, this health report on the benefits of saunas and warm waters reads like a romance novel to loyal bathers everywhere.


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Love the links! Loved the piece about night owls. I’m truly a night owl (I sleep at 4am…) so it’s nice to know I’m not a complete failure, haha!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Absolutely love it! x

3 years ago

Dentro de 2018, propósito é alcançar 50 novos franqueados. http://Zig.Pro.Tok2.com/tetote/cgi/cbbs/cbbs.cgi?list=thread

3 years ago

“The hot water makes me just feel so much better that it seems like all my troubles go away”…. Even I feel the same way when i bath with hot water and drink warm water in winter. Great feeling :)

2 years ago

Really beautiful post and I definitely share this post through social with my friends. Please share this type of posts. Thanks