Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 28-June 3

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May 21–June 20

You may notice a bit of strain in a close relationship when the sun and Mercury form uncomfortable angles with Saturn this week. Try not to take it personally. Adjusting your mindset and your words will improve your rapport. The full moon in your one-on-one angle signals a turning point in a partnership that could force your hand for your own good. Is it time to take a leap of faith and commit? Or to break free and move on? Only you can say. With Mercury soaring into Gemini and vibing with Mars, you’ll have a knack for weighing personal matters with objectivity and walking your talk. You’re blessed with a silver tongue now, so speak your mind freely, letting others know where you stand. And look for potential learning experiences because you’re primed to soak up knowledge. Venus in your worth zone is moving into a triangular config with Jupiter and Neptune called a grand trine, and since the latter two are in your job and ambition houses, your self-confidence and finances could get a boost from a positive work ethic and creative aspirations. You’ll feel good about being helpful and pursuing your destiny and might reap monetary rewards while you’re at it.



June 21–July 22

This week’s full moon in your efficiency corner provides the year’s best incentive to drop a bad habit once and for all. And considering the fact that dynamic Mars in your psyche-and-sharing zone is in sync with the moon, letting go of whatever is detracting from your quality of life can have a powerful effect on you and stimulate closeness. Mercury in your subliminal sector is also clicking with Mars, encouraging you to reflect on your private feelings and memories and perhaps confide them to someone you trust. This pairing gives you the bravery to face difficult issues head on and work through them so you can grow on an emotional level. You might also focus intently on challenging mental work in a low-key setting. Venus is dancing through Cancer, and when she clicks into place with Jupiter and Neptune in your fellow water signs, they’ll form what’s known as a grand trine. Romance, creativity, fun, travel and spirituality all have the power to transport and inspire you under this influence. The planets are giving you a green light to express your personality, live out a fantasy, show your feelings, love and be loved and enjoy life to the fullest—so take them up on it!



July 23–August 22

When a full moon lands in your joy sector this week, a creative project may come to fruition or a romance could reach a climax—either blossoming or going as far as it’s going to go. An urge to be yourself and have a good time can make you bold enough to pursue the love, happiness or fun that you want. And since Mercury is clicking with Mars in your one-on-one angle, this is also a good time for making professional contacts by doing a bit of networking. Collaborative efforts are likely to go well, so don’t try to do everything by yourself. Now that Merc is camped out in your humanity house, you’re thinking about the people you surround yourself with and the things you want to do next. Connecting with friends should feel fairly effortless now. Still, Venus is hiding out in your release corner, so you’re not in a super sociable mood. The triangle she’s forming with Jupiter and Neptune — which is called a grand trine in astrology — coaxes you to accept, forgive and heal. Plus it favors indulging in private pleasure and the comforts of home, as well as enjoying the transcendent experience of loving and being loved



August 23–September 22

With a full moon lighting up the base of your chart, you may have to deal with emotional drama on the home front or navigate a shift in your family or living situation. Since this lunation is in cahoots with Mars, chances are you’ll be able to do something practical to improve matters. If you find yourself riding out an extreme mood swing, burning through your to-do list and exercising can alleviate stress. Your ruler’s arrival in your ambition angle prompts you to set goals, make professional plans and communicate with higher-ups. Mercury is also gelling with Mars, giving you an opportunity to back up self-promotion by proving what you’re capable of. In other words, put your money where your mouth is! This is an opportune time to ask for a raise based on all the hard work you’ve been doing. Thanks to Venus’s presence in your network zone, you’re in social-butterfly mode, and when she clicks into a grand trine (astrology-speak for planets forming a triangle in three signs of the same element) with Jupiter and Neptune, your relationships benefit from a beautiful, natural flow. Be open to forming connections with the various people you cross paths with and learning from each other.



