Exposing Your True Self: Our July ’18 Catalog

With a few extra snapshots from our shoot, consider what the power of a photograph can truly encompass.

Photographs are a wrench in the works of fleeting time.

Life’s candidness, its honesty and awkwardness — captured, cataloged, therefore confirmed.

Vulnerable, open to three fates: to be treasured, tossed to the wayside, or perhaps torn up.

Exposing us for who we are at every step.

May we be brave always, in front of or behind the lens.

Shop the July catalog here.


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I love the raw images! So aesthetical!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Love this! x

5 years ago

Garbage company I order two items total 350.00 wrong size, wrong items, this company always does this DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

5 years ago

Hi! Just curious, where is the photobooth you used for this beautiful and creative photo shoot?