10 Good News Stories to Remind You It’s Actually Spring

Your healthy dose of feel-good current events in pop culture, fashion, travel, science, and everything in between…

And with a soft sigh, the latest round of carefree weekly updates has arrived, showcasing 10 topical reports cherry-picked to deliver an opportuuunity to chill out and deeply breathe in that soon-to-be-Saturday scent of easy spring times that lie so very directly ahead.

Take the chance to unapologetically recline, perhaps in a petal-soft robe, and lounge with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories selected to give you some clickable, likeable current events that are finally worth sharing with your favorites.

Peruse, ponder, audibly “awww,” lol a little, and enjoy the good news you might have missed:

A giant disco ball in the sky is about to come back to Earth sooner than expected, but New Zealanders are still proud to see their “homegrown hardware” in orbit while it lasts. The Humanity Star, a multi-faceted satellite meant “as an exercise to encourage people to think more deeply about their place in the cosmos” was launched this January with plans to float through space for the majority of the year. Instead, in the coming days it will reenter the atmosphere, burning bright and leaving no trace, other than its good intentions, behind. 

What does a cinematic bath entail? Vogue’s Lauren Sanchez rounds up 14 of the best tub time rituals from Hollywood’s onscreen icons. Channel Al Pacino’s jacuzzi-sized soak in Scarface, Julia Robert’s Walkman-accessorized waterbabe performance in Pretty Woman, or even Jeff Bridge’s romantic candlelit dip in The Big Lebowski for your own weekend reminder to proudly rub-a-dub-dub

@Luxnature’s short video of animals excitedly hugging people (just like you and me!) is touching not only for its hopeful portrait of best friends, but also the sheer variety of affectionate wildlife. A fish who loves to snuggle, a chicken who greets his owner with the enthusiasm of a loyal Labrador retriever, a spotted cow who knows the right way to lounge… they’re all solid gold hits. 

Legendary Disney illustrator (and Oscar winner) Glen Keane reveals the inspiration for his iconic animation of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel in this charming interview with Brit + Co. The best part? The doe-eyed, swoopy banged redhead is a tribute to his wife, who he met in line at a movie theater and married after eight days. “They asked, ‘Can you draw a pretty girl?’— ‘I’ve been drawing my wife for 10 years, so I think I can.’ It was the most natural thing.” 

Indulge in the teenage thrill of a “Would You Rather?” game without the soul-bearing stress with this low-stakes quiz that poses the eternal personal style question: If you had to live the rest of your life in your clothes (from Pilates to party time), which options would you choose? 

“We all look like really folded cashews,” notes Palo Alto’s Jean Couch of the American tendency to bend at the stomach when reaching for a dropped accessory. Couch, who’s become an expert on avoiding a future of back pain, encourages “hip hinging,” which can be seen in the movements of other healthy cultures around the world. Here, a step-by-step guide to the art of the “Table Bend,” a simple recipe for a more ageless, spry spine.

The Guinness World Records has officially declared the longest-ever rainbow in a ceremony at the Chinese Culture University near Taipei. “It was amazing. … It felt like a gift from the sky. … It’s so rare!” the university’s science professor Chou Kun-hsuan told BBC of the nearly 9-hour multicolored display he witnessed last November, fully captivated. “When we broke the previous record after passing six hours, I was hardly able to stay seated for lunch.” 

Take a glance at Null Stern’s open-air bedroom overlooking the Swiss Alps, Bangkok Tree House’s “Room with A View” (that looks a bit like the Lost Boys scenes from Hook), or Amangiri’s sky terrace and private lap pool in friendly Utah. What do they all have in common? Each of these 10 luxurious escapes offers its own dreamy way to sleep under a blanket of stars. 

“As soon as I looked at that face, I knew exactly who he was. A little bit older, kind of like me!” Perry Martin says of his lost cat, T2, who was returned to him after 14 years apart. Separated during Florida’s Hurricane Jean in 2004, a recent call from Martin’s veterinarian’s office revealed that T2’s futuristic microchip is what brought the two back together. “He had an opportunity to come home, spend time with his family and be on a good note when he passes,” Martin told reporters. “Until that day, he’ll be spoiled like he was before he left.”

To the delight of David Bowie enthusiasts, the Morrison Hotel Gallery’s photo exhibition in SoHo, in which “the emphasis is on Bowie’s golden decade, with him in Ziggy guise, as a soul man, as the Thin White Duke, during the “Heroes” and “Scary Monsters” eras, and his blonde phase during the “Let’s Dance” period,” will be extended due to popular demand (and a bit of confusion with the Brooklyn Museum’s own Bowie exhibit). Now running through next week, images of the late icon napping on a train, lounging with a dog, and sharing champagne with Tina Turner are free (including entry) to behold. 

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Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories and news! Haha, I love playing the Would You Rather game with friends!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

I’m not sure how but they clearly forgot Daryl Hannah in Splash https://goo.gl/images/ypRvSt

2 years ago

Spring is the best season for me – it makes me super happy :) But it’s almost gone.