September 23–October 22

A full moon in your thinking-and-talking corner could cause information overload or trigger a development involving your sibling or your neighborhood. If you’re being pulled in a million directions, use your words and assert your right to do what’s best for you. With Mercury gliding into your exploration house and meshing with Mars in your joy sector, you’re ready to speak your mind and do as you please. You can learn a lot from an unfamiliar experience and have fun while you’re at it, so try your hand at something new. This also happens to be a good transit for travel, so get out of town if you can or at least plan your next adventure. Your ruling planet, Venus, is poised at the peak of your chart, helping you to turn on the charm with power players. Plus she’s moving into a grand trine (a triangular configuration with two other planets in the same element) with Jupiter in your worth zone and Neptune in your efficiency corner, boosting your confidence and helping you do highly creative or compassionate work. If you let your highest values guide you and aim to be of service, you’ll wind up making a positive impression.


October 23–November 21


You may need to keep your urge to splurge in check when a full moon hits your worth sector this week, blurring the line between want and need. You’re attaching emotions to material objects, increasing the odds that you’ll turn to retail therapy for instant gratification. Since the moon is harmonizing with Mars in your domestic angle, working from home could pay off financially or you might set about organizing and tossing belongings. Mercury’s entrance into your depth house helps you focus intently on something, probe your psyche for revelations and confide in a person close to you. Plus Merc is in sync with Mars, so such purposeful thought and communication can stir up troublesome emotions and enable you to move past them. You might make an important decision about your living situation or an old behavior pattern now. When Venus fashions a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune (a triangle formed by planets in all three signs of one element), you’re inspired to explore the allure of difference. New people, places and pleasures will heighten your consciousness, generate personal growth and nourish your spirit. This is no time to settle for the safe and familiar. Reach for your ideals!



November 22–December 21

Your sign hosts the full moon this week, bringing out all the feels and possibly pushing you to the point where you need a release. Luckily the moon is linked with proactive Mars in your communication corner, so you can easily explain where you’re coming from and feel heard. If something or someone is bothering you, speak up. This lunation also provides your annual excuse to drop what — or whom — is no longer good for you, so consider letting go. Mercury’s confab with Mars encourages dialogue and learning and emboldens you to connect with new people and put your ideas forward. You might partner with another individual and hatch a clever, workable plan when you put your heads together. Venus in your depth-and-merging sector forms a happy triangle with Jupiter and Neptune — a configuration that’s known as a grand trine in astrology. During this transit, intimacy will soothe your soul, and if you get involved with someone new now, it will probably feel like it was meant to be. You might also spend quality time alone and enjoy the feelings of peace and contentment washing over you. Whether you’re by yourself or with someone special, relax and enjoy!



December 22–January 19

The sun and Mercury in your productivity corner have awkward encounters with Saturn in Capricorn this week, calling for you to take a more flexible approach. If you don’t loosen up, you might have difficulty on the job or find yourself unable to accomplish tasks. Adapt to the present circumstances to increase your odds of success. A full moon could bring a secret to light or cause something that you’ve pushed down inside you to resurface — the point being to face what’s been hidden. This is also a cue to let go of the past and attend to your inner life as much as you do your outer one. Mercury is syncing with Mars in your worth zone, which should help you analyze your finances, priorities or possessions and figure out how to get them in order. With Venus in your one-on-one angle gliding into a triangular configuration (known as a grand trine in astrology) with Jupiter and Neptune in the other relationship houses, take advantage of every opportunity to connect with other people and show you care. Your bond with a friend, sibling, neighbor or significant other is mutually beneficial, and the same goes for anyone new you meet under this transit.



January 20–February 18

When the full moon rises in your humanity house this week, drama in your squad could grab your attention and you’ll need to honor people’s feelings. Do your best to balance personal fulfillment with group interests. Since Mars in Aquarius is strengthening the moon, you can easily take action in support of others. Mercury is jumping into your joy sector, encouraging you to express your personality, feelings and sense of humor. And it also happens to be coordinating with Mars, paving the way for assertive creativity, bold declarations and inspired plans to have your kind of fun. You’ll enjoy activities that entertain your mind and challenge your body and you’re eager to take the lead when there’s a good time to be had. Games and pranks will appeal to you, and you might also channel energy into reading or writing for pleasure. Venus is creating a grand trine along with Jupiter and Neptune (a triangle formed by planets in all three signs of an element), empowering you to do remarkably creative, meaningful work that speaks to your highest values and aspirations. Allow yourself to get into a flow with what you’re doing and relish the sense of purpose you get from it.



February 19–March 20

As a full moon illuminates the peak of your chart this week, a goal could come to fruition or you might find yourself in the spotlight. Be prepared to put your best foot forward, since this lunation pushes you to stand out and perform. If an authority figure seems temperamental, though, try doing some work behind the scenes until her mood blows over. If you’ve been toiling away by yourself, it could finally pay off now. With Mercury dipping down to your foundation angle, your thoughts turn to private memories and emotions and you’re inclined to put them into words. Merc is vibing with Mars in your release corner, hinting that introspection will help you face buried anger or self-sabotaging behavior and work through it. You might find it helpful to talk to a family member or someone who’s known you forever if you need insight or support. Venus and Jupiter are dancing through your fellow water signs, and along with Neptune in Pisces, they’re forming what’s called a grand trine (a triangle in all three signs of an element). You couldn’t ask for more of a green light to love, play, create and express! You owe it to yourself to follow your heart.



March 21–April 19

This week’s full moon can represent a call to adventure, a crisis of faith or a shift in perspective, as it lights up your exploration corner and pushes you out of your comfort zone. This lunation wants you to transcend your everyday routine and your default mindset and look at the big picture. It’s your best excuse of the year to get rid of a personal conviction that’s limiting your growth, so examine your belief system and cull one that’s not doing you justice. Mars is giving the moon an assist, hinting that sharing a trip or another learning experience with others — or fighting together for a cause — may be just what you need. A Mercury-Mars connection makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with a group and make new contacts and friends. Be proactive about finding people who share your interests, ideals or goals and gleaning knowledge from them. Venus is creating a grand trine (an astrology term for a triangle of planets in all three signs of an element) with Jupiter and Neptune, highlighting the pleasures of home and family. Under this influence, solitude, quiet, rest, intimacy, spirituality, sympathy, love and sharing can all make you feel incredibly at peace.




April 20–May 20

The full moon in your depth-and-merging house could trigger emotional upheaval in a close relationship or cause needed outside support such as a loan to come through. Try to balance give and take as well as you can, honoring someone else’s needs as well as your own. If you’re recovering from a crisis, wound or loss, this lunation may signify the climax that precedes significant change. Mars in your ambition angle is in the mix, suggesting that working toward your goals will help you blow off steam. And since Mars is also meshing with Mercury in your worth zone, you’ll be able to assess the resources at your disposal and make the best use of them to accomplish what you’re aiming for. This might be a good time to talk to your boss about taking on more responsibility and earning more money. Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are forming a triangle in your relationship houses, and this configuration is known as a grand trine, since the planets are occupying all three signs of an element. During this transit, your thoughts and interactions will benefit from free-flowing positive energy, and you’ll find it easy to connect with people and pick up on the love and beauty around you.


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Seems like I’ll be thrown out of my comfort zone this week! Sounds exciting! ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Love this! :)

5 years ago

My star is leo and I completely love the findings said in the response to leo.

5 years ago

I remember hearing Neil De Grass Tyson talking about something called Ophiuchus, Do you have any idea what Ophiuchus is and how it affects astrology?

4 years ago

My Star is SCORPIO and i’m happy to read this. Thanks

4 years ago

My horoscope is Capricorn The sun and Mercury in your productivity corner have awkward encounters with Saturn in Capricorn this week :-)

My horoscope is Capricorn. Interesting prediction :